Independent selection of circular saw

Since the circular saw was invented, all work related to wood has become much easier. Technology has allowed to develop models, the use of which has become popular not only in enterprises, but also in the household. Even for those who have just started working with wood, it is possible to choose the necessary tool model. At present, the choice of a circular saw and chainsaws is not particularly difficult.

The principle of operation of the circular saw

The principle of operation of the circular saw is that the electric motor drives the cutting disc.

In order to properly make a purchase, you should not only familiarize yourself with the wide range of equipment offered, but also know what kind of device it is.

What is a circular saw?

The system of operation of the circular saw, regardless of the model, is the same everywhere: the electric motor drives the cutting disc.

The design itself is presented in two versions: stationary or manual. There are differences in the method of transmission of torque from the motor to the disk. In stationary models, the transmission link is a belt, while in manual saws, the disk is mounted on the shaft itself. This design gives a higher power rating.

Regardless of the design, each species has a supporting platform, which, if necessary, adjusts the depth and angle of the cut. This feature makes these tools multifunctional. But this addition does not have a stationary saw, which is used for blooming boards.

As for hand saws, then it is worth noting new developments. These are rechargeable models. Of course, the technical characteristics of these types are somewhat inferior in comparison with wired counterparts, but they are suitable for home use. The main advantage of this new product is that these models are compact.

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

This makes them easy to transport. In addition, they do not depend on electricity, which makes it possible to work anywhere. Such a saw can be found at construction sites of country houses.

It should be noted that, depending on the workload, there are household and professional tools. There is also an intermediate - a semi-professional model, which is an excellent option for the household.

The circular saw is capable of carrying out both longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood. In addition, it is applicable to plastic, soft non-ferrous metals and even laminate. It provides precision sawing and high speed, so it is so often used in the construction and repair areas.

This saw has special discs that are able to work with metal profiles in the design of furniture. Today it is possible to use completely different cutting discs (depending on the working material).

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Elements of a circular saw

The design of such a device has the following elements:

  • an engine that can operate on both electricity and battery;
  • gearbox housing;
  • the casing protecting all "interiors" of the tool;
  • platform;
  • guide.

For the manufacture of the case most often used heat-resistant plastic or metal.

The latter option significantly affects the weight of the product, so it is used less frequently. Working with such a tool involves the production of large quantities of sawdust, so it is very important that the saw has a good ventilation and cooling system. This design allows the operator not to worry about dust entering the eyes or respiratory organs.

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Main selection criteria

The choice of instrument depends on the individual needs of the person. But, to help yourself with the solution of this issue, you should know the main technical characteristics and capabilities of saws in general:

Diagram of the manual circular saw

Diagram of the manual circular saw.

  1. Power. This indicator affects how the circular saw will work and its effectiveness. Motor power is directly proportional to the diameter of the cutting disc, that is, large models can be installed on strong models. From this depends directly on how deeply and strongly you can cut. This is important in working with solid materials. If you ignore this characteristic, then the saw will get stuck in the wood or jump over knots. It is also worth saying that this indicator affects the duration of the operating mode. But at once I would like to note the fact that powerful models have considerable weight.
  2. The number of rotations. This parameter affects the ability to work with dense materials. The high rotation frequency ensures good cleanliness. A high-speed circular saw may not necessarily have a powerful engine. There is no dependence.
  3. Depth of cut. It all depends on the engine. The more powerful it is, the deeper the disc will work, as it can be of a larger diameter. Depending on the type of tool, the size is also selected:
  • household saw - cutting depth of 4-4.5 cm;
  • semi-professional saw - cutting depth of 5-5.5 cm;
  • professional saw - cutting depth of 6-7 cm;
  • industrial production - cutting depth of 14 cm.
Various types of circular saw blades

Various types of disks for a circular saw.

The last option can be found at the enterprises, as there are used machines intended for mass production. Accordingly, it is not rational to place such a unit at home.

