How to make a homemade snow blower from chainsaw

How to make a homemade snow blower from a chainsaw? In winter, it is often necessary to clean the snow on the site. Not every owner can afford to buy an expensive snow removal machine. To facilitate the work of cleaning the snow and save money, you can perform a homemade snow thrower yourself.

Snow cleaning homemade snow blower

A self-made chainsaw snow blower greatly facilitates the work of cleaning snow if it is not possible to buy an expensive professional snow blower.

Making a snow blower do it yourself

Materials and tools:

  • gasoline saw;
  • metal pipe with a diameter of 3 cm;
  • bicycle chain with an asterisk;
  • sheet metal;
  • bars of wood;
  • welding machine;
  • plastic pipe;
  • lining;
  • plywood 10 mm thick;
  • water paint;
  • building level.

How to make a snow blower from a chainsaw? The principle of operation of the device is that a special two-way auger pushes the snow to the blade, which removes it through the pipe.

Drawing of parts of a snow blower from a chainsaw

Drawing of parts of a snow blower from a chainsaw.

The manufacture of the device begins with the fact that a sheet is made of sheet iron by welding. It should exceed the size of the gasoline saw by 2 cm on both sides.

Then in this box you need to drill a hole with a diameter of 160 mm, provided that the pipe of the snowthrower will be the same diameter.

Next, you need to make the shaft auger. It is performed by welding metal corners. You can use this tube from the front racks of the car VAZ.

Then on this tube you need to fix by welding two metal blades with dimensions of 140x100 mm.

Now, on both sides of the blades, the blades must be welded, which are twisted on both sides in a spiral. For their manufacture using sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm.

The shaft of the device must be composite. To do this, you need to weld between two metal corners along the bend line.

To protect the engine install bearings for the screw. Then the blades are fixed inside the pipe. The screw is installed in the box. After that, they are connected with asterisks from the bicycle chain.

Then attach the device to the walker. First attach the turn chute to the transition tube. Its diameter is 160 cm, which corresponds to the size of the hole in the box to which the auger will be attached. Then fix the blade.

Final assembly of the device

First, check the correct installation of all parts of the building level, and then perform the welding. Weld chain saw asterisk.

Now you need to provide a snow blower means of transportation. Since the homemade vehicle will move in the snow, it is supplied with a ski run.

Skis are made in the form of two wood bars, which are installed on both sides of the device. Plastic skirts are attached to skis so that they slide better.

Then, to protect against moisture, you can paint the unit with paint.

At this the manufacture of the apparatus ends.

The chainsaw snow blower manufactured using this technology will be of high quality, durable, have a long service life and perform their functions perfectly.

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