How to sharpen chain chainsaw

Nice to work with a sharp chainsaw. But any chain, even the highest quality, needs regular sharpening. How to sharpen a chainsaw chain? This is a very important question for the owner of this tool. You can either ask for help from a professional by paying for his services, or do the grinding yourself. Although this process is not as easy as sharpening a knife, it is still possible for any attentive person to cope with it. For a start, it is important to understand why and when to grind.

Chainsaw design

Chainsaw design.

Cutting wood with this tool takes a lot of physical and emotional strength. Using a blunt saw will take a long time. The main thing is that heavy loads will be created on the engine and other parts of the chainsaw, which will lead to an early breakdown. Therefore, the speed and efficiency of work, as well as the tool's wear resistance depend on how well the chain is ground.

There are signs by which it is possible to determine in time that it is time to sharpen a tool:

  • the tool cuts more slowly;
  • Saw shakes from side to side;
  • when working, a lot of wood dust appears, and chips are smaller and darker than usual.

If you notice something, it is better to immediately finish the work and sharpen the chain chainsaw.

Sharpening methods

How to sharpen the chain? There are 4 options:

The main parameters of the chainsaw chain.

The main parameters of the chainsaw chain

  • a file;
  • manual machine;
  • automatic machine;
  • grinder.

Each has its advantages, but you should seriously consider the choice of method. Before proceeding to sharpening, it is important to know some general rules, the non-observance of which leads to problems:

  1. It would be nice to have an idea of ​​what a sharp chain saw should look like. The height of the limiter cut, the tip of the angle of the cutting link should remain the same as at the beginning. The manufacturer has already thought through all these subtleties, and you just need to repeat them. Otherwise, failures are guaranteed.
  2. You can not grind the links too, because they must all be the same and be on the same level. If we neglect this advice, it will lead not only to inconvenience in the work, but also to break the links. And such an outcome is extremely dangerous for health.
  3. The material of which the chain is made is soft. Therefore, processing it with abrasive material, you should not hurry and push hard. It is better to sharpen the chain carefully and carefully.

Ignorance of the principles of sharpening can lead not only to tool breakage, but also to injury.

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File sharpening

To use this method, you need to choose the right file. It will take two kinds:

Diagram of the chainsaw prong

Diagram of the chainsaw prong device.

  1. Round. Its diameter directly depends on the chain pitch. When the pitch is 1.3 mm, a 4 mm file is needed. And for a pitch of 1.6 mm a 5.2 mm file is suitable.
  2. Flat. It is used for "limiters" of cutting teeth.
  3. Pattern for sharpening or patterns. Fastens onto the part to be machined and gives direction to the abrasive tool.

Of course, the file sharpening process is time consuming, but technically simple. It consists of several stages.

Chainsaw chain sharpening file

Chainsaw chain sharpening file.

  1. First, you need to firmly secure the undermined chain. The harder it will hold, the easier it is to work with it.
  2. Sharpen the chain should be at a certain angle and not to change it. It is necessary to monitor this very carefully.
  3. The file should not protrude above the back of the tooth more than 1/5 of its thickness.
  4. It is not much pressure on the file, and only during its progress. Back should be idle.
  5. Turn the file regularly to avoid one-sided tool wear. Otherwise, you will not get the same sharpening each cloves.
  6. The file should be kept at an angle of 90 ° with respect to the vertical plane and 10-30 ° (depending on the type of chain) to the horizontal plane.
  7. If the teeth are of different lengths, it is necessary to grind everything under the shortest.
  8. Sharpen the chain with the same number of movements for each tooth.

The disadvantage of this method is the large amount of time spent, but a clear advantage is that you do not need an expensive tool.

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Other options for sharpening

The remaining options are mechanized.

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How is the use of a manual machine?

Wood planing tooth chainsaw

The scheme of wood planing tooth chainsaw.

Not any chain will manage to correct a file. Especially if the point is not for prevention, but to correct serious flaws. In this case, it is worth using a special machine. To properly use this method, you must follow simple steps:

  • need to loosen the screw that serves to clamp the chain;
  • reliably strengthen the chain;
  • set a suitable sharpening angle;
  • determine the maximum degree of sharpening, starting from the blunt tooth itself;
  • immediately after work, be sure to flush and put in clean oil.
Chainsaw tooth shapes

Forms of tooth chainsaws.

This is a very accurate method that guarantees a perfectly sharpened chain. However, to sharpen the chain in this way, it will take a lot of time.

You can use an automatic machine.

Such devices are very often used in woodworking shops and other enterprises. This machine looks like a small box with a grindstone embedded inside. Sharpen the chain in it is easy. There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • insert a chainsaw into the machine;
  • select the desired angle of sharpening;
  • Turn the engine chainsaw on all the power.

Thus, the chain itself sharpens the emery stone of the machine. This option is very fast and does not require special knowledge. However, it is associated with financial costs, since such a device costs a lot of money.

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How to use the grinder?

Chain Cutter Chain Step

Step of the cutting element of the chainsaw chain.

This is the most difficult method of all listed. It requires special skills in handling this power tool and experience in sharpening chains. To sharpen the chain in this way, you must perform the following steps:

  • no need to remove the chain from the chainsaw, sharpening is done on the tool;
  • set the saw so that it does not stagger, the success of the process depends on it;
  • sharpening angle is selected visually.

Although this option may seem the easiest, it requires a good command of the grinder. It is also important to remember the likelihood of injury when using this power tool.

So, everything should be carefully weighed when deciding how to sharpen the chain. It is necessary to take into account the available tool, the degree of dullness of the chain, the time spent on this process. The main thing is to have the necessary result and no injuries. It is better to always use mittens and a face mask.

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