How to make a guide for a do-it-yourself drill

One tool is difficult to make a smooth hole in the wall, a guide for a drill with your own hands simplifies the work. It is not easy to make even a hole at an angle of 90 °, and engineering solutions often require holes at an angle of 45 °, and such work with a drill without special training is even more difficult.

Drill with guide

A drill guide is required to make a smooth hole.

Often there are difficulties if the material to be drilled is too hard: the drill constantly slides off, risking injury to the worker and those around him. Guides for the drill greatly simplify the work, and you can make them yourself with hands in several different versions.

The simplest guide nozzle for a do-it-yourself drill

Diagram of the device guide for the drill

Diagram of the device guide for the drill.

This version of the nozzle will not cost a penny and is very simple to manufacture, but it will not last long, it can not be considered a complete addition to the tool. But when the work is done far away from the workshop and there is nothing more at hand, this device can be very useful. Also, it is suitable for those who use the drill very rarely.

Materials and tools will need the following:

  • plastic bottle;
  • plastic cover;
  • drill;
  • stationery knife;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • all-purpose adhesive;
  • ring drill;
  • emery paper;
  • drill.
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Manufacturing process

Mark the diameter of the nut on the plastic bottle

On a plastic bottle it is necessary to note the diameter of the nut holding the drill bit.

With a drill, you must twist the nut that holds the drill and mark its diameter on the plastic bottle closer to the neck. The circle that marks this diameter is carried with the help of a felt-tip pen, drawing a full circle. The circumference to be cut is also marked on the cap of the bottle, which should be wide enough for this.

The bottle or jar is cut. The depth of the holes to be drilled using the guide hole depends on the height of the cut structure. To work safely, it is better to sand the edges of the jar, as they should be smooth and even.

The holes marked on the bottle and its cap are neatly cut using a stationery knife. The edges of the cuts are thoroughly sanded. Cover the front side is inserted into the jar until it fits snugly and glued in this place. To make the connection stronger, most adhesives require strong compression before drying. Since it will be rather difficult to make manually, you can put on several thin elastic bands on top that will provide the necessary pressure.

Once all the glue is completely dry, a quick and budget version of the drill bit can be considered ready. You can thread a drill into it, then fix it with a plastic nut and start working. It is not adjustable in depth, but you can make several of them and replace them as needed.

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Straight guide for straight holes

Wooden bar

In order to drill a hole at an angle of 90 °, you will need a wooden bar of square section.

In manual work with a heavy drill, the biggest problem is that the resulting holes should be as close as possible to a 90 ° angle and not oval. If you do not have the right tools for making a guide, it can be made similar with the help of available materials.

Before starting to drill a hole, you should prepare a square bar, wooden or from other scrap materials. The bar is placed against the wall close to the hole to be drilled, and the edge of the drill touches it, which ensures smooth operation. But it is even more convenient and more accurate to work if you combine two even bars at right angles and place the drill in the inner corner formed by them. If the bars are combined in the shape of the letter "T", it will be more convenient to hold it in the desired position, without fear of injuring your hands.

But both of these devices will be useful only on a flat surface.

With the drill guide, the tool can be used as a small, simplest drilling machine, and perform various operations that require precision. In the manufacture of such improvised means should pay attention to the fact that the movable elements were tightened quite tightly. Departure and stroke size should be adjusted at the quality device. The massiveness of the guide post most often goes to her advantage. If the rack has a vice in the configuration in order to hold the workpiece, it can be considered a complete drilling machine. A vice with fastening for this purpose can be purchased or also independently manufactured.

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