How to saw a chainsaw

The chainsaw is one of the most common tools, however, it can create a lot of trouble in inept hands. It is not uncommon for a chainsaw to become uncontrollable in the hands of a person, which led to the most negative consequences. In order for this not to happen, you need to know how to saw a chainsaw.

Chainsaw device

Chainsaw device.

Remedies when working with a chainsaw

When working with such a tool, care must be taken to protect it. Clothing should not have any hanging parts that the chain can grip. In this regard, protective pants, special trousers with a lining that protect the legs when in contact with the tool are perfect.

Chainsaw tire pattern

Scheme tires chainsaws.

If the protective equipment is damaged by a saw, then it should not be reused. When working with such a tool, it is necessary to wear a helmet, as tearing off the branches often fall. And it is often the case that the saw headset touches the head, this is also fraught with negative consequences.

Protective mask and goggles are necessary, as well as headphones. The fact is that the noise that is created during the work of a modern chainsaw can exceed 90 dB, therefore, hearing protection must be taken care of. Hands should be protected by gloves, they somewhat dampen the vibration of the tool. As for shoes, it is recommended to give preference to work boots with a metal insert on the toe.

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Back kick and fuel handling

Options sawing logs on timber and boards

Options sawing logs on the timber and boards.

When the ring portion of the saw headset comes into contact with the wood, a back kick occurs. It may occur if the chain is clamped. The chainsaw in such cases is simply dropped on the operator. In order to minimize kickback, the end of the saw headset should not touch any objects. When working with such a tool, you should always be on the side, you should never stand directly behind the tire and chain!

The chainsaw requires regular refueling. Filling the tool with a hot engine is strictly prohibited; the saw must cool completely. When refueling, do not spill gasoline on the saw headset and engine. If refueling is necessary in working conditions, then it should be carried out only in the place that is no closer than 5-6 meters from the main place of work. The filler cap must be cleaned regularly, like the top of the fuel tank, in which case contamination of the fuel can be avoided. When fuel is poured, oil must be added to lubricate the chain.

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How to cut firewood correctly?

Goats for sawing firewood

Goats for sawing firewood.

  1. When cutting wood, the tool cannot be pushed over your head.
  2. Climbing a tree or a ladder with a chainsaw is not worth it. First you need to climb to the desired height, and then tighten the tool on the rope.
  3. The grafts must be planned, taking into account the natural direction in which the tree falls. In this way, it is possible to avoid not only clamping of the chain, but also injury.
  4. If the diameter of the tree exceeds 8 cm, it is always necessary to do a preliminary cut from the side where the tree will fall. Then you need to perform a rear cut, which is somewhat higher than the first cut, while standing at the side.

For insurance, you can tie a rope to the tree, which should be stretched in the direction of the rolls. This advice is especially relevant for non-professionals who find it difficult to determine where the tree will fall. In this case, the rope should be 1.5 times longer than the tree itself.

When branches are sawn off, it is necessary to take into account the load on them and do such work carefully.

After all, the branches are often springy when sawing.

When the branches are being sawn off from fallen trees, one must stand from the side opposite to the pruned branches. It is not necessary to cut dead trees, it is quite dangerous, because during the vibration of the saw the branches can fall off, which can cause injuries.

Before working process it is very important to provide 2 ways of retreat, since a tree can fall anywhere. If the weather is windy, then it is better to give up the file, as it is dangerous. Wind affects the trajectory of the fall of the tree, so it can fall in a different direction. Sawing off branches should start from the bottom of the trunk. The tree is sawn into pieces only after all the branches have been removed. That's how sawing chainsaws is safe and efficient.

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