How to take a quarter by electroplane

Sampling a quarter with an electrical planer often has to be done by masters of joinery work. A quarter (or fold) is a rectilinear notch on the edge of a wooden blank that runs along its entire length. If you do it in several parts, then they can be combined on the inlay.

Quarter Sample

Quarter sample design.

Modern electric planes of a number of brands allow you to perform such operations quickly, in large volumes and with minimal physical exertion. To work, you need a plane with the function of sampling a quarter, a 220-230 V electrical grid, a workbench, a vice, a long ruler, a pencil or a felt-tip pen.

Which tool is better?

When buying it, it should be borne in mind that a quarter can be sampled not with every electric planer. To do this, it must have a stop in the kit, with which the fold width is set, and a depth regulator attached to the tool from the side opposite to the stop.

Table of basic parameters of electrical planes

Table of the basic parameters of electrical planes.

When choosing a quarter with an electroplane, you usually have to make several passes. Most often you want to get a rebate with a depth of 6 to 10 mm. But there are tools that, by their characteristics, allow us to make a deeper sampling. So, for example, a plane “Baikal E-313” can remove a layer of wood 20 mm thick in 7 passes.

With numerous testing tools of different brands were evaluated according to criteria such as a flat line of the fold, the presence of a defect in the form of a “ladder”, the angle between the wall of the quarter and the surface of the part.

According to the test results, the Makita KR0810 model with a maximum depth of 25.5 mm in sampling (a rating of 4.5 on a five-point system) makes the edges of the rebate even and forms the correct angle, but can leave behind a very conspicuous “ladder”. True, this disadvantage can be eliminated by simply adjusting the knives.

After working with the Sparky P382 tool with a maximum depth of sampling of 8.6 mm (a score of 4.8), the edges of the quarter also turn out to be even, but its width at the beginning of the passage is 1-1.5 mm more than that, and on the last pass “ ladder ", however, barely noticeable.

Electrical planer

Scheme electroplane.

The Bosch GH 015-82 model with a depth of sampling up to 9.9 mm (grade 5) also creates a fold wider than necessary by 1.5 mm. Knives he has a somewhat wider bed, so you should not focus on the sole. The end of the blades of this tool should be put on the markup. A small gap between the wall of the groove and the sole (these 1.5 mm) is not a hindrance.

Many experts consider the Metabo НО 0882 plane with a depth of sampling up to 23.4 mm as a reference (rating 5+). And the line is perfectly flat, and the angle is straight, and the width of the quarter is precisely maintained along the entire length of the part, and there are no “ladders”. Fold looks like it was made in just one pass.

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Preparatory work

The plane allows you to perform not only rough, but also finishing processing of blanks. And it is so neat that often they do not even need their polishing.

But this largely depends on the fine tuning of the knives, in which the cleanliness of the surface of the quarter is ensured by the depth of the removal of the wood layer.

Varies setting by switching the handle. Adjustment accuracy is often one tenth of a millimeter. This is a very important parameter of the electric planer, which must be taken into account when purchasing it. If you get a sloping surface or pits are formed, then the knives are not precisely adjusted.

The layout of the drum with blades

The layout of the drum with blades.

To eliminate such defects, it is necessary to loosen their fastening with a key, attach a ruler and set it in the correct position. Then, tightening the bolts, turn the drum by hand, checking that the knives of the tool body are not touching.

Since the lateral support of the planer slides along the edge of the workpiece when sampling a quarter, it is first necessary to make sure that it is absolutely smooth, without depressions or convexes. On the workpiece should be made in advance to mark the depth and width of a quarter.

It should be firmly fixed on the workbench. The quality of planing and labor safety largely depend on this. The workpiece must not have the slightest backlash, otherwise the rotating planer knives may tear it out. Flying board, as a rule, causes serious injuries to both the worker and everyone near him.

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Basic working methods

So, firmly securing the bar, you should stand up so that you can move freely along with the progress of the tool. Excessive body tension must be removed. Sleeves and floors of clothing should not interfere with the movements of the hands, firmly holding the plane.

Working posture when working with electric planer

Working posture when working with electroplane.

First you need to turn it on, keeping it in the air above the workpiece. And only when the tool works for a few seconds so that the knives can gain maximum speed, you can carefully bring them to the end of the workpiece and start the first pass. It is important that the sole of the working planer is all the time parallel to the surface being cut.

To move through the workpiece, the tool should smoothly, evenly. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the chips do not fall under its sole! We can not allow sudden movements, jerks, increase speed or stop. In any of these options, the surface can no longer be made completely flat, without pits and other defects.

When planing planes, press the tool handles with the same effort. And at the beginning of each passage, the pressure is slightly stronger on the front, and at the end of the movement - on the rear handle, otherwise blockages are inevitable.

When planing a quarter, the position of the hands is different. With one hand, move the plane forward, and with the second, press the side stop against the edge of the workpiece. How fast is the best tool to promote? There is no need to hurry, it is quite enough to walk 1.5-2 m in a minute.

It is imperative that the tool follow exactly the intended path. In process of deepening the side emphasis recedes into the background, and after several passes the guide becomes the edge of the fold. The depth of the sample is limited to the side planing parts. But on the one hand, they are specially raised so that you can make a fairly deep quarter.

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The most common mistakes beginners

The most annoying defects are beveled corner and “ladder”. The distortion of the angle is largely due to the fact that the workpiece is installed carelessly, incorrectly. And the “ladder” is the result of the fact that the end of the blade does not reach the edge of the sole slightly. Therefore, with each new pass, the tool leaves a strip behind it. The more knives will be sunk, the wider the ladder will be.

The groove is crooked. This is usually due to the fact that the angular abutment moves along the jagged edge of the plank or bar. Such a defect will not occur if, before working with a plane, carefully check the quality of the edges of the workpieces. In addition, with one hand leading the tool, with the other it should tightly press the stop.

There are distortions and reels during work. Such troubles are unavoidable if the workpiece is fixed insufficiently stable or not strictly horizontal. It is necessary to immediately eliminate these shortcomings.

Pits, roughness usually appear when working with a plane, changing the pressure on it during the passage through the workpiece.

It should not be forgotten that at the beginning of cutting it is necessary to press a little more on the front, and at the end of the aisle - on the back of the tool. But you can not overwhelm the plane on the heel or toe.

Finally, you should always remember that you are working with an electric tool. Making stops to adjust the knives or to see how the selection goes, unplug it. If you accidentally turn on the electroplane can be left without fingers! By observing all these rules (see video), it is possible to significantly facilitate your work and speed up its implementation in complete safety.

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