How to independently change the cartridge on the drill

Drill - a tool very useful and necessary in the household. Therefore, you need to know how to change the chuck on the drill, because sometimes, due to certain problems, for example, jamming when clamping the drill, it becomes necessary to replace it.

Diagram of the device drill

Diagram of the device drill.

In order not to look for a master and not contact the workshop with such a simple question, you can learn to do everything yourself.

Necessary tools and materials for work

Drill chuck design

The design of the drill chuck.

In order to change the cartridge on the punch or screwdriver, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • hexagon;
  • lever arm;
  • anticorrosive lubricant type "liquid key";
  • lithol;
  • studs;
  • vice;
  • wooden bars - 2 pcs .;
  • key for loosening;
  • flat screwdriver.

After all the tools are ready, you can proceed. However, it should be noted that there are several ways to carry out this work, depending on the type of chuck: key or keyless. A new cartridge must be similar to the old one and have the same technical parameters and characteristics, i.e. match the diameter of the thread of the spindle of the drill and the diameter and size of the drills used.

In addition, it must be said that the keyless and key models with the same thread are completely interchangeable.

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Replacing the universal key chuck on the drill

Types of drills

Types of drills: a - spiral centerless; b - spiral with center and undercutters; in - spiral with the screw center; d - feather centering; d - centering; e - gimlet; W - razzenkovka; h - grooving; and - cork.

First of all, in order to replace the universal spare part on the device, it is necessary to unscrew the locking (fixing) bolt with left-side thread located inside. It needs to be turned off clockwise, it is not necessary to try to twist it in the opposite direction. If it is not loosened or goes “tightly”, it is necessary to use the “liquid key” and pre-clean the locking bolt from contamination.

After the locking bolt is unscrewed, the element itself must be unscrewed. If there are no cuts (chamfers, edges) for an open-end wrench on the axis (spindle) of the device, it is necessary to unwind the case and lock the device axis in the gearbox. To do this, unscrew all the base fixing bolts with a screwdriver and open the device case with a flat screwdriver. Then you need to lay the case so that it is on the desktop, and the cartridge goes beyond the table plane. After that, holding the hand, it is necessary to insert the key for loosening into the corresponding groove on the side and with a sharp movement to the right and downward as if to “pull off”, and then unscrew it manually.

If there are corresponding chamfers on the equipment axis, it is necessary to lock the spindle (axis) and unscrew the element to be replaced using an open-end wrench.

After that, you need to prepare a new item to be installed in place of the old one. For this new part you need to unwind. To this end, the axis must be lubricated with lithol for subsequent light work. Then the new part needs to be screwed slightly on the axle in a clockwise direction, and also assemble the body of the drill with a screwdriver. After it is necessary to lubricate the fixing bolt with lithol and tighten it with a slight tightness. Then you can fasten the drill and check the work of the drill with the replaced chuck. This must be done in order to avoid malfunctions at the most inopportune moment.

For modifications without chamfers on the axis and with duralumin gearbox replacement is carried out in the following way. First you need to unwind the base with a screwdriver and remove the anchor. In order not to disassemble the body completely, you can pull it off with pins.

For two-speed models, you must set the switch to the low gear position, and then proceed to removing the part to be replaced. To do this, install the base in a vice, without clamping it. Then, unscrew the locking bolt with left-hand thread clockwise. After it is necessary to insert the hexagon into the groove, put an additional lever on it and turn it counterclockwise smoothly, holding the body of the drill with your hand. This allows you to unscrew the spare part and not damage the gearbox.

Installation of the new element is carried out as described above.

In the case of a plastic base, the replacement must be carried out as follows. For starters, it is better to remove the spindle separately and unscrew the locking bolt with a screwdriver. Then it is necessary to fix the spindle in a vice with the help of two wooden bars (while the wood fibers should be placed along the gear in order to avoid chipping the wood). After fixing the spindle, insert the hexagon into the chuck, put the lever on the key and smoothly rotate it, turning it counterclockwise. Then you need to install the new part in the same way as described earlier.

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Replacing quick-release model

To replace the keyless model with a drill, you need to unwind the cartridge itself. To do this, first unscrew the locking screw with a left-hand thread, and then turn the cartridge itself manually or with a key.

Installing a new item is as follows. First, a new spare part is screwed all the way onto the spindle, and then the locking screw is screwed in.

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