How to make a snow blower from a chainsaw with your own

By the onset of winter, you can try to make a snow blower from a chainsaw with your own hands. This will save the man from the monotonous work with the use of a shovel and speed up the cleaning process several times. To create such a snow blower does not need large financial costs, especially if the house already has a chainsaw.

Snow plow in work

Chainsaw snow blower will significantly accelerate the daily work of cleaning the area from snow.

In order to make a primitive snowplow, you must correctly choose the main method of cleaning the snow mass. Only it depends on the ingenuity of the home-made worker that he will use as a working tool: a rotor, a fan or a simple blade (like a bulldozer).

Getting started on the device

Schematic details of the screw for the snow blower

Diagram of the details of the screw for the snow blower.

If there is a chainsaw and parts from the old car, then you can begin to design the snowthrower. In order to clean the snow was carried out qualitatively, it is better to work a little and make a rotary machine. From practice it is known that units of this type are more efficient than other types of machines.

In order to make a snow blower, you will first need a chainsaw, for example, "Friendship" or "Ural". Still need tools and parts, a list below. It is not recommended to make a complex device: a homemade snow blower must have a high maintainability, that is, in case of breakage, there must be access to any of its parts.

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Chainsaw Rotary Snow Blower

This device works as follows:

  1. A moving auger, which has two input turns, moves the snow mass to the blade.
  2. This detail during the work throws snow aside by means of a pipe.

Such a device is capable of capturing the removed layers on an area of ​​50 x 40 cm. If you need to increase the capacity of the unit, you can slightly increase the size of the rotor (by 30%) and make appropriate changes to other parts. The assembly technology is as follows:

Frame design for homemade snow blower

The frame design for a homemade snowthrower.

  1. From a sheet of iron or steel it is necessary to weld a box of the necessary sizes. They should be chosen so that the box is more calm. If this is not done, then during operation the machine will rumble due to friction of parts.
  2. A 16 cm diameter hole is made in the box. It is necessary for the withdrawal of the pipe. If we make a conclusion of a smaller caliber, then during operation it can become clogged.
  3. For the shaft of the screw, you can apply a finished, steel pipe, which is bought in the construction market. The pillars of the front pillars from the car, for example, the VAZ 2210, will also fit. Two blades (metal) 14 x 10 cm in size must be welded to it. Two blades are screwed on both sides next to them, which are made in the form of a spiral with two links. They can be purchased in the construction market or made of steel sheet with a thickness of 2-3 mm.
  4. The shaft must be made of two halves. It can be done from the corners, which are welded along the fold line. but using a cut pipe gives better results.
  5. The finished screw should be installed on bearings of the appropriate diameter.
  6. All moving parts should be located under the removable elements, which will facilitate the cleaning mechanisms after the end of work.
  7. The main, moving auger and the motor are electric, therefore, to protect them, the rotor must rotate in sealed bearings.
  8. Blades must be installed in the hole of the pipe, and the screw - in the box. Now they are connected with an asterisk, which can be removed from the bike.
  9. Now you need to attach the device to the gasoline saw. When carrying out this operation it is impossible to hurry - it is necessary to correctly calculate the gaps.
  10. Cook the main frame. On it with the help of channels and bolts install the electric motor and connect it with a chain with an asterisk auger. Then strengthen on the basis of the gasoline saw. The conclusions of its generator are connected to an electric motor. You can make a direct conclusion from the chainsaw - then its asterisk must be connected with a chain to a gearbox, which, in turn, is connected with a chain drive to the auger shaft. The choice depends on the person who is working on this device, and the ability to purchase or obtain the necessary details.
  11. The sides of thick plywood cover all the basic mechanisms of the device. A chipboard sheet with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm is suitable for this.
  12. They center the auger, check by hand the ease of rotation of the shaft, the blades in the hole of the pipe.
  13. You can install a homemade snow blower on the wheels, but they can get stuck in deep snow. Therefore, it is best to install the unit on the skis. They are made of two bars of wood and fixed on the sides of the apparatus. To make them slip better, you need to put thick plastic covers on the boards. They are made from boxes for electrical wiring.
  14. Now we need to take care of the appearance of the unit. It can be painted in any desired color.
  15. After that, you need to install the pipe in place and pour gasoline into the tank. They put the apparatus into action and, slowly leading it to a snowdrift, let the auger enter the depth of the snow mass. Snow dust should fly out of the pipe.
  16. If everything is in order, then you can proceed to cleaning the road from snow drifts.

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What you need to create a snow plow?

  • chainsaw power up to 7 hp;
  • 2.5-4 kW electric motor or gearbox;
  • steel pipe with a diameter of 30-40 mm;
  • sheet iron;
  • calm 180;
  • sprocket and chain;
  • bearings;
  • wooden boards or bars;
  • plastic pipe for discharging snow dust;
  • finished frame or metal squares;
  • plastic ski pads;
  • plywood or chipboard;
  • water-based paint and primer;
  • homemade or purchased pen;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill;
  • hammer and wrenches;
  • paint brush.

Such a machine can be useful not only in winter.

The lawn mower also has a similar auger. It is only necessary to be smart and make a “combine” for cleaning the grass through a small alteration. When dealing with snow drifts, one should remember that if a car with an engine power of less than 7 hp is used in the car. then it can quickly fail during a harsh winter. You can also use a chainsaw to create other devices, such as a water pump or a pump, a sawmill and others that require a powerful small-sized engine.

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