How to make a power-saw with the hands of a chainsaw

Construction of any suburban private household is impossible without intensive processing of wood. A sawmill with your own hands from a chainsaw is the most effective tool for such work, allowing you to significantly save both labor costs and time. Not everyone can afford such a factory-made tool, so independent manufacturing can be a real way out. A homemade sawmill made of a chainsaw, if it is done correctly, will not yield to the effectiveness of the use of factory-made samples. At the same time, its design is quite simple; almost everyone who is at least somehow familiar with manual labor can make it with their own hands. To solve the problem of how to make a sawmill of a chainsaw, in any case, it will be easy for a person who undertakes independently to build a house.

Drawing saws from chainsaws

Drawing saws from chainsaws.

Sawmill with vertical chainsaw

First you need to find a straight piece of metal channel or pipe of rectangular cross section. From them the basis will turn out, which length depends on what logs will be sawn on this power-saw bench. Kruglyak is realized in standard sizes of 2, 4 and 6 m. In this case, the section of the channel plays the role of a guide along which the special frame moves with the chainsaw attached to it. To make it, you need to take two pieces of a steel angle with a side of 5 cm, having a length of 40 cm. On either side, rectangular plates 3-4 mm thick and not less than the width of the rail are welded or bolted to both sides.

The principle of operation of the sawmill

The principle of operation of the sawmill.

In order for a sawmill of saws to be able to cut boards of various thicknesses, it is necessary to ensure that the chainsaw can move not only in the vertical, but also in the horizontal plane. To this end, two small segments of the same angle are welded to the corners of the corner, in which holes coaxially are drilled. They are threaded with a steel rod with a thickness of at least 10 mm, to the end of which a metal frame in the form of the letter “P” is attached. On it and set the chainsaw. Through the holes, the axis passes through a segment of a metal pipe of larger diameter, in which 2 holes with a thread are drilled. M8 bolts are screwed into them, which can fix the axle in a certain position. This will allow you to vary the thickness of the boards.

Before starting work, the guide is attached directly to the surface of the log with self-tapping screws. The heads of the self-tapping screws must be sunk into special secret recesses, so as not to impede the movement of the movable frame. The thickness of the future board is varied by the movement of the axle and locking bolts that regulate the position of the sawing tire. After that, you can turn on the chainsaw and start sawing the log.

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How to make a chainsaw horizontal sawing

A power-saw bench with a horizontal position of the sawing tire can be made from a chainsaw with your own hands, if it is more difficult, then not by much. As a basis for the construction, it is necessary to build a frame of two metal profiles with a size of 7x7 or 7x8 cm, which are fastened with segments of a corner of approximately the same size. It can be both welded and bolted, the heads of which should be directed inside the structure. At the same time, the length of such a frame should be approximately 0.5 m longer than the length of the log, which this homemade power-sawing sawmill will process. This excess is necessary so that the saw freely approaches the end of the wooden blank.

The movable block is made of steel angle 5x5 cm, having a length of 1 m. At its opposite ends, holes are drilled into which two steel rods 1 cm thick, covered with thread are inserted. Each of them is fixed on both sides of the hole with two nuts. To one of them is mounted a steel plate 2 mm thick, on which a chainsaw is installed. The opposite end of the sawing tire with a wooden gasket is strung on the second rod and fixed with nuts and washers. This design helps to maintain the position of the sawing tire, even when there is significant pressure on it.

It is possible to make a power-saw with a horizontal arrangement of a saw in the mobile version. This mini power-saw bench has a frame from the corners in the shape of the letter "F". Another frame is welded to its long end at a right angle in the form of an inverted “P” letter into which the chainsaw is inserted. The main frame is placed directly on the surface of the log, the entire mini sawmill moves along its axis. The main disadvantage of this design is the need to pre-align the surface of the workpiece so that the frame moves freely.

If the sawmill is intended only for personal consumption, it is more profitable to do so.

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