How to cut a circle with an electric jigsaw

The electric jigsaw is a well-known manual tool designed to cut patterns on various surfaces. In terms of its importance, it is as important as a drill or perforator.

Electric jigsaw cutting

Jigsaw is used for cutting out various kinds of materials (wood, metal, etc.).

They can make straight and curved openings in the wood of any species and other non-natural materials, accurate cuts of geometric shapes with a complex trajectory. To clarify the question of how to cut a circle with an electric jigsaw, the tips and recommendations listed here will help.

Properties of the tools

The scheme of the internal jigsaw

The scheme of the internal jigsaw.

Jigsaw is designed for domestic and professional needs. Devices of the first type have a small capacity and are designed to work in small quantities. The purpose of using special equipment is the professional orientation of the tool, its productivity and a long period of work.

Typically, household appliances have a standard set of functions:

  • stroke frequency;
  • method of fixing the sheet for cutting;
  • pendulum movement;
  • turn saw.

The jigsaw is used to finish surfaces, cut out uneven edgings, internal position holes, and make furniture. The material to be processed is securely fastened to the base. It marks in advance, then carried out sawing holes. Rotational vibrations of the shaft are converted into movements of translational nature. The saw is fixed on the rod, its quality determines the period of use of the product. When choosing a device, preference should be given to round shapes and thickened rods.

Jigsaw has such positive qualities as:

External jigsaw device layout

The scheme of the external jigsaw device.

  1. Vypilovka holes in any samples.
  2. A simple device allows for quick replacement of the saws.
  3. The ability to make a cut round or rectangular species.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. Does not require special knowledge and skills.
  6. The presence of a significant number of saws with different step boundaries of action, shapes of teeth allows for various types of work in the conditions of one device.
  7. Reliable fixation of the cut sample allows the jigsaw to cut any distance from the edge of the product.
  8. The device of universal action allows to do vypilovka to any depth.
  9. At the time of work the material is practically not damaged.


  1. The shortened movement of the blade provides a slowdown in the operation of the device.
  2. The possibility of injury.
  3. The probability of failure of the cord.
  4. Perform a battery level check.

The jigsaw has a built-in protection system, pneumatics and an electric drive.

Kinds of electric saws

Types of jigsaws for jigsaw.

The new products are equipped with improved functions: reducing the number of vibrations, improving the performance of work, equipping the device with convenient functions. Depending on the method of fixing the cutting part, the saws are:

  • with holes;
  • with cross-shaped element;
  • with a smooth base.

Jigsaw in some way can replace the router, hand saw, circular saw, chainsaw, machine for grinding angles. The tool is needed in any household, it allows for wood carving.

The current supplied to the device from the network, gives impetus to the engine, setting it in motion. Together with the gearbox, it transmits the impulse to the gear, which fixes the rod. The circular action of the shaft is modified by the movement of the reciprocating work item, moving up and down. Saws are fixed with screws or clamping mechanisms. Such fasteners help to change the fabric in a short time.

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Rules for working with jigsaw

To understand how to cut a circle in the wood, it is important to study the features of the jigsaw. This carpentry tool helps to cut out ovals, undulating patterns, figures with uneven outlines, non-standard carved caskets, shelves with patterns through the plan. To interact with the jigsaw was organized and safe, it is important to adhere to the rules:

Fixing the product on the workbench

In order to work with a jigsaw was quick and safe, do not forget to fix the product before work.

  1. To avoid inconvenience, in the work should prepare a special stand. Until the middle of the backup, a slot is made, somewhