How to work properly and safely chainsaw

A good and reliable assistant for the owners of personal plots is a chainsaw, without which it is indispensable when caring for a garden, when harvesting firewood, when repairing and building various buildings. Modern models of this tool are convenient, easy and easy to maintain. However, being a tool of increased danger, a chainsaw requires a detailed study of the manual for its proper operation.

Chainsaw design

Chainsaw design.

Basic rules for safe operation of chainsaws

To prevent a chainsaw from causing serious injuries, you need to know the basic rules for working safely with it.

Receptions felling trees

Receptions felling trees.

These include:

  1. The need for special protective clothing.
  2. Observance of the correct body position during work.
  3. Convenient holding the working saw in your hands.
  4. Safe movement with a working tool.

Protective special uniforms include: shoes with a thick non-slip sole, bright clothes made of thick fabric, a helmet, thick gloves, a mask, earplugs to reduce noise. You can not work a chainsaw in loose clothing, wear a variety of jewelry because of the high probability of their falling under the moving part of the saw.

Be sure to be within walking distance of the workplace should be a first aid kit with bandages and necessary drugs, a whistle to attract attention if necessary, and a mobile phone.

When working with a chainsaw, you need to spread your legs wide, straighten your back. The tool should be held firmly with both hands, but without unnecessary tension, while being a bit to the side of the saw while working.

When forced to move with the specified tool, it should be turned off, putting on the brake.

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Preparation of the tool for the main work

Electronic ignition circuit for chainsaw

Electronic ignition circuit for a chainsaw.

Before you start working chainsaw, you need to check it for readiness. To do this, pay attention to the following main points:

  1. Tension chain tool.
  2. The implementation of refueling.
  3. Launch product

To check the tension of the tool chain, you need to pull it by the upper links, and the lower ones should not sag. The chain should not have a strong tension. Care must be taken that the brake lever does not touch the main handle. Chain saw should be well sharpened.

The next preparatory moment for the operation of the tool is its filling. Having set the chainsaw on a flat horizontal surface, try to carefully fill the fuel and oil to lubricate the engine and chain. For the tool to serve properly for a long time, you need to use a special lubricant for chainsaws, and the ideal fuel is a mixture consisting of adhesive oil and gasoline.

Another stage of preparation is the launch of a chainsaw. To do this, first of all, you should move away from the place of its filling. Then you need to put the saw on a flat surface so that its chain could not touch anything, put the brake lever in the "off" position and turn on the ignition. Hand to hold the front handle, and foot - back. To start the saw you need to pull the starter handle and repeatedly press the "gas" to warm up the engine. Make sure that the oil flows freely to the chain. Chainsaw is ready for major work!

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Production of main types of work chainsaw

The position of the chainsaw at startup

The position of the chainsaw at startup.

Now you can consider the main types of work performed by a chainsaw. These include:

  1. Felling trees.
  2. Trimming branches.
  3. Cut the trunk apart.

The basic principles of chainsaw operation when felling trees:

  1. You can not work in a strong wind.
  2. It is necessary to plan in advance the trajectory of falling trees.
  3. The tree for cutting is carried out in 2 stages: first, an upper inclined cut is made, at an angle of 45 degrees, and a horizontal lower cut is taken before meeting with the upper cut. After this, a horizontal felling saw cut is performed, not reaching the guide sawing approximately 3 cm.
  4. It is impossible to saw a tree completely, because in this case, it becomes unclear in what direction the tree will fall.
  5. When working, it is best to be on the right side of the tree, and keep the tool a little to the side of yourself.
  6. The chainsaw should operate correctly at maximum engine speed.
  7. When a tree falls, the saw needs to be turned off, put away and go to a safe place.

Felling trees is best done with a partner. Experienced loggers in the performance of this type of work always take into account the direction of the wind, the natural inclination of the tree, the degree of damage to its rot, nearby trees.

Another type of frequent work with a chainsaw is trimming branches from trees. They are implemented with the following recommendations:

  1. A fallen tree must be securely fixed on the ground.
  2. Cutting starts from the bottom, is the bow of the tire - the lower and upper blade of the chain.
  3. Thick and complex branches are cut in parts, in the direction "from the end to the base."
  4. Each branch must be cut with one cut.
  5. It should often remove cut branches from the workplace.
  6. If the saw is jammed during sawing, turn it off and remove it from the bitch.
  7. Pay attention to safety when working with a chainsaw.

After the tree has been knocked down and freed from the knots and branches, the trunk should be hacked, i.e. cut into several pieces. The rules for working with wood are the same as in the performance of the work indicated above. The trunk needs to be lifted above the ground, having placed branches or logs under it. The pressure on the chainsaw should decrease towards the end of the cut. Cutting the log, turn off the saw, and then move to another place of work.

Thus, following the basic rules of working with a chainsaw and safety engineering, it is possible to ensure its high efficiency for a long time.

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