How to cut a jigsaw correctly and smoothly

Many people ask: how to saw an electric jigsaw exactly? A similar question arises in almost everyone who previously did not have the skills to work with such a tool. Several useful secrets will help you to master jigsaw and learn how to perform an even cut of any material.

The jigsaw device

Scheme of the jigsaw device.

What you need to know about working with jigsaw?

With the jigsaw you can cut materials such as wood, tile, metal and even plastic. This tool is an ordinary saw, equipped with an electric drive. The device may have an ordinary vertical or pendulum stroke, in which the jigsaw moves slightly forward when raised, thereby increasing the speed of work. Jigsaw on the farm is simply indispensable, especially for those who love to do their own hands. Before you start sawing an electric jigsaw, you need to familiarize yourself with the technology and prepare the workplace. The table on which the cut will take place should not be loose, it should be stable and not move when pressed.

Circuit cutting circle with an electric jigsaw

Circuit cut circle with an electric jigsaw.

In order to cut an even wide surface, it is necessary to use a special carpentry table, which is attached to the main table with clamps. In this case, the cut is much easier, because the tool stays in place, and the material being cut moves toward it.

To cut on a wooden surface was smooth, it is performed from the back side (necessarily across the fibers).

If, nevertheless, you need to cut wood along the fibers, then use a special parallel stop, which is attached by one side to the tool, the other to the surface to be cut. Do not let the tool overheat, take breaks in work, otherwise the life of the jigsaw will not be long. For the same reason, do not press hard on the tool, as this will lead to overheating.

Types of saws for jigsaw

Types of saws for jigsaw.

When working with tile or metal, they use engine oil that is used to lubricate the saw blade. When cutting metal, the cutting line is cooled with cold water. Do not neglect personal protective equipment, use goggles and rubber gloves. You need to cut the jigsaw with plastic from the back side, then the cut will be even. In order to make the cut more accurate, it is necessary to use a special plate that is attached to the support sole of the jigsaw. Thanks to such a device, the saw blade will move more smoothly over the surface, which will ensure an even cut of any surface. If you need to make curly lines, then use thin saws. To cut a round hole, use a special circle cutter.

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How to make a high precision cut?

You will need:

  • jigsaw;
  • wood;
  • clamps;
  • guides;
  • Ruler and pencil.
Devices for working with jigsaw

Devices for working with jigsaw.

In order to make a high precision cut, it’s not enough to know how to cut with an electric jigsaw correctly. In addition, it is necessary to secure the material being cut, and when working with a long blade - use a guide in the form of a flat rail. Prepare 2 clamps so that the board to be sawn and the guide can fit in them.

The first thing you need to do the layout of the board, measure with the help of a ruler the desired distance on both sides, make notes, then connect them in such a way that a cut line is obtained. If you need to make a curved cut, then draw it first on paper, then transfer it using carbon paper to wood. In order to transfer the drawing exactly, it is necessary to sand the surface before starting work.

Next, the board is placed on the work surface, properly secured it at the edges of the table, after which they put clamps in front of the table. A guide is laid on the board, departing from the cutting line a distance equal to the width of the tool.

The jigsaw platform should be located near the guide, but at the same time do not rest on it, but move freely.

With the help of clamps clamp board with a guide located on it, the mount must be strong, but not too strong.

After the board is fixed, you can start cutting. On the jigsaw install a special wide saw for cutting wood, put the tool at maximum speed. At minimum speed, the tool overheats strongly, so it is better not to use it. The pendulum regulator must be set to figure 1. Then start cutting, while pressing down the edge of the platform and guide.

In order to make a circle, it is necessary to drill a hole in the center, insert a tool blade into it, make cuts from the middle to the beginning of the marking, then cut out a circle. If you need to make a square or a rectangle, then first cut one side, reaching the corner, bypass it with a smooth line, then comes the turn of the second side, and so on. The corners are drawn out last. By following these guidelines, you can do the jigsaw work yourself.

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