How to fell trees with a chainsaw

An ax and a simple saw are indispensable tools for felling and sawing trees, but today such work is more often carried out by a chainsaw. It is convenient, comfortable and quickly performs its functions. It is also used for trimming old branches and similar works. How to cut trees with a chainsaw, every owner of a summer cottage, a country site or a rural house should know, and the city dweller will not interfere with mastering such skills in case of force majeure circumstances.

Chainsaw job

The chainsaw is necessary for quick and easy cutting of wood of any size.

Safety when working with a chainsaw

  1. Hold the saw gently but firmly and firmly; Do not let it out of your hands without turning it off.
  2. At the workplace should not be outsiders.
  3. If possible, do not work in strong winds.
  4. Shoes wear non-slip.
  5. It is advisable to wear protection for eyes and hands, headphones from noise.
  6. It is necessary to check the tool itself: the chain must be sharpened and taut. The tension is good when the guide teeth are in the groove when they are pulled away from the top tire.
  7. Smoking is prohibited during work.
  8. Do not saw with the edge of the saw: recoil can occur and the tool will throw on the person.
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Preparing to work with a chainsaw

Chainsaw device

Chainsaw device.

List of necessary items and tools:

  1. The working tool is a chainsaw. First you need to check its performance, chain tension, sufficient level of oil and fuel.
  2. Security items: non-slip shoes, protective gloves, goggles, preferably a special helmet with headphones.
  3. A wedge of wood or plastic, which is driven into the propyl, sledgehammer or hatchet, which do it.

Assess the environment and all factors of the situation:

  • there is a tree straight or tilted;
  • in which direction the tree will fall;
  • whether there are knots, dry branches that will interfere, remove them; clear and place of the fall.

There is the following technique that will allow us to estimate the fall space for the presence of obstacles. They take an ax, hold it on an outstretched hand and go from the pole in the direction of the fall, until the tree visually becomes as large as the ax. This is the place where the top falls and the distance that must be prepared for the fall of the pole. If there are obstacles on it, then they are removed.

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Technology of felling trees

Determining the direction of the rolls

The scheme for determining the direction of the rolls.

The tree should fall without causing damage to the environment. To do this, the trajectory of the fall is planned. First, whenever possible, branches are cut, big knots. A quick and convenient exit should be provided from the work area. They inspect other trees, the branches of the felled tree should not get stuck in them. Otherwise, they may remain there and fall, damaging property or causing injury to passersby.

The fallen tree is sawn and taken out. Therefore, you need to choose the right direction to make it easier to remove and cut.

Undercuts are made in several stages. The first is produced at a quarter of the thickness of the tree, at a 45-degree angle. You can do it at a 60-degree angle. This is the first inclined cut, it is made on 20% of the circumference on 30 cm down. To the trunk fit from the fall. The second cut is carried out horizontally at the bottom to the level where the two cuts are joined. The result is an angle of 45 degrees (it has the form of a triangle inside the trunk). The log does not cut everything to determine where it will fall.

Then a felling cut is made, but before that they inspect the territory, making sure that there are no living beings and valuable property in the work area. It is carried out with the side opposite to the direction of incidence (on the other side of the post from the first cuts). It is made at a height of 5 cm from the lower undercut in parallel.

Felling sawdust is done, leaving 1/10 of the pillar circumference until it is completely sawed. It will provide the correct trajectory of the fall. If such a cut is made incorrectly or not done, it will be impossible to predict the direction of the fall.


Propyls: 1 - top, 2 - lower, 3 - felling. The half-finished part of the tree is a hinge that prevents falling in an undesirable direction.

No need to hurry and make sudden movements with a saw, it can jam. The tool plunges into the wood smoothly and slowly, the maximum speed. To prevent the tire from jamming in the wood, a wedge is inserted into the main (felling) cut before it begins to fall. The wedge is made of plastic or wood, metal can damage the chain. Further, the tree is felled with it or with the help of a shovel blade. In the latter case, finish to the end, but the saw can jam inside.

Another embodiment of such a work, when the pole is sawn through, then the tool is pushed in the opposite direction from the log to the left to the center. In this case, it remains nedopil side. The wedge is inserted into the second cut and dopilivayut log on the other side.

In the process it is necessary to monitor the direction of movement of the trunk, this will allow to give it the right direction in a timely manner.

Another version of the cut - at a right double angle. Such a saw cut looks like a square cut in a tree, it is harder to make, but the accuracy of the fall of the pole increases.

Tree cleaning

Choose a place to fall into a tree, where it will be convenient to cut it into pieces, and then remove it from the site.

When the tree starts to pop and fall, the saw is pulled out, turned off, the work area is quickly left.

If a tree has a curvature or more branches and branches on one side, then it is convenient to throw it in this direction, with the stem oblate - in the direction of the smaller circle.

If a person does not have experience in such works, it is very useful to find a dry small trunk and practice on it.

Felling of large and small trees is different.

The second ones fall easier. If the tree is tilted, make a cut on the side to which it slopes. If it is direct, then on the side into which they want to dump it. Propyl make horizontal half pillar. After this, they make the same cut on the other side, it is located below the first one, by 5-10 cm, until the tree starts to fall. Small logs are cut to the shoulder, and then the stump is also modified. A fallen tree begins to cut from distant branches. Thin ones are cut simply, large ones are first incised from above, and then doped from below, so that the saw does not jam.

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Cutting a fallen trunk

Here are the stages of such work:

  • the log is cut from above to half;
  • the saw is not taken out, a wedge is placed, they are hammered into it with a hatchet - so the saw will not be clamped with a tree;
  • finish from the bottom.

No need to make an effort to pull out the saw, if it is jammed, stop the motor and press the bottom of the bottom on both sides until it comes out.

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