How to independently make the right choice of drill

The presence of a good drill in the house is an indispensable condition for quality and fast repair. It is this tool that opens up many opportunities for work that cannot be physically performed in any other way. Even for some ordinary moments a drill is needed.

Types of drills

Types of drills.

It is very important to be able to choose the right drill. The choice of a drill for the house is becoming more complex every day, as more and more drills and drills of different characteristics and brands are being produced on the modern market. Therefore, we consider the basic parameters for which it is necessary to make a choice in more detail.

Purpose of use and manufacturer

First you must decide for what purpose the drill will be used. This usually justifies certain tool costs. If you need a drill for professional work, it makes sense to choose a hammer drill with optimum performance and with a high guarantee of excellent work. If you need a drill for domestic purposes, including repairs in your own premises, it makes no sense to spend a large amount. It can be quite limited to a cheaper tool.

Diagram of the device of the impact drill

Diagram of the device of the impact drill.

Another important point is the manufacturer of the drill for the home. Usually the most expensive and high-quality tools produced famous brands. Less well-known manufacturers sell drills cheaper. But this does not mean that they are bad and will not last long.

The most important thing here is to protect yourself from fakes. Therefore, whatever brand of drill you choose, you need to rely on the warranty and certificate of conformity of the manufacturer.

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Select by specifications

These were the main points to consider in the first place. We now turn to a separate, more accurate selection parameters. These are the main technical characteristics that it is equally important to take into account in order that the chosen tool will fully correspond to the nature of the work performed.

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Type and shape of the drill

First, it makes sense to determine the type of tool. Drills for home are divided into shock and unstressed. Impact tool can produce both rotational and translational movement of the drill. Unstressed drills drill holes only by rotating the drill around its axis.

As a rule, for most brands, the difference in price for percussion and unstressed drills differs slightly. Therefore, it is best to purchase a hammer drill. At the same time, check for the presence of a special switch button that will help you choose a specific type of movement. To work with solid walls, you need to choose the impact function, and for soft materials, such as wood, plastic, rotational movements will be enough.

Mini Drill Chart

The scheme of mini-drills.

If you intend to work with very hard materials (for example, plates), then it is better to stop the choice on the impact drill, which has the function of simultaneous implementation of rotational and translational movements. After all, a single type may not be enough to drill through the surface without harming the nozzle.

Of great importance and the shape of the electric drill for the home. In general, drills are divided into two types in form. The first type involves drilling the surface, keeping the drill in a horizontal position. The second type involves holding upright. Of course, any drill can work both vertically and horizontally. But still you have to choose a more convenient form for yourself so that it is easy and safe to do work. The best are options that are shaped like a gun. After all, they are always convenient to work.

Another thing to pay attention to cover the case. Ideally, the place where you need to hold the drill in your hand should be covered with a special material that prevents the hands from slipping. It is good if it is rubber, since at the same time the level of electrical safety rises.

Good modern drills in the kit also have a special case or bag, which allows you to protect the tool from shock during transportation and store it properly. Very often, the presence of such an insignificant at first glance accessory indicates the high quality of the instrument.

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Power tool

Characteristics table of electric drills

Table of characteristics of electric drills.

The next important parameter is the power of the tool. The power of most drills today ranges from 250 to 1500 watts. It is this parameter that determines the force with which the nozzle will work. Accordingly, a drill with a small power can be used for domestic use, but for professional purposes it is better to stop the choice on a high value of the parameter.

But when choosing the power you need to focus on two additional parameters. This is the nature of the power and quality of working tips. It will depend on them how much the power indicator of the tool will be used during operation.

Power can be of two types: from the mains and from the battery. Battery powered drills usually have very little power. They are suitable for small household works, although they are not suitable for drilling solid concrete walls. Devices running on the network, can reach the maximum rate of power. As a rule, it is used here completely.

There are also some models that can work both from the network and from the battery. These drills are already professional, so they are much more expensive. Accordingly, their power will also be quite high at work.

Equally important is the quality of the drill electric drill for the home. The harder and more reliable the material, the greater the force of rotation can be used. Poor quality drills very quickly deteriorate, thus they can spoil the work surface. Therefore, for them high power is not recommended.

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Choosing a cartridge for fixing

The next most important characteristic is the type of chuck for holding the drill. All cartridges are divided into two types: fast-locking and key. Each has its own advantages, as well as some disadvantages that affect the quality of the tool and the safety of work.

Drill Chuck Diagram

Scheme drill chuck.

The keyless chuck fixes the nozzle with a clamp, which is characterized by a peculiar click when fixed. The very process of fixation is done manually and fairly quickly. Key cartridges are fixed with a small key. Due to this, the fixation is somewhat delayed in time.

However, it is the key drill chucks that are considered the most reliable. Therefore, it is more advisable to choose a drill with a key chuck if you intend to work with hard materials. It is strictly not recommended to choose a tool with a keyless chuck for such work. It is acceptable to use for minor household work. Otherwise, the nozzle may fly out during operation.

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Extra options

And, finally, the last technical characteristic is the presence of certain additional parameters. Usually such parameters are used in expensive models of drills. However, some of them can be supplied and cheap tools.

An important characteristic is the presence of a limiter that is able to regulate the depth of drilling. Thanks to the limiter, you can independently stop the work of the drill at the depth you need. Many of these limiters in modern models have a markup that can even measure the depth in millimeters or centimeters. For some works that require special precision, this is a very convenient and necessary parameter.

Equally important is the reverse. Reverse is the reverse movement of the nozzle. And if during normal operation the drill turns in forward motion, the reverse ensures that it is twisted in the opposite direction - backward. This improves the quality of the hole, as it will be much easier for you to remove the drill after work.

The presence of the reverse function is a mandatory feature of the tool if you intend to use the drill as a screwdriver. Having the necessary nozzle for unwinding screws, with the help of a drill with such a function, you can easily assemble furniture that is connected with screws.

Another feature is the ability to use the maximum diameter for drilling. This is determined by the diameter of the hole for the nozzle. Modern drills can use any nozzles, since the holes for them can be adjusted. If you intend to drill large holes, then it makes sense to choose a high-powered drill, since the small one can not withstand.

So, the main parameters and characteristics for which you need to choose a drill, are fully considered.

Based on the foregoing, you will be able to more accurately understand what exactly you need and make the right choice, which you will not have to regret in the future.

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