How to repair a chainsaw with your own hands

The chainsaw has become in the hands of the masterful man so familiar and necessary tool that in the event of its failure, we begin to feel uncomfortable. But the design of this unit is so simple that we can make almost any repair of its units. But what is needed and how to repair the chainsaw with your own hands?

The scheme of the chainsaw device

The scheme of the chainsaw device.

What is required to eliminate breakdowns?

It is necessary for this to have a very small set of tools:

  • a set of keys (including a special key for spark plugs);
  • The scheme of the device chainsaws (usually it is included in the package).

Without elementary knowledge from the course of physics, you too can not do. Add to this the ability to reason logically, and you are almost ready to repair the chainsaw.

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Spark plug problems

We will begin the repair with the "diagnosis" - the definition of a malfunction. First you need to unscrew the candle and carefully examine it. Possible problems are listed below.

Types of spark plugs for chainsaws

Types of spark plugs for chainsaws.

Candle is wet. We make a logical conclusion that the fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber is not flammable. The second reason could be water in the cylinder. In any case, you need to dry the candle, purge the cylinder. We do the same actions as when charging chainsaws. The only difference is that the fuel cock must be closed and the throttle valve is fully open. After that, put a cradle on the candle from the wire and check for the presence of a spark, pressing the candle to the cylinder body and trying to start the engine. If the spark is good, the reason may be in the fuel - it must be replaced. If the spark does not appear or appears unevenly, then the cause of the fault should be sought in the ignition system. Perhaps there is a breakdown of high-voltage wires or damage to the candle itself. Just try using a spare candle to make sure that the first candle can still be used. If the spare candle does not respond to the start-up sample, it means that the ignition system should be investigated more thoroughly.

The candle is dry but heavily soot coated. This fact indicates that the balance between fuel and oil is disturbed (there is too much oil!) Or one of the filters is clogged (fuel or air). The clogging of filters leads first to the power loss of the chainsaw, and then to its complete stop. The dust inside the cylinder cannot burn completely and accumulates on the inside of the cylinder as a dense layer of soot.

Chainsaw fuel system

Fuel system for chainsaws: 1 - fuel filter, 2 - carburetor, 3 - manual pre-priming pump.

This disadvantage is eliminated as follows: the fuel is replaced, the fuel filter is cleaned (according to the instructions), the air filter is washed and dried. The candle itself is mechanically cleaned of soot with the help of awl; its contacts are cleaned with a fine sandpaper.

The candle is dry and clean. Apparently, the fuel in the cylinder does not flow. The cause can be either clogged conductive tube, or problems with the carburetor. It is necessary to clean the fuel line of the chainsaw and check the operation of the fuel pump and carburetor. Repair of these chainsaw nodes in the home is almost impossible, so they are simply subject to replacement.

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How to fix the carburetor and engine

Regarding the carburetor chainsaws need to clarify a few important points: manufacturers minimize the possibility of its adjustment, leaving access only to adjust the idle. But even this smallness makes it possible to achieve maximum power from the chainsaw.

Having correctly adjusted the idling mode, you will notice that the motor began to work more reliably.

But it is better to entrust the repair of the carburetor to the service specialists, since it can be independently produced only with a lot of experience and certain knowledge.

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Why are there power problems?

Scheme of a two-stroke engine chainsaw

Scheme of a two-stroke engine chainsaw.

We assume that you could do everything exactly and your chainsaw began to show signs of life, but there are problems with power. It happens very often that at idle the motor works well, but the chain speed increases very slowly when the accelerator lever is pressed very slowly or the chainsaw just stalls. The problem may be that the hole for exhaust gas is blocked. To eliminate this drawback is easy.

First you need to unscrew the muffler. The piston must be installed in the highest position so that it closes the channel and excludes the possibility of soot getting inside the cylinder. And now it is necessary to carefully scrape soot from the walls. It is possible to use for these purposes both a screwdriver and a thin chisel. When cleaning, we try not to make great efforts, since you can easily mechanically damage the cylinder or piston. After removing plaque, wipe the cleaned surface with diesel or gasoline, and the muffler can be screwed on. Before this, the non-separable silencer should be washed with diesel fuel or low-octane gasoline and dried. Soot removal will increase power.

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How to fix the ignition system

It is possible that none of the described methods of home repair did not lead to the desired result and the chainsaw still does not work. Most likely, you have a malfunction in the ignition system. It turns out that the fuel arrives, and the spark on the candle is excellent, and the engine refuses to work.

We check the quality of the ignition adjustment as follows: turn off the plug, adjust the gap between the contacts (according to the product data sheet), connect it to the wire and press it to the cylinder body. And now we observe the moment of appearance of the spark: it should appear at the extreme upper position of the piston. Visually, this is noticeable. If deviations exist, you need to adjust the ignition. Different chainsaws it is differently, but in general, this process resembles the adjustment of ignition in other two-stroke engines.

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Chain and cylinder-piston mechanism

Repair chainsaws on their own let's say, and in case of problems with the chain brake. Usually it happens due to contamination of the surface with sawdust or lubricants. Possible and wear the braking tape. Simply unscrew the side panel and clean it. If necessary, replace the tape.

Electronic ignition circuit of a chainsaw

Electronic ignition scheme chainsaw.

Repair chainsaws having problems with the cylinder-piston part, involves disassembling the motor and replacing worn parts. This is the most difficult repair, but also the rarest. In modern chainsaws, breakdowns of parts of this group are rare. And this usually happens due to the marriage of the components of the mechanism at the initial stage of operation. During this period, you have the opportunity to get a repair of the chainsaw on the warranty card, so you do not need to make it yourself.

It should be noted that the main reasons that lead to the failure of chainsaws and their subsequent repair include violations of the operating rules provided for by the manufacturer. First of all, this is a violation of the ratio of oil and gasoline in the fuel mixture. Very often, users of chainsaws do not even suspect that the prepared fuel mixture under the influence of direct sunlight loses its properties. Fuel changes not only color, but also lubricating qualities. Certain particles become technically harmful additives that can disrupt the operation of the fuel system of the chainsaw. Hence the conclusion that to extend the trouble-free service life of almost all chainsaws will allow basic compliance with the rules of maintenance.

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Useful operational tips

A few words need to be said about other rules that will avoid repair as long as possible. First of all, you must have available several tires (at least two) and several chains (at least 4). After every 3 hours of operation, the tire should be turned 180 °. After three more hours we make and replace the chain. This approach will allow evenly wear out all parts of the saw, which will eliminate distortions and additional load.

Constantly it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the whole mechanism and various openings. Clogged openings can cause the vacuum tube to prevent fuel or oil from penetrating freely to the necessary parts, causing the chainsaw to stop.

You should start repairing chainsaws at home only when you have certain skills to carry out such repairs. Otherwise, such work should be entrusted to the specialists of the corporate service. Their experience will allow you to quickly diagnose a chainsaw and repair it qualitatively.

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