How to set the knives on the electric plane

In the age of modernization, the market is rich in various construction tools that simplify and accelerate the process of work. Also, no repair or construction is complete without electroplaning. Each tool has additional components, but at the planer these additional elements are knives, with the help of which the wood is processed. These knives are double-sided and come in a complete set of two pieces. If the cutting elements have become bad to remove chips, it means that they have come to a non-working state, and they need to be sharpened.

Device electroplane

Device electroplane.

But before you begin to disassemble the tool, you need to know how to set the knives on the electric planer. In this regard, it is important to study in detail the principles of the planer analysis.

Installing knives: recommendations

The cutting elements are mounted on the planer drum, which rotates. The purpose of knives - planing the upper layers of wood in the processing of products. This design is equipped with one or two cutting elements. The knives that stand last are pivotal; if necessary, their position can be easily changed if one of the sides is dulled. Knives for electroplanes are made from tungsten carbide or from tool steel. Products made of steel can be re-sharpened.

Blades have a different configuration and are divided in the form:

  1. Straight lines - they are set when sampling quarters and when processing small parts.
  2. Rounded - used when planing wide areas of parts, as the transitions between planed lines are done smoothly.
  3. Wavy-like knives are used when performing imitations of antiquity on wood.
Scheme options sharpening plane

Scheme of options for sharpening a knife: a - on the axle, b - on a grinding stone, c - the position of the chamfer of the cutter blade when sharpening on the axle, d - sharpening on the grinding stone disk using a thrusting device.

Before starting work with an electrical planer, you must ensure that the knives are installed correctly. If any errors were found, then you need to correctly set the knives on the electrical planer. The cutting part of the element should be located parallel to the base of the planer and slightly protrude upward. To be able to determine the correct adjustment of the knife, it is enough to turn it upside down and raise the plane at eye level.

Usually the cutting part of the knife protrudes 0.5 mm above the level of the sole. But the planer, which serves for the first rough planing, its cutting edge, is produced not less than 1 mm. It is possible to make adjustment without problems. It is important to alternately turn the small and large adjustment screw alternately to the right and left until the cutting part fits into place. These screws are located behind the platform intended for the electroplaning knife.

After all the manipulations, the knife is installed in the tool itself and fixed with centering fasteners on the upper plate. If the electric planer is new, then, as a rule, its knives are adjusted, but when using the tool, the settings get lost. In this regard, if the plane did not work for a long time, it is recommended to pre-adjust it. It is also important to remember that immediately after setting it is not recommended to perform work on the details immediately, without first having tried the tool on an unnecessary board.

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Classification of modern knives

Cutting elements for electroplanes are classified by size.

Planes imported, for example, the company Skil, equipped with standard knives of 82 mm, the common name of their "plate". If you choose inexpensive and at the same time durable options, the masters advise knives "Bison", which are made of carbon steel. Such products are universal, as they are suitable for most planes of various foreign manufacturers. They are used even in well-known tools like Bosh and Makita.

Planer sharpening angle

Scheme angle sharpening plane.

The exact dimensions of standard knives are available: with a length of 82 mm, with a width of 5.5 mm and with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Today, on the shelves of specialty stores and markets you can find knives from different manufacturers, and their price will vary depending on the company producing these products. For example, Bosh knives have a cost twice as much as compared to the simple “Bison”, “Stayer”, etc. But, of course, the quality of the products themselves will differ noticeably.

There are knives made specifically for individual models of planers. The quite popular “Interskol” and “Baikal” electric planes have individual knives, whose width and thickness are larger than those of ordinary plates. Due to their parameters, they have higher qualities and are strong, and this means that if a nail or knot hits a knife when working with an electric plane, the knife will not break, and the notches on it can be easily removed with emery.

These knives usually have a width of about 1 cm, and they are visually different from their counterparts. The length of such knives is 82 and 102 mm, and it corresponds to the plane model. If they are blunt, they can easily be sharpened even by yourself.

There is also another type of knife for electric planers. They are made wide and thick and equipped with mounting holes. This model of knives is extremely specific, as they are suitable only for certain models. Such models include Rebir planers, they have a capacity of 2000 watts. A distinctive feature of these knives is a large thickness and power, and its width can reach 110 mm.

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How to replace the electroplane knives?

Knives electroplane require a special approach to themselves, and to them make very high demands. When the knives are blunt, it can be determined with the naked eye. To do this, simply chamfer explored in the light. It should be considered by turning around the cutting edge. If at the end of the chamfer there was formed a polished strip as thick as a thread, then the cutting part was blunt. The knife is sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees.

Modern manufacturers began to produce knives with turning blades. This is convenient: when one of the blades becomes blunt, it is simply turned over.

The device is a modern electroplane

Device modern electroplane.

In the electroplane cutters are installed in a special knife holder. It is located in the tapered groove and is clamped with three nuts. The height of the protrusion can be adjusted with screws that are located at the edges. When the element is removed, the nuts are loosened, the screws are tightened, which allows the holder to be pushed out of the groove.

Next, the hammer is selected to the size of the product and with its help it is knocked out of the groove. The next step is to replace or turn over the element, which is carefully driven back to its original place. When installing a cutting product, it is important to ensure that it is parallel to the holder.

Having made the replacement, it is necessary to set the knives on the electric planer, adjusting them in height, after which they are clamped with nuts. It is important to take into account the same clearance when installing both elements. This is necessary to avoid unbalancing the shaft.

After sharpening the cutting edges, it is important to immediately try the blade by removing a few chips. This is important, since the blade of the tool, which immediately began to be used after sharpening, is much less blunt. To avoid frequent sharpening on the sharpener, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the cutter when working, and when the initial signs appear, it is better to immediately correct the blade.

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Observance of safety when working with a plane

With proper use of the tool, you can perform a sufficient amount of work in a short time, but if you do not follow the precautions you can get serious injuries.

Before starting work, it is important to secure the workpiece properly, otherwise there is a risk that it can be torn out during work and it can cause injuries to workers or other people in the vicinity.

During the technical inspection of cutting elements or when adjusting the knives, the tool should be completely de-energized by disconnecting the power cord from the mains, since accidental starting can cause irreparable harm to health.

Products should be processed by turning on the device in advance and letting the knives gain the required speed until the cutting elements come into contact with the wood.

If necessary, put the plane aside to check the treated surface, it is important to lay it on its side.

During operation, avoid bending the electrical cord. The integrity of electrical insulation must be respected. It must be intact, and the current-carrying elements - carefully insulated.

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