The electric jigsaw, the instruction manual of which is included, allows you to cuts shaped and direct views in different sheet materials, including wood, plastic and steel. With this tool you can trim the corners of furniture items.

Jigsaw device

The jigsaw device.

Features of the jigsaw

The presence of the pendulum functionality of this tool eliminates the need to exert excessive efforts in the cutting process. In addition, the above mechanism increases the speed of the cut. However, if finishing nesting is required, the pendulum move must be disabled or set to the lowest position. The most suitable option for the use of the pendulum functional is cutting pliable wood, foam, plywood, plastic, and chipboard.

Choice of files for jigsaw

Choice file for jigsaw.

In order to process steel sheets or other hard materials, it is recommended to use jigsaw, which has more impressive power. You should pay attention to the method of fixing the file, which acts as a cutting surface. If the fixation is hard, then this indicates a more confident cut.

To perform household cutting, it is recommended to use a jigsaw, the power of which varies between 280-550 watts. Even in such a tool, attention should be paid to the presence of adjustment of the frequency of electronic-type strokes, which is required for different loads and materials. If there is such a function, then at low frequencies the jigsaw will work at full power, which has a good effect on the speed and quality of the cut.

If you have to work with plastic, then during operation of the saw, high temperatures may occur, caused by significant speeds, which causes the edges of the material to be melted, this naturally worsens the edge of the kerf and quality of work.

But in the case of steel sheets, on the contrary, it is necessary to turn on the saw at high speeds.

Electric jigsaws

Electric jigsaw blades.

In this case, the steel at the time of heating becomes softer and more pliable. If it is necessary to obtain figured cutting of hard wood and other dense materials, it is preferable to turn the tool on at an impressive speed. Under any conditions, choosing the speed of movement, it is necessary to take into account the requirement to obtain a finishing cut, which should reduce the speed of the file.

The use of a jigsaw involves the need to do it without pressure on the body, this will eliminate the possibility of getting an ugly cut. Such use can lead to breakage of the file. The manual says that, if necessary, to make a long cut should be applied wide cloth. With clean cuts can handle the type of Makita B10.

In the process of operation at the time of cutting a thin sheet of steel (up to 1 mm), plywood should be used as a substrate. In the process you should strive to get rid of vibration by selecting the appropriate rotation speeds of the cutting surface.

When the instrument is operated at low speeds, it should be allowed to rest as often as possible. This is due to not so intense blowing of the motor at such speeds and possible overheating.

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Tool fixation

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw.

Before use, reinforce the installation with clamps. Some models allow the use of one hand during use. Pendulum functionality should be enabled if necessary to cut the wood along the fibers. In this case, the working canvas will not go away.

Tools and materials:

  • gloves;
  • protective glasses;
  • respirator;
  • electric jigsaw.

Many models have a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner, but after all there will still be some amount of garbage. Before you start using a jigsaw, you need to make markup, this will allow you to get the elements of the correct size. In the process of cutting the cut should be kept near the line, and not along it. This will eliminate the need to make gaps for the width of the cut.

If you have to work with delicate materials, then the front side should be facing down.

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