How to make a gauge with electric hands

Many people ask: how to make a surface gauge of the electric plane with their own hands? Those who want to simplify and automate their work in the construction sphere as much as possible do not have to spend a lot of money every time to buy a new tool in the store. You just need patience, attentiveness, hard work and boldly create the necessary tools with his own hands. There is nothing impossible in the production of the thickness gauge from the electromotor.

Surface gage

Having made a surface gauge with electroplaning, you will simplify and automate your work much more.

However, before you start work, you need to understand what is the surface gage. This tool is mainly used to make accurate, correct lines on any surface. Having a surface gauge will speed up the construction process many times, help you avoid many mistakes and make work more accurate. It is a complete substitute for pencil and ruler. If the latter devices often allowed for the appearance of such defects, such as the different thickness of the marked lines, their roughness, steepness, then the self-made surface gauge, due to the presence of a sharp stud or blade, has an accuracy of 100%.

Reimusa diagram

Scheme of thicknessing machine.

In order to make such a tool, you should first familiarize yourself with its component parts: clamps, rod, stud or blade, pads. Thanks to this composition, the tool easily handles the creation of smooth lines: the shoe moves along the bar, the distance from the studs to the shoe is measured, and the screw clamp reliably fixes the tool. Thanks to the measurement scale on the bar, the surface gauge can be easily adjusted to the size you need.

In order to make such a tool out of electroplanes, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • electric planer;
  • sheet plywood, and also pieces of wood.

Preparation for the manufacture of tools

In order to proceed with its manufacture, you must decide what parts of the size you will work with in the future. This is a very important point. Based on this, you will know which gauge you need to do.

Here it is important not to be mistaken, since the size of the parts with which you will use the surface gauge, you need to adjust the width of the instrument, the length of the guide parts, the dimensions of the stud and its length, the height of the side walls of the device.

Small surface gauge

For the manufacture of gauge from the electrical planer will need plywood, bars and a plane.

All this is necessary to ensure that the instrument you have made is stable on the surfaces with which it will work.

Also, before you make a gauge with your own hands, you need to know exactly how to place the stud. It will force the electric planer to fall and rise, so it is incorrect to place it in the center of the body. The stud must be installed so that its location is determined by the middle between the back and front handles. Otherwise it will be inconvenient to work with the tool, and it will not be able to firmly fix.

Making this device, it is necessary to take care of that its hairpin was as much as possible mobile. In order to do this, it is necessary to place a rolling bearing in the upper part of the cover. In the middle plate, the nut should be welded. Then your surface gauge will be able to, such as adjusting the height of the location of the mechanism with a fairly small step size.

In order to save on material, the guides can easily be made of wooden bars. Their length should be with a margin so that they are not abutting. Designing the bottom plane is a very important point. When working with a surface gauge, it is necessary that the material moves parallel to the blades, otherwise the flatness of the line can be questioned.

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How to make the gauge of the electroplaning: instruction

Planer gauge

The planer surface gage

You need to install your plane on a simple device in the form of a bar, clamp it with clamps and set a certain gap. The gap should be that thickness, which should correspond to the thickness of the workpiece.

On the workbench or on a surface that is convenient for you, the support bar is fastened; on it, by selecting layers of plywood, we install the gap you need and attach the plane to this base with a clamp. The entire installation is fixed with 4 clamps. Two of them hold the base itself on the workbench, and two - a plane, which is installed at a predetermined thickness and elevated under the base.

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How to work with electrical surface gauge?

It is necessary to set the gap between the electroplane and the bottom plate at the lowest height, while turning the pin. As soon as the height has been set, you need to turn on the device and launch the necessary material under the planer blades. With proper construction, we get a flat, perfectly smooth part. Too zealous with the pressure on the part is not necessary, as the plane can fail. The manufacture of gauge from electrical cutting is a completely simple and easy thing that will bring quality results.

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