How to repair a screwdriver button with your own hands

Screwdriver - is one of the most necessary tools for the modern man. With it, you can perform a lot of different chores. It is indispensable both in global construction and in local repairs. However, many parts of the device, sooner or later, may fail. This is most often associated with improper operation of the power tool. Sometimes it may be necessary to repair the screwdriver with your own hands.

Diagram of a cordless screwdriver

Scheme of the device cordless screwdriver.

Yes, of course, in most cases it is easier to go to a specialized workshop, but this can take a lot of time, besides, repairs can cost a lot of money. In any case, minor damage can be eliminated independently. For example, you can repair the start button. She often fails. How the repair of the screwdriver button is done with your own hands, and will be discussed further.

The easiest and practical method

Electrical connections of the screwdriver button and the power transistor

The electrical connections of the screwdriver button and the power transistor.

For a start, it is worthwhile to think, and how you can easily make repairs, having spent a minimum of money. Of course, the complete replacement of the structural element, and in this case the buttons, will save money and bring the device to the original level.

The screwdriver itself is easy to disassemble. To do this, just need to take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew all the screws around the perimeter, which are located here as a fastening material. Having disassembled the device, you can find that it has a fairly simple structure. Here is the motor, gearbox, a button with two wires that connect it to the battery, as well as 2 wires that connect it to the engine.

So, the easiest method of repair is to replace the button, it just otpaivatsya from the motor. Then the connector that connects it to the battery is removed. It is worth such an element of construction is quite inexpensive. Today it can be purchased for approximately 300-500 rubles. Further, the wires from the engine to the button are soldered into place, and those that go to the battery are installed together with the connector. Now you can re-install the battery and check the performance of the tool. If everything is in order, then you can safely ascertain the fact that all the repair work was carried out correctly and correctly. Now you can assemble a screwdriver. There is an even less costly method of repair, in which the button does not change, but is restored.

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Tools and materials

Electric circuit button screwdriver

The electrical circuit of the screwdriver button.

Of course, before you proceed directly to carrying out repairs, it is imperative to pick up all the most necessary tools and materials. These include:

  • knife;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • soldering iron with rosin and solder;
  • cotton wool.

Basically these are all the tools and materials that may be needed for the work. The list is not that big. All this can be at home for any man.

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Self repair buttons: tips

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver.

Well, now let's proceed directly to the recovery process. As a rule, the button is not so easy to purchase. Often it is necessary to make a preliminary order in the service center, and then wait a few weeks until it arrives. That is why repairing a screwdriver button with your own hands is relevant.

It can be immediately noted that there is no need to unsolder the wires that come from the button. They do not interfere with the process of assembling and disassembling a structural element. So, the screwdriver was disassembled using the same technology that was mentioned above, and this means that the button is in close proximity, that is, various repairs can be carried out with it. First you need to remove the pressure mechanism. This must be done with the utmost care so that the base is not damaged.

The clamping mechanism is often red in color, but this all depends on the specific model of the power tool.

Electric screwdriver components

Electrical components of the screwdriver.

Do not remove the presser mechanism with a sharp jerk. It is best to use the slow rotational movements clockwise or against it. Here, too, it all depends on the specific model of the screwdriver. Now you can go directly to the repair, more precisely, to identify problems that led to the malfunction.

On any button product of this kind there is a protective mechanism. It must also be removed. To do this, you will have to use the tools at hand, namely a flat screwdriver and a knife. Moving in a circle, you need to release the latch. This is done very simply, therefore, should not cause any problems in the work. Now you can remove the button cover, under which is the mechanism of the reverse. In fact, the inclusion element itself is not yet visible. You will have to get to it.

To do this, you need to pick up a soldering iron and rosin. It contributes to the heating of the place of soldering, which leads to the separation of parts. In this case, you need to divide the two compartments between them. First, the soldering iron is immersed in the rosin, and then leans against the point of separation. As a result of these manipulations, the mechanism from a single whole is divided into two parts. Just now you can try to get close to the switch. To do this, remove the cover from the corresponding compartment. Now turn on the screwdriver becomes fully open to the human eye.

Stages razborki button screwdriver

The stages of disassembling the screwdriver button.

Next, you need to carefully remove the mechanism from its rightful place, while holding the return spring, which is installed here without fail. Now you can look inside. Each person at this moment with the naked eye is able to see that all contact pads have been erased during operation. The main reason for this is often the low quality of the metal that is used to create these sites. As a result of the fact that the material is destroyed, its dust gradually settles between the contacts. This leads to the fact that those surfaces that were once dielectrics become electrical conductors. This is often the reason for the spontaneous activation of the power tool.

Since the cause is revealed, respectively, it remains only to eliminate it. This is done quite simply. Using the most primitive and simple materials is to remove dust from the surface of dielectrics. For this you can use the most ordinary cotton wool. It is desirable to pre-moisten it with alcohol. If this method does not remove dust, you will have to use a knife. With it, you can try to scrape contacts. Some use sandpaper for this purpose, but this is not recommended, since irreparable damage may be caused to the contact surfaces. That is, in this case, it turns out that the repair is not a good thing, but reduces the entire result to a negative value.

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Conclusion and debriefing

Now we can state the fact that the repair work on the button is fully completed. It remains only to collect the entire mechanism and tool. This is done in the reverse order. To begin with, two structural elements are soldered together. Then they are set to their rightful place.

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers.

Now it is important to correctly install the return spring together with the clamping mechanism. It is worth checking right away how the button is pressed. If it falls, it is possible that during its assembly the technology was violated. This leads to the fact that it simply will not work. We'll have to reassemble everything. That is why you should be guided by the saying - measure seven times, and one - cut off. This is the only way to return the original look to the button mechanism.

Then you can proceed to test the performance of the button. To do this, a battery is installed in its rightful place, and the power button is pressed. If done correctly, the screwdriver should start. This suggests that the tool can be assembled. Previously, all structural elements are installed in their rightful places, and only after that the two halves of the tool can be interconnected. Everything returns to the site and is connected with the same screws that were removed when parsing the screwdriver.

So, all the work has been completed, which means that it is possible to sum up some of the results discussed above. As you know, there are two basic methods for restoring the function of a screwdriver button. Choose one of them must master himself. Of course, you can always contact the service center, but it is at least unprofitable. It is always better to do everything with your own hands.

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