How to cut trees chainsaw

The choice of residence, large city or rural area, means the choice of lifestyle. And if a city dweller can only complain about old trees threatening to fall from any wind, then a resident of a suburb or rural area will most likely have to learn how to cut trees with a chainsaw and, of course, manage this tool.

Work with chainsaw

A chainsaw can quickly and easily not only cut trees, but also cut them into boards or logs.

In today's market, the range of saws is quite wide, but in order to make the right choice, you should decide on the amount of work you have to do and its regularity. If the purchase is made by a non-professional lumberjack, then the need to acquire the tool of the professional segment does not make sense. Apart from the fact that its price is quite high, for the most part it will simply stand idle, using a maximum of one to three times a year. A professional tool is designed for continuous operation during a normal work shift, that is, 6-8 hours. Perhaps, only in one case will the costs of buying a professional chainsaw be justified when it is necessary to clear the building plot from the trees.

Tree height detection

Determining the height of the tree.

Of course, in the suburban area it is sometimes necessary to get rid of several old and dry trees, and for this you can invite specialists, but if the site owner prefers to do this on his own, then the most optimal choice is a semi-professional tool. In terms of its functionality, it is comparable to the corresponding professional models, but with a semi-professional chainsaw it’s impossible to work for a long time without interruption, the engine may overheat.

Significantly less on the market are the so-called "household" models of chainsaws, which do not have much power and resource and are designed for simple work. With their help, it is easy to prepare firewood for a fireplace and a bath or prune branches in the garden. From advantages - convenience in work because of the small weight, simple management and service.

Rules of operation and compliance with safety regulations

Technique felling tree

Technique felling tree.

But before you get to work, you should not only learn how to correctly cut trees, but also learn the rules for the safe operation of chainsaws. There are no trifles in working with this tool: it is important both its technical condition and the skill level of the lumberjack.

The first thing to do is to carefully study the instruction manual and safety rules. Be sure to buy personal protective equipment. You will need comfortable shoes with non-slip soles, thick protective clothing, preferably overalls, glasses, gloves. It is necessary to think about the protection for the ears. For this purpose, special headphones are intended, but ordinary earplugs can also save the situation.

When operating a chainsaw should be firmly held with two hands, while being to the side of it, but not behind. The legs should be approximately shoulder-width apart: it is easier to keep the balance of the body, we should not forget about the back, it should be straight but without tension. If in the process of work it is necessary to redeploy, then the chainsaw must be put on the brake - such a precaution will help to avoid injury. It is forbidden to cut trees in windy weather: in this case, the calculated and actual directions of falling of the tree may not coincide, which is fraught with not only working problems, but also life-threatening.

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Checking the technical condition of the chainsaw before starting work

Chainsaw device

Chainsaw device.

Before you begin, it is mandatory to check the technical condition of the tool. Particular attention should be paid to the chain: it must have the necessary tension and be appropriately sharpened. The fact that the chain is correctly tensioned can be judged by the following feature: when pulling it away from the top tire, the guide teeth exactly lie in the groove. In this case, the chain should be pulled easily; if necessary, the tension should be adjusted. This action is recommended to be carried out regularly, and when changing or topping up the oil, it is mandatory.

It is necessary to check the state of the inertial brake, in the normal position its handle does not touch the handle. At shift of a brake loss of a chain is possible. It is important to remember such a rule: you should always start sawing wood or wood only with the edge of the tire.

Cutting down trees is not only a difficult type of work, but also a very dangerous one.

The scheme of determining the direction of the rolls

The scheme for determining the direction of the rolls.

A falling tree can become a threat both to a person and to objects located along the line of his fall. Naturally, where work is being done, there should be no people, animals. The only exception is the participants of the work. It should be borne in mind that it’s almost impossible to cope with this kind of work alone, so you need the help of at least one person.

The entire work area must be sufficiently free in order to get out of it quickly and easily. It is important to ensure that the falling tree does not touch others, especially to avoid getting stuck in the branches.

Ideally, the tree should fall in such a way that later it was easy to remove it: to cut branches and knots, to cut the trunk, and if necessary - to provide access to transport for its removal from the site.

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How to cut a tree?

The position of the chainsaw at startup

The position of the chainsaw at startup.

A chainsaw is used to perform several types of work: direct felling of trees, cutting the trunk, for example, for firewood, cutting off old or extra branches. And each type of these works has some peculiarities. Felling trees - the most difficult of them. But before you start sawing the tree, you should carefully examine the tree, if necessary, remove dry branches, which can become a serious obstacle in the work. Then you can proceed directly to the sawing.

Several methods are used for this, but for the layperson the most convenient is the following: first, sawing is performed at an angle of 45 °, to a depth of a quarter to a third of the thickness of the trunk from the side to which the fall is planned to be sent, after which the main horizontal sawing is performed. After the main saw has been completed, but before the tree falls, it should be done without fussing, but quickly remove the chainsaw and move to a safe area.

Pruning of branches can be partially performed on a tree that has not yet been felled, but the main part of this type of work is performed when the trunk lies on the ground. It is more convenient and correct to start cutting them from the bottom. Some thick branches can be difficult to cut at once, in this case it should be done in several stages.

After the tree has been felled, and the branches have been cut down, it is required to deform the trunk. This sawing wood is made with the obligatory observance of fixing the trunk, in order to avoid its possible rolling. A common problem with this may be a chainsaw jam in the trunk: in order to remedy the situation, you should stop the engine and tilt the trunk slightly in the right direction.

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A few words in conclusion

After completion of work, the chainsaw should be prepared for storage: check the level and quality of oil and grease, service the tool if necessary, be sure to remove chips that have fallen into the filter, check the chain and teeth.

And we must not forget that the chainsaw, like any other mechanism, requires periodic repair. The most vulnerable and requiring replacement are the following parts: chain, sprocket, tire, as well as elements of an anti-vibration system.

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