How to repair an electric saw with your own hands

Do-it-yourself electric saw repair interests all owners of such tools. It should be understood that any device has its own degree of wear, because from time to time it will be necessary to repair various faults.

Cut logs with electric saws

Electric saws are widely used in suburban areas for cutting branches, boards and trees.

Electric saws are indispensable devices in the suburban areas or in private homes. They are able to easily cope with cutting branches, planks of great thickness, as well as various pieces of wood. To repair this fixture, you need to have some skills and fixtures. In most cases, electric saws repair experts with experience. However, there are some types of faults that can be easily fixed by yourself.

Elements that will be needed in order to repair their own electric saw:

  • original accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer;
  • files in the form of circles and ovals;
  • mandrel;
  • caliber;
  • device for sharpening the chain.

Existing electrical failures

The following failures are most common:

Power saw

Power saw device.

  1. If the tool does not turn on, you will need to check for power, cable and connections.
  2. If the supply network is in good condition, it will be necessary to check the brake of the chain, which stops the operation of the device. To solve this problem, you need to change the position of the shield of the brake element.
  3. If the power saw did not work, you will need to check the condition of the cable.
  4. If the power of the electric saw has decreased, it means that the brushes have worn out. In this case, they need to be replaced.
  5. Quite often, the chain does not stop immediately, but after a while. The longer the file is used, the longer this time interval becomes. To fix this problem, you need to replace the brake tape files.
  6. In some cases, during the operation of the saw there is an unpleasant sound. It most often appears due to insufficient oil in the device or due to clogged grooves that hold it. To eliminate the malfunction, you need to add oil and clean the grooves.
  7. In the process of performing repair work it is necessary to use only original accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer. If elements from third-party manufacturers are used, this will lead to device malfunctions or unforeseen situations.
  8. If the case is damaged, it is best to hand over the instrument for repair.
  9. It is not allowed to replace the cutting elements of the device that are not intended for it.
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How to sharpen a power saw yourself?

One of the components of the saws, for which you need to constantly monitor, is a chain. It should be sharpened from time to time. If you tighten with this process, then repair the chain saws will not work out by yourself. In this case, it will have to give to the service, where the sharpening will be done on special devices.

Saw chain lubrication system

Saw chain lubrication system.

Extend the period of service element for cutting can be as follows:

  1. Before starting work, you need to make sure that there are no solid metal elements in the blank. If the element for cutting will be in contact with the metal billet, then the chain will have notches or chips, which cannot be removed in the future.
  2. Do not grind on the ground, as penetration into the ground may clog grooves with oil. As a result, the chain will not be lubricated and will quickly wear out.
  3. It is necessary to follow the blade wedge. Seizure should not be allowed, as a result, the metal will overheat and reduce the period of its service.

It is necessary to determine whether to sharpen a power saw. To do this, you need to pay attention to the chips: if it is small or has a dark color, then the chain is blunt. Blunt edges are not able to remove the desired cutting layer, the chips will be crushed as a result. The quality of sharpening tools can be determined by inspection. On the part that is used for sawing, there should be no defects in the form of torn pieces. The shape of the teeth and edges for cutting should be the same as on an unused fixture.

If these factors do not meet the relevant requirements, then the saw needs to be sharpened.

If you do the work by using a blunt saw, it may affect the performance, as well as the period of possible operation of the tool.

In the case of blunt elements, the load on the electric motor will increase, as a result, it will overheat and all its parts will wear out before the specified period.

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The sequence of actions for manual sharpening

Sharpen a power saw as follows:

Manual sharpening chain saws

Scheme manual sharpening chain saws.

  1. To perform the sharpening, you need to prepare a special set of tools, which consists of files in the form of circles and ovals, mandrel and caliber. In rare cases, a hook for cleaning the cuts of the chain may be included in such a kit.
  2. The file in the shape of a circle needs to be combined with a mandrel.
  3. Flat file and gauge should be used separately.
  4. Chain sharpened on the tavern file.
  5. The mandrel is placed on the edge of the teeth for cutting, while it is necessary to take into account the angle of sharpening chamfer.
  6. The sharpening angle should be between 30 ° and 100 °. The most time consuming editing process is to set a suitable angle. If you set the wrong angle, the tool will go bad.
  7. The file during the sharpening process should be installed perpendicular to the tavern, it should protrude slightly above the clove.
  8. Sharpening should be done in one direction.
  9. When one clove is sharpened, the chain needs to be rotated and started sharpening another tooth.
  10. When all the teeth are sharpened with a file, you need to proceed with the processing of the cut - the protrusion on the chain, which has no edges for cutting. This element is placed on one plate with a tooth. This device is intended for the formation of penetration in the cutting process.
  11. If the cut limiters protrude, the chain will not be able to cut. In this case, it will slip. If the restrictive elements are deeply buried, then the tree will jam the cutting element of the device.
  12. Editing cut limiters is performed using the caliber. It will need to be attached to the edge of the teeth for cutting. The end rail must be flush with the restrictive element.
  13. If the restrictive element will act, then it should be trimmed. In this case, you can use an ordinary flat file.
  14. Such a tool needs to be moved along a restrictive element in the same direction.
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Sharpening of a file on the special device

In this case, you will need to perform the following steps:

Table of chain sharpening angles on the machine

Table of chain sharpening angles on the machine.

  1. The first step is to remove the chain from the bob.
  2. The chain is mounted on the guide element of the device and is tensioned by a roller and a ratchet. These elements will hold the chain by the clove for cutting.
  3. You can set the sharpening angle with a protractor, which is installed on the device.
  4. The abrasive wheel should be lowered, with its help to remove a small part of the metal - approximately 0.001 m. Thus, the straightening and sharpening of the chain is performed.
  5. After straightening the first tooth, the guide element will need to be rearranged to the next. Thus all teeth are ruled.
  6. With the help of such sharpening it will be possible to withstand the rigid framework of the fixing device.
  7. If you plan to buy such a device for personal use, it is recommended to purchase not an electric device, but a manual one. The latter is much cheaper.

It is quite simple to repair and sharpen an electric saw with your own hands, you just need to prepare all the necessary tools and follow the correct sequence of actions.

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