Making a grinding machine with your own hands

Grinder with their own hands can be made. In many ways, this is justified, since the acquisition of a new belt-grinding installation will be very expensive, especially with regard to the equipment of an industrial manufacturer.

Manual grinding machine

The grinder is the electric tool intended for grinding and polishing of various materials.

This approach is appropriate for those who do not plan to use the machine often. If you intend to work with such equipment on a professional level, it is preferable to buy a machine.

Preparation for the manufacture of the machine

The machine with its own hands can be made on the basis of some parts, among which are needed:

  • bed frame;
  • motor;
  • skating rinks.

The engine is permissible to take from an old washing machine. But the bed can be cut from a thick sheet of steel. The iron sheet must be given dimensions equal to 500x180x20 mm.

One side needs to be cut smoothly using a milling machine designed to work on metal; it will be used to fix the pad with the engine.

The dimensions of the working platform are approximately 180x160x10 mm.

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Grinding machine

Washing machine engine

For the manufacture of the grinding machine, you can use the engine from the washing machine.

It is necessary to make a marking and equip 3 holes, arranging them in the area of ​​the end face so that they are equal to the cut-off bed. The last one should be fixed to the site with the help of three bolts.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that, with a more impressive length of the desktop, there will be more opportunities when choosing a technological method for grinding and working on products. Moreover, if the length of the workpiece is less than or equal to the corresponding parameter of the desktop, then it will be easier to achieve perfect grinding than when working with large workpieces.

The motor should be placed as closely as possible on the frame. Its capacity should be approximately equal to the limit of 2.5 to 3.0 kW, as regards the number of revolutions per minute, it should reach 1500. When choosing the belt speed within 20 m / s, the diameter of the drums should be approximately 200 mm . This indicates that if the engine speed is sufficient, a gearbox for a grinding machine will not be required.

One of the existing drums will act as the main one, it needs to be rigidly fixed on the engine shaft, and as for the other tensioner, it must freely turn around the axis remaining in one position on the bearings. The table in the area of ​​the driven drum must have a certain bevel, which will guarantee a smooth touch of the tape on the table surface, which is especially important when glued.

When such a machine is made by hand, it is necessary to make a tension drum and a drum that drives the tape. In the process, it is permissible to use chipboard. To do this, it is necessary to cut elements from the canvas, giving them dimensions of 200x200 mm.

The scheme of the homemade grinding machine

Diagram of the homemade grinder.

It must be remembered that in the central region the diameter of the drum should be about 2-3 mm larger than at the edges. If you observe such a surface geometry, then the flexible tape will be in the center of the drum.

The indicator of 200 mm is the most suitable tape width. If you use an emery cloth roll that is 1 m wide, you can very easily get one tape by gluing five such tapes together. Gluing the cutting tool to be butt-butted, while at the bottom you need to put a thin, but rather dense material, perfectly suitable for this tarpaulin. In the process of bonding it is necessary to apply the glue that has the highest quality. On the rollers should be stretched rubber, whose width is equal to 30 mm. It can be borrowed from old cameras of a moped or ordinary bicycle.

With the help of such a machine, in addition to the grinding of wooden blanks, it is possible to make sharpening tools that have a cutting surface, among them chisels, pruners, knives, as well as axes. Another positive feature of using such a grinding machine is the ability to work with elements that have a curvilinear base, for which grinding should be done with the back side of the tape.

To carry out the above work, it is necessary to prepare some materials and tools:

  • rubber;
  • milling machine;
  • engine washing machine;
  • bolts;
  • emery cloth in rolls;
  • DSP;
  • tarpaulin.

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An alternative version of the manufacture of grinding machines

The grinder can be made and on some other technology.

The basis of the design will also be the motor. It is permissible to use spare parts from an old computer that can act, for example, a reader or power supply. It is possible to find other electric motors that will perfectly cope with the task of those that were installed in the fan design. To drive the motor, it is permissible to use a household volt battery.

Grinding circuit with battery

The scheme of the grinding machine using a battery.

At the next stage, it is necessary to take a blank of the board and process it with sandpaper, if there is a need, you can varnish it. Then on the board to strengthen the motor and battery, using screws. They can be mated with wires by mounting a traditional switch. Communication is also permissible to fix on the board, for which it is recommended to use a stapler.

Now you can begin to work with sandpaper, from it should be cut rounded, gluing them together. This grinding will serve as a circle.

In order to strengthen the circle, you should use two bushings, fixing should be carried out to the axis of the engine. Bushings can be plastic, as long as they fit the axis diameter.

At this point, manufacture can be considered complete, the tool is able to help produce grinding of various wooden and steel elements.

Before manufacturing, it is necessary to take into account some nuances, the main one being the assumption that the electric motor from the computer will be weak. That is why it is preferable to use the engine from the fan.

Gluing can also be abandoned by selecting the purchase version of the range of factory production. But in the case of a motor from a washing machine, it is permissible to use both grinding and grinding abrasive wheels.

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