How to make a homemade charger for the screwdriver

How to make a homemade charger for the screwdriver? In construction, the main assistant is a screwdriver. Without it, it is very difficult to work on assembling furniture, when tightening any bolts and nuts. And if it stops working, then immediately there are problems.

Charger for a cordless screwdriver

Charging device for a cordless screwdriver.

You can, of course, go to the store and buy a ready-made charger, but the price sometimes bites a lot. Sometimes the price is suitable, but the desired model of the battery does not exist, and then there is only one way out - to create the charger itself.

What are the types of batteries? Most often on the market you can find nickel-cadmium batteries. They attract buyers for their size and reasonable price.

Fast charge circuit

Fast charging circuit.

This type of battery is very effective in that it can be charged very often, only up to full charge. But he has one drawback, this kind of toxic, so it was abandoned in Europe.

The next type is nickel-metal hydride, from the point of view of ecology it is quite safe. These batteries can not be used for very long, but if necessary, you need to constantly recharge. Another popular type is a lithium-ion battery, the disadvantage of which is that this type does not tolerate low air temperatures, and the price is very high for this type of product.

How to make a screwdriver charger

For a homemade charger you will need the following materials and tools:

  • charging cup;
  • damaged battery;
  • two wires 15 cm long;
  • soldering iron;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • knife;
  • heat gun.

Start assembling the battery:

Battery circuit for screwdriver

Battery circuit for the screwdriver.

They take the charging cup and carefully open it, glue the terminals and all the electronics with a soldering iron.

Then they take the damaged battery and solder the terminals with the plus and minus using a soldering iron. For further work, do not forget to mark with a marker on the battery cover where there was a plus and a minus.

In the prepared glass make a mark where the wiring will take place.

With the help of a drill, holes are made, if necessary, with the help of a blade, they are adjusted in size.

Wiring is passed through the finished holes, take a drill and solder the wiring to the glass (it is very important to observe the polarity).

In order for the battery connector not to fall apart, a previously made imitation of a battery of cardboard is inserted inside. A battery cap is attached to the charging cup using a heat gun.

And the most recent action will be to attach the bottom cover to the charging glass.

The charger is ready, now it needs to be inserted into the adapter, and the adapter into the battery.

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Device for a screwdriver from a USB source

You will need the following materials and tools:

Battery Test Circuit Ammeter

Circuit test battery ammeter.

  • screwdriver;
  • socket or cigarette lighter socket in the car;
  • usb charger;
  • fuse from the car at 10 A;
  • detachable crimp connections;
  • paint;
  • insulating tape;
  • Scotch.

Start to work:

To begin, disassemble the screwdriver into all the small parts, you do not need a stator, anchor, gearbox and the entire upper part. Using a knife, cut the upper body off the handle.

The next step will be to work with a drill, you need to drill a hole in the side of the handle and sharpen it a little. There will be a fuse.

Take the wires with crimp ends and connect them to the fuse.

In the case of the screwdriver handle, you need to fix the fuse with the wires with a glue from a pistol.

Diagram of the charger device for the battery of the screwdriver

Diagram of the device charger for the battery screwdriver.

When this is done, connect to the battery connector. At the top of the screwdriver, install the crimp wires to the socket from the cigarette lighter and, in order to fix everything, use the glue gun.

To fix everything well, tape the entire body of the handle with tape. Collect all the screwdriver and connect everything well with tape.

For an aesthetic look, you need to polish the puttied part and cover it with paint.

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Features battery charging screwdriver

Remember the main rule: before using the battery, it must be well charged, since it is discharged during storage.

All types of batteries need to be brought to full charge, regardless of what material the battery is made of.

If you have not purchased a screwdriver, then you need to do it. In the store you will be provided with an unusual set of models, and your eyes will start to run, remember one thing that you need to choose according to the number of turns.

A device with a rotation number from 10 to 15 Nm is suitable for homework, and up to 130 Nm if you are a professional. Carefully read and remember that the torque means the internal force when the device is working.

Also pay attention to how many turns it makes in a second. From 400 to 500 turns will be suitable for homework, from 1200 to 1300 about / sec are considered as more professional. And the main indicator is power, the more it is on the device, the longer it will work. All batteries in the screwdriver must have a spare tire in the set in order for one to be in operation and the other to be on charge.

Remember that you can always buy parts, but not always there is exactly what you need. Therefore, it is better and more interesting to create something with your own hands.

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