How to repair power tools with your own hands

Recently, a tool that runs on electricity is becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants to buy many different types of power tools.

Power tools

Today, power tools are very popular, as they greatly facilitate the work.

He becomes a real assistant in the household. Small and large repairs, as well as construction work are becoming much easier. You may need it at the most unpredictable moment. Repair power tools with your own hands is a must. Today we will discuss the main components of any power tool, which often fail.

On / off button

On / off button

During the operation of power tools very often the on / off button fails.

The power on / off button is located on almost all devices of this type. It allows you to start or stop equipment at the right time. Most often it is this button that fails during operation. It can be repaired. No need to worry too much. You can do quite simply. Any manufacturer today uses non-standard buttons, but they can always be ordered in specialized stores.

Of course, you have to wait until the desired instance arrives, but it's worth it. A simple replacement is often the only way out of this situation. If the button was damaged only from the outside, then it is possible to use some suitable material for replacement. It should be cut from a piece of plastic or metal button of the desired size. This is done very simply with the help of ordinary tools.

Next is the installation directly. In fact, this method is primitive. Most often, it still has to deal with internal injuries. The button may simply stick, or it will break the contact. It is easy to check, having the necessary tool at hand. A tester, or multimeter, would be the best option in this case.

For testing, you will have to disassemble the tool in order to have access to the button itself, more precisely, to its contacts. Next, with the help of a tester, you need to check whether the closing and opening contacts work correctly. If everything is correct, then you can search for a problem in another node. So, the button is considered the most frequent breakdown of the power tool, but not the only one. Repair of power tools may involve other manipulations with the equipment.

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Engine and its features

Motor device

The device is an electric motor.

The electric motor is installed on most tools. In the event of a motor failure, a breakdown is almost impossible to detect right away, but it can still be done. Sometimes there is a combustion engine. A rotating mechanism may be stuck in it. In any case, testing is necessary.

First you need to check the equipment for jamming. This can be done with a simple hand movement. It is necessary to take the power tool for the working shaft and scroll through it. If he refuses to rotate easily, then we can safely say that either the engine itself or the gearbox that connects it to the working body broke. With this break, be sure to disassemble the device. Most often this process does not take much time. You just need to unscrew all fixing bolts, and then separate the two parts, which are connected into one whole. Now before the eyes open up the component parts of the structure.

The gearbox must be disconnected from the engine. This is the only way to clearly define the exact nature of the breakdown. If the engine does not rotate when the gearbox is removed, then it is in it. Perhaps the main problems can be detected already by visual inspection. Maybe all the trouble lurks in the presence of a foreign body, which fell into the gearbox. It is easy to see even with the naked eye. It is these surpluses that must be liquidated. Perhaps they caused jamming.

Checking the engine with a multimeter

You can check the performance of the engine using a multimeter.

A situation may arise when nothing is visible. In this situation it is worth checking directly the engine. It is extremely easy to do this with the help of the same multimeter, which in this case serves for the continuity of the motor windings. To do this, you must put it in the appropriate resistance measurement mode.

It is necessary to make a breakdown test on the case. If the windings are damaged, it means that you need to try to repair this violation. But it is extremely difficult to do this. Much easier to replace the engine. For this, he is withdrawn from his rightful place. For this, you may need to use a special tool. Of course, you need a soldering iron here. With it, you can easily unsolder all pins from the button, from the control circuit, if there is one on the power tool. Now you can make repairs directly at the workplace, more precisely, its replacement.

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Gearbox breakdown

Diagram of the gearbox device on the example of a screwdriver

Diagram of the gearbox device on the example of a screwdriver.

Now it's time to talk about another very important part of any power tool, namely the gearbox. It allows you to transfer torque from the motor shaft to the working body. In this case, the rotation can be carried out at several different speeds. It all depends on what effort and speed are required. Breakage here can be varied. The simplest method of repairing power tools will be assigned if simply a foreign body fell into the working body of the gearbox. In this case, it must be removed.

This is done easily, of course, it all depends directly on what kind of foreign body is present. There may be more complex damage, which implies the analysis of the entire gearbox. The design can be very diverse. Regardless of this, it will have to disassemble and consider the integrity of the structure. There may be a variety of gears. They can simply crumble, as in some cases, especially in low-cost models, are made of ordinary plastic.

Sometimes other components of the power tool, more precisely, its gearbox can become useless. Be sure to consider all faults. If the whole thing is a small change in the design, then you can immediately remove the trouble. Otherwise, it may be necessary to completely replace the gearbox, and this is a very troublesome thing.

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Power Cord: Failure

Power cord insulation circuit

Power cord insulation scheme.

Another common power tool failure is the breakdown of its power cord. He can simply break off. Short circuit possible. All this is easy to calculate. If visible damage on the insulated cable is imperceptible, then you can try to disassemble the tool. Maybe it was here and there was a break or bend of the cable? You need to carefully inspect the insulation. In case of damage, it should be immediately restored. This is done using either shrink tape or ordinary tape.

Of course, the second option is easier to pick up. In this case, you first need to look: are there any short circuits on the case? If they are present, then they must be eliminated.

You can ring the cable with a tester.


Use the tester to dial the cable.

One end of it is applied to the wire, and the second - to the body of the power tool. If the resistance is exactly infinity, then everything is in order, no short circuit can be heard. If you call short, you should carefully examine the cable. In some cases, the cause may not be the wire, but the motor itself, to which it joins. This will have a complex mechanism that requires careful study.

In extreme cases, you can try to replace the cable. This is done very simply. You need to buy a new plug and assemble it with a new wire. As a result of the test, the device should begin to work with the same characteristics as before.

Of course, you can immediately purchase a wire with a finished plug. This will make the job much easier. In any case, in the course will have to put another soldering iron. With it, the ends of the wire are soldered to the corresponding terminals on the power tool itself. Repair is not so long, but very difficult.

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So, now you know how to repair a power tool. As is clear, in this process there is nothing difficult. The main thing - it is necessary to focus on the instructions that are presented above. Only it will allow you to carry out high-quality repair and diagnostics of all components of the electric tool.

Of course, not every person knows how to use this or that tool, which is intended to be used in the course of work. In this situation, it is best to immediately seek the help of professionals. This will avoid problems during the repair process. You should always remember that the more faults there are, the harder it will be to identify them.

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