How to make a table jigsaw do-it-yourself

Desktop jigsaw with their own hands can make each. It will be indispensable for those owners who love to do their own repairs and everything else around the house. Homemade jigsaw is a good opportunity to purchase the right tool and not much for him to fork out. First you need to figure out how to make it out of available tools and what to use.

Desktop jigsaw

Desktop jigsaw is perfect for a home wizard who loves to make their own repairs.

Independent production

What is a jigsaw? This is an electric tool with which you can cut various materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic and more.

The jigsaw has a saw in the base, which reciprocates and is in front of the whole structure.

An important detail in this equipment is the ski, it guides the blade with the saw. She can make up to 3000 vibrations. In the middle of the jigsaw is the engine that drives this saw to work. To repair it is simply indispensable. With a jigsaw, any work will be done simply and quickly.

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What makes up a homemade desktop jigsaw

Circuit diagram of the electric motor starting a desktop jigsaw

The electrical circuit of the electric motor start desktop jigsaw.

So, let's start making a desktop electric jigsaw with their own hands. A lot of time this work will not take you, somewhere around an hour. If you do everything correctly, then your jigsaw do it yourself will differ little from the purchased tool in the store, and, perhaps, it will look better and work better. The jigsaw construction will consist of the following elements:

  • handles;
  • screw clamp;
  • framework;
  • earrings;
  • insulating washers;
  • electrical cord for connection;
  • heating threads;
  • switch.

Do not forget that to work on a desktop electric jigsaw you need the following materials:

  • duralumin pipe (thick plywood is also suitable);
  • copper sheet;
  • screws;
  • nail file;
  • drill;
  • wing nut;
  • sheet of duralumin (up to 0.8 mm);
  • nichrome spiral;
  • part of plywood, plastic or metal (your choice);
  • clamp
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Step by step description of the manufacturing process

Jigsaw device

The jigsaw device.

We start the work with the assembly of the frame. We make it from a duralumin pipe. Its outside diameter should be up to 12 mm.

You can also take plywood (thickness from 10 mm). Be careful, if the weight of the frame is less, then the work will be easier. Make the frame so that the angle of inclination of one of its sides is equal to 45 °. This is done in order to create a free branch to which the cord will be laid.

Having completed the manufacture of the frame, you can proceed to the earring. Take a sheet of copper (1 mm) and fix it with screws to the frame at the junction with the handle. That is, you should get a clip from the earring, screw and wing nut to secure the heating thread. You make a clip of duralumin sheet. A button for turning off the device will be inserted into it.

After that, in a piece of plywood to cut with a drill slot. It will be needed in order to pull through the file through it. Next, you need to drill holes for mounting in the base material and the supporting part of the file.

The jigsaw itself attach to the base so that you can insert the file into the cut part. In order to fix the jigsaw on the table, you will need a clamp. Pay attention, the file should be at the top.

The heating thread is made of nichrome spiral. It must be attached between the ends of the frame and a good pull. To control the operation of the heating filament, use a rheostat. Include current in the range of 3-5 A. It is no longer necessary, since the material with which you are working may ignite. Conversely, if the current strength is less, then nothing will work out for you.

So ready desktop electric jigsaw with their own hands. Each owner will be happy with the appearance of such a tool at home. Thanks to this jigsaw, you will be able to cut accurately and clearly even complex parts, and thanks to the wide tabletop of the electric jigsaw, it will be easier for you to cut the blanks inside. Working with a desktop electric jigsaw is very convenient and safe. But still, do not forget to follow the safety regulations when working with this tool.

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