How to make accessories for a do-it-yourself drill

If you make tools for a drill with your own hands, you can significantly expand the scope of this tool and facilitate the implementation of many works. Possibilities of the electric drill can be expanded by means of various nozzles, prefixes.

Types of drills

Types of drills.

Drill accessories

With the help of a conventional drill, it is possible not only to drill holes of various diameters, but also to cut, mill, pump fluids, or make a turning lathe out of it. For this use various devices. Consider what they are. You should not think that use of such prefixes can make the electric drill the universal tool. It is clear that it will work worse than a special tool. But if you need to perform one-time work, then installing various tools on this tool allows you to effectively use this device for various purposes.

One of the most common devices that can be installed on this power tool, are various kinds of stops.

Ways of drilling

Ways of drilling.

This allows you to speed up and simplify work with this tool, and you can make holes of the same depth. This is very convenient when working with subtle details, or when you need to perform not a through hole.

You can make a parallel emphasis, with its help, you can control not only the depth of drilling, but also the vertical position of the tool. It is very convenient when the drill can be turned into a lathe. To do this, you need to make a device, the basis of which can make a metal channel. Two slides are put on it so that they can move and lock. On the one hand make the mount for the drill, and on the other - a clip for the workpiece, you also need to focus on the cutter.

The workpiece is fixed and turn on the tool, its rotation takes place, and you can perform simple turning works.

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Creating a simple drilling machine

Technology of drilling holes in the pipe using a conductor

The technology of drilling holes in the pipe with the help of the conductor.

Very often, with the help of a hand drill, it is impossible to make a hole exactly in the right place. This is especially felt while working with small-sized blanks. The way out of this position can be the use of a stand for an electric drill, that is, the transformation of a drill into a drilling machine.

Such a device has a simple design and does not require the expenditure of a large amount of funds. It is enough to make a solid vertical stand on which to fix the guides, the block on the bar will move along them. Equipment is attached to the indicated block. The simplest drilling machine is ready.

For the manufacture of the bed you will need:

  • stand, for this you can take a chipboard with a thickness of at least 20 mm;
  • a wooden bar with a section of 90х55 cm and plywood 10 mm thick;
  • steel sheet size 2x250x40 mm;
  • fasteners;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • measuring tools.
Devices for drilling wood

Devices for drilling wood.

First, the main frame is processed, which will be the base of the machine, and sharp edges are removed. Racks are fastened to it, which are made of plywood, for reliable connection you can additionally use corners.

Rails are made of metal, along which a slider will move in the future with an electric drill attached to it. For the manufacture of such a slider used wooden beam.

The equipment must be firmly fixed, for which it is necessary to make a reliable clamp. To facilitate the work, a spring can be attached to the slide, which will pull it up along with the electric drill and drill.

After you have assembled the entire structure, you will need to check it and correct the deficiencies if they are found. Thus, you can create an elementary machine and, despite its simple construction, it can perform the same work as professional equipment.

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