  1. Adjusting the depth of cut. Not all saw models have this function. But with her help there is an opportunity to do as needed deepening in the edges of the bars. This option can be presented in the “revolving handle”, which is very convenient.
  2. Tilt cut adjustment. This parameter is selected individually, focusing on their own requirements. Today, most models have such an inclined mechanism. But judging objectively, the presence of this function in domestic use is not so important. It is more necessary for professionals than for amateurs.
  3. Choice of the cutting disk. Depending on the working material, the cutting part itself is selected. Each disc can separately handle wood, plastic or laminate. But at the same time he cannot process all these materials. If we neglect such a condition, then there is a probability of the apparatus breaking. And it’s good if the disk itself breaks, but the engine itself can also fail. And the repair of such equipment is not cheap. It is also important to pay attention to the dimensions of the outer and inner diameter of the landing, because not all manufacturers churn out some discs. But at the same time, the accuracy of the landing diameter is simply obligatory. Consultation on this issue can be obtained in the store.
  4. Manufacturer. With the development of a modern construction market, there should be no problems with the choice of such a tool. You can pay attention to both domestic and foreign firms. In this case, the brand will largely affect the price of the product. Therefore, if finances are limited, it is better to turn your attention to Russian manufacturers.
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Additional functions

Barrel for circular saw

Barrel for circular saw.

Modern manufacturers equip their products with all sorts of options and additional features. Some of them are very useful in home use:

  1. Start lock. This option is reasonable from the point of view of security, because the working disk has quite sharp edges. The saw has a special trigger mechanism that must be started by pressing a button. In order to enable the saw, they simultaneously press two keys simultaneously. Although it is not very convenient, but the operation of such a tool is quite safe.
  2. "Immersion in the material." This option allows the start of work at any point of the working surface, and not specifically from the edges.
  3. Smooth start. Those who worked with circular saws are well aware that when you turn off the tool, a sharp blow occurs, which is unsafe. This option allows you to minimize this effect by extending the service life of the saw and the blade.
  4. Garbage collection. The tree is such material, during the work with which sawdust is always formed. Clogging the workplace, in turn, leads to a decrease in productivity. If the work is done with a power tool, the occurrence of random sparks can cause a fire. Therefore, this option is to connect the saw and vacuum cleaner, and he already eliminates sawdust. For this purpose it is necessary to have special adapters. In addition, such a device helps to clean the air, and the work surface itself will have a better view.
  5. Laser sight. When working on the cut of wood used guide, which helps to maintain the evenness of the lines. With this function, the need to use the guide automatically disappears. However, to work with this option, you need to adjust. It is so complex that when working with high-precision parts, this opportunity will only interfere. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the guide rail, on which the accuracy of the cut depends.

Of course, the presence of certain additional features will be reflected in the cost of the product. Therefore, it is better to immediately mark the front of the work being performed in order not to overpay.

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Circular Saw Tips

There are several nuances that should be paid attention to before making the final choice of a tool:


Using a compass, the board is milled around the circumference.

  1. The design of the platform. If you buy a saw for home use, it is quite suitable and stamped platform. But if you have to work at a professional level, then it is better to purchase a more expensive option - an aluminum cast construction. It has a high resistance to deformation, which means that the saw itself will act more accurately. There are models on which the marking already exists, which greatly simplifies the work on cutting the material.
  2. Replacing the blade. This part is quite difficult to replace in those models in which there is no spindle lock. In this case, you will have to use two keys, which will significantly complicate the shift process.

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Scopes and some features of the tool

Do not chase the novelties. It may happen that the selected model with all sorts of options will not be used for its intended purpose. And then it turns out that the money was thrown to the wind.

Factory Circular Saw

Factory circular saw needed in construction, but the price of such a machine is high. Having a grinder, an old electric motor and a circular saw, you can make a circular yourself.

If you still want something more technological, you can opt for semi-professional models. They combine the low cost of household analogues and additional professional functions.

Like all cutting tools, the “circular” is a dangerous tool. Therefore, before starting work, you should carefully study the user's manual in order to know all the nuances of the selected model. Do not use it for other purposes. If the model works only with soft woods, then you should not use it for more dense ones.

Need to work in the appropriate equipment: glasses, gloves, headphones and a respirator. Sole shoes should not be slippery. In the process of cutting, the saw is held with both hands, and the working material is initially fixed on the surface. So that the tool has a smooth and free running without jams, a guide bar is used.

In the event of a disk malfunction (jamming, exceeding or decelerating speed), the tool must first be turned off, and only then dealt with ascertaining the cause of the defect. If there is a need to replace any part, then it is better to purchase, choosing the same company.

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