How to make a homemade jigsaw

Neatly made homemade jigsaw is no better than the original version, and sometimes even more convenient. If you have all the necessary materials, it will be easy to make a tool.

Jigsaw device

The jigsaw device.

The technology of making an electric jigsaw from its manual version is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

Jigsaw making technology

Choice of files for jigsaw

Choice file for jigsaw.

The main elements that make up the jigsaw (thermo jigsaw) are:

  • lever;
  • frame (as the main structure);
  • heating thread;
  • push-button elements for on and off;
  • clamps (screw);
  • insulation washer;
  • earring;
  • electricity supply cord.

To make a frame, take a pipe (preferably from duralumin) with a diameter of not more than 0.12 cm. If you cannot pick it up, you can use thick plywood or textolite, the thickness of which is not less than 1 cm. Your task is to make the lightest frame to use jigsaw was easy. When making the frame do not forget about the channel in which the cable will be laid. The best form of the frame is a frame in the shape of the letter “P” with a tilt angle of 45 ° C on one side.

The earring is made of copper, the thickness of which is 0.1 cm. It is fastened with screws, where the handle and the frame are connected. The heating thread is fixed with a wing nut and a screw, which are a kind of clamp. Using duraluminium not more than 0.8 mm thick, make clamping cheeks. There set the elements off.

Scheme homemade jigsaw

Scheme homemade jigsaw.

The heating thread can serve as a regular nichrome spiral from an old iron. It should be fastened between the ends of the frame with a slight tension. The operating voltage should be no more than 14 V. It is necessary to control the operation mode of the jigsaw using a rheostat.

The current consumption depends on the length and thickness of the yarn from nichrome. The current should be from 3 to 5 A, because it determines the degree of heating of the thread. Before you start working with jigsaw, be sure to adjust the amperage to avoid overheating and ignition. If the current is insufficient, the cut will not, the thread may ignite.

Such a homemade jigsaw will allow you to cut complex shapes from various materials, while applying minimal effort.

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Manufacturing technology tabletop jigsaw

If you have the need to cut out small figured parts, you can easily make a table jigsaw from ordinary hand-made jigsaw. After all, it is not very convenient to make small parts with a manual jigsaw in one hand and a blank in the other.

Such a model of the device for cutting out small parts can be created in 1 hour.

This will not only save your financial resources, but also increase your skill level.

To make it you need 3 elements:

  • manual jigsaw;
  • plywood;
  • screws.

First of all, cut a file in the plywood to cut through it. You can do this with a drill by drilling several holes along the delineated line and connecting them with a file and file. If you have not had plywood, you can use a sheet of metal or plastic.

After that, mark the mounting holes of the jigsaw on a sheet or plywood and fasten it with screws so that the file is in the sawed place and does not touch the edges. Fix the plywood to the table with screws or clamps, the file should be directed upwards. This design will allow you to hold the workpiece not with one but with two hands.

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