How to work with an electric plane with maximum efficiency

The electrical plane is an ideal tool when you need to level the surface of the boards along the fibers. The planing of the tree is carried out at the same time by rotating cuts, which work thanks to an electric motor. The front ski at the same time periodically rises and falls, thus the regulation of the cutting cutter, which penetrates the wood.

Electrical planer

Scheme electroplane.

Before you start working with an electric plane, you need to know that the board should be secured with maximum strength on the workbench. Then the tool must be held on the surface, it should not be pressed on it, it is only necessary to move it in a given direction.

When working with such a tool, you need to consider that it should move only in the direction of fiber growth. Shavings and sawdust should not fall under the skis, this should be monitored very carefully, otherwise the consequences could be the most negative.

Work electroplane

Work electroplane.

Before the second and third approach, the electric planer must be turned off, after which it returns to its original position. Then you need to give the tool a little rest, and only after that the workflow resumes. When the break begins, the tool should be laid on its side or you can put it skiing up. When working with such a tool is very important to observe all necessary precautions.

Particular attention should be paid to a preliminary check of the electrical wiring. During a break, the tool must be turned off from the network; the process of handling it should be handled with utmost care. It must be remembered that the careless use of such a tool can cause the most negative consequences.

Rules of electroplane

It is necessary to take into account that not always the surface treated with an electric planer is perfectly smooth and even. This situation may arise for various reasons:

  1. Cutters are not sharpened properly (this is the main reason for poor quality work).
  2. Cutters can be located in a groove relative to the level of skis unevenly or incorrectly.
Working posture when working with electric planer

Working posture when working with electroplane.

After the workflow comes to an end, the cutters must be carefully removed from the grooves, then cleaned with kerosene, after which everything neatly fits into the box. The product should be secured on the table or in a vice, then you need to make sure that the plane is easy. It should be borne in mind that when you turn on the first time, the electric plane is strongly twitching and is gaining momentum. After the rotation becomes maximum, the tool should be gently brought to the product and try to hold it in its initial position.

The tool is carried only forward, no distortions and turns are not allowed. It should be borne in mind that the thinner the workpiece, the faster you need to carry it through. You should not use for this excessive force, since everything can be stalled. After the straight line is completed, the engine should be stopped, after which the electric planer moves to a new position. Then you can start re-work.

Even when the tool is in the off state, it is necessary to handle its cutting parts very carefully.

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Useful recommendations

As for the depth of planing, such a tool is equipped with a shift knob. Adjustment is carried out with maximum accuracy, the adjustment step varies to tenths of a millimeter.

Before surface treatment of boards and bars, it is necessary to make several test passes on the workpiece.

In this case, the blank should be one that can then be thrown out without regret. It is during such preliminary work that all possible processing defects can be identified. If we talk about the most common defects, they lie in a sloping surface or plunge. The most common cause of such defects is the incorrect setting of the knives in the electroplane drum.

It is possible to adjust the blades of such a tool independently, it will not make much effort. This is done in the following way: the fastening of the knives in the drum must be loosened, the hex key is used for this, the knives must be placed in the correct position with the utmost care. In order to effectively level the knives, you need to use a ruler, with which you can determine the desired position.

After the adjustment of the blades is complete, all existing bolts must be tight, then the drum is rotated manually, and you need to make sure that the knives do not touch the drum body. Thus, it becomes clear that it is not as difficult to work correctly with an electric planer, as it may seem at first glance, and no special work is needed.

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