How to make a homemade winch out of a starter

If you travel in your car not only in the city, but also outside it, then there is a possibility that the car can get stuck on a bad road. In order to independently get out of this situation, it is best to use a winch. You can buy such a device in the store, and you can do it yourself. A homemade winch can be made from simple, affordable scrap materials or be more complex designs.

Manual winch layout

Scheme hand winch.

What are the types of car winches?

Self-made winch can have a hydraulic, mechanical or electric drive. Regardless of what type of drive this equipment has, the principle of operation is the same for everyone: a cable is wound on the drum through a reducer, this is done using manual force or engine power.

Such equipment may be of the following types:

Types of electric winches

Types of electric winches.

  1. The device is electrically operated. In this case, the cable is wound on the drum using an electric motor. For these purposes, most often use converted generators or starters from trucks or any electric motor of suitable parameters. The easiest and most accessible is to make such a device from a starter. This is due to the fact that this electric motor has a large torque, great power and runs on a car battery.
  2. Hydraulically driven device. If you make a winch out of the starter can any home master, then a homemade winch with a hydraulic drive is a more complex device. If you compare it with the equipment that has an electric drive, then this factory or home-made winch has more bulky size and complex structure. Despite these drawbacks, the hydraulic self-made winch has the advantage of providing a large tractive effort, with the minimum amount of energy expended. This is especially true for a car, because during operation of such a device the battery is discharged. The less energy will be spent on its work, the less the battery is discharged. The main elements that make up such hydraulic equipment is an oil tank, an oil pump and its drive.
  3. Mechanical drive. The simplest option is a self-made winch with a mechanical drive. Its peculiarity is that it is driven not by an engine, but by the action of a person’s physical strength. The more effort a person applies to a lever, the more power such equipment can develop. To increase its power, it is necessary to use a lever of great length. Too long lever length is inconvenient during operation. The optimal length for such a device would be 80-100 cm, but if you need to develop more power, then you need to take a longer lever.
Drawing homemade winch

Drawing homemade winch.

If you hit the dirt, then to pull the car, you can use the elementary device. To do this, take a piece of pipe, hammer a scrap or wooden stake into the ground and put a pipe on it. Now you need to take a powerful lever (it can be a pipe or a branch), tie the cable to the car, and at the other end make a loop.

It remains to wrap the cable several times around the pipe, insert the lever into the loop and start to twist them around the pipe. Thus, with the help of your own efforts, you will be able to independently extend your car. The greater the lever, the more effort you can develop, but usually a length of 70–90 cm is sufficient.

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Elements of the winch

The main element of the design, regardless of what kind of drive it has, is a drum with a cable. You can make it yourself or buy it ready.

If there is no possibility to purchase a finished drum, then you should not be upset, it is not difficult to do it yourself. To do this, you will need a piece of thick-walled pipe, to which you need to weld the cheeks.

If an engine is used, a gear is welded to one of the cheeks, and places for bearings can be made on the pipe. You can make a drum of Zhiguli hubs. To do this, pierce a thin end, and in order to ensure the alignment of parts, the halves are welded to the mandrel of the desired diameter.

Wiring a homemade winch

Wiring connection homemade winch.

The next element is the gearbox. It is best that he was worm and had a large gear ratio. The use of a worm gearbox is more preferable since, by virtue of its design, it does not require the additional use of a drum brake. One of the options for the gearbox can be one that is used to open the doors in a trolleybus or another that has the required characteristics.

To ensure the safety of the person who will work with this equipment, it is necessary that he is not located near the taut cable. To achieve this, it is recommended to use a remote control panel.

Before using the reducer from the trolley door, it will be necessary to block the conical friction clutch, which serves to ensure that the doors do not pinch the passenger. To do this, you need to open the case and, with the help of welding, grab the cone to the gear.

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Features of the manufacture of the winch from the starter

To make the winch with an electric drive, the most optimal and affordable option is the design with a car starter.

To do this, it is best to take a starter, which in its design already has a planetary gear. This may be, for example, Zhiguli starter.

To do the job you will need:

  • the drum, it can be made from a pipe, which is welded cheeks 4-5 mm thick;
  • gears;
  • gearbox;
  • cable;
  • starter;
  • metal sheet on which the entire structure will be mounted;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • measuring instruments;
  • wiring.

First you need to make a platform on which all structural elements will be mounted. Seats are welded to the site under the drum and are installed.

The next step will be the connection of the drum and the gearbox, with its primary shaft should be directed upwards. Connect the gearbox and starter. A gear wheel is put on the gearbox, it can be a flywheel crown. It remains to connect the wiring - and the homemade design is ready.

As you can see, to make a winch out of a starter under the power of any home craftsman. Thus, you will receive reliable and useful equipment and can save significant funds.

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