How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw

Homemade snowmobile chainsaws is very popular in Russia. Some assembled models are striking simplicity of design solutions. In harsh winter conditions, snowmobile is the only means of transportation, especially in difficult places. Buy an expensive snowmobile is too expensive for many, then skill and ingenuity come to the rescue.

Schematic diagram of the snowmobile

Schematic diagram of a snowmobile.

Homemade snowmobile: assembly technology

Detailed design drawings and special technological maps for the production of a homemade snowmobile do not exist. Each species has its own peculiarity. Therefore, you can consider the main points of the assembly of the snowmobile device.

At the initial stage, the frame of the future vehicle is required. The frame for the spar can be made of two steel corners of 50x36 mm and two steel sheets (each 2 mm thick). To stiffen the future vehicle, the edges of the metal plates are bent at an angle of 90º.

Schematic diagram of the switch of the snowmobile ignition system

Schematic diagram of the switch of the snowmobile ignition system.

Now it is necessary to make two through technological openings (under the track drive shaft in the front and rear parts of the snowmobile, under the axial guides of the gears of the track wheels). The tensioner device of the side member must be mounted on both sides. On the lower frame are welded additional reinforcement brackets, which should be evenly spaced between themselves.

The axis of the road wheels is mounted on the underside of the groove. The rollers are located on 5 axles. Each rink must be "shod" in rubber. In total it turns out at an establishment in chessboard order 18 skating rinks. If you can not make the rollers yourself, you can use with potato sorting unit. By the way, the axes of the rinks can be borrowed from there. The ends of the axes should be slightly released, in order to be able to cut the threads under the M10. Dural bushes are put on the axles between rollers, which can be made of a pipe of suitable diameter.

Each axle bracket is fixed nut and locknut. All axes work as additional crossmembers to reinforce the frame, while keeping the spar at some distance between them. There are no other fixing parts for the reinforcement of the rear and front parts.

Metal corners 30x30 mm, welded to the side member, will serve as racks of the snowmobile. Three racks will be quite enough to mount the chainsaw gearbox. The intermediate shaft of the chain drive is also mounted here. A box is installed between the back and middle parts of the portal. You can use a simple box for winter fishing. It will serve as a driver’s seat. The front of the frame is connected to the front axle cross member. In this capacity, you can use a water pipe with a diameter of at least 30 mm. At the ends are welded additional bushings for the ski wheel.

Do-it-yourself snowmobile design

Design a snowmobile do it yourself.

The motor subframe is mounted in the middle of the beam. All assembly parts are assembled from pipes. A steel kerchief is welded in the connection points. This will give the structure strength characteristics and make it more rigid.

A homemade chainsaw snowmobile must be equipped with tracks. This technological part of the design can be taken from the old snowmobile "Buran". For normal operation, its path should be shortened slightly, approximately 500 mm, and sew the rupture points with a conveyor belt. Gear wheels are made of a 15 mm capron sheet.

The drive shaft is made of metal rolled steel with a diameter of 28 mm. The round flange with technological openings for gear wheels comes to it. The ends of the drive shaft must be flared and pressed in there pin-tips. They must be machined under the installation ball bearings. The left tip is slightly shorter than the right. The longer part is necessary for the groove of the keyway, which will serve to fix the driven star 2 stages of the chain transmission.

The steering system in homemade snowmobiles can be used from old motorcycles or mopeds. The main condition: it must have a three-lever control. The steering wheel on the right side of the steering wheel will serve as the accelerator pedal. It is not necessary to install a brake system for such a designer homemade product. Although it all depends on the wishes and abilities of the master. The brake system will significantly complicate the technical part of the assembly process and increase the total weight of the structure. The engine for a homemade snowmobile can be taken from the chainsaw "Ural" or "Friendship".

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Constructional features of the Friendship chainsaw

Electronic ignition circuit of a chainsaw

Electronic ignition scheme chainsaw.

For the first time, the development of the Druzhba model began in November 1955 on the basis of the Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau. Academician A.G. Ivchenko. Mass production of chainsaws began in 1955. The main producers of steel machine-building plant them. Dzerzhinsky in the city of Perm and "Sibpribormash" in the city of Biysk. At the International Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, the universal chainsaw received international recognition and won the "Gold Medal".

Technical characteristics of the Druzhba gasoline saw:

  • engine power - 1 kW;
  • working volume is 45.8 cm³;
  • total weight up to 12 kg;
  • engine type - two-stroke;
  • tire length - 45 cm;
  • fuel type - gasoline A-92;
  • the volume of an oil tank - 260 ml;
  • manual start;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 550 ml.

The main advantage of the chainsaw "Friendship" can be considered the simplicity of the design. The disadvantages include a large mass, lack of safe covers, obsolescence.

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Specifications chainsaw "Ural"

Electric circuit of the snowmobile

Scheme of electrical equipment snowmobile.

This is a professional tool for felling tree trunks. Convenient unit operation and has a sufficiently large capacity. The environmentally friendly device, allowing to work in severe climatic conditions of winter. The main features of the technical characteristics of the chainsaw "Ural" include:

  • engine (gasoline, two-stroke, single-cylinder);
  • power - 3,68 kW;
  • weight - 11.7 kg;
  • dimensions - 460x880x460 mm.

The engines of these two powerful gasoline units are great for installation on homemade snowmobiles.

Using such self-made designs of vehicles, it is possible to solve certain tasks in the subsidiary farm. Another type of transport is perfect for lovers of winter fishing and hunting. With the help of chainsaws can be carried out a lot of interesting ideas and design solutions that will benefit in the household.

Dare, and you will succeed!

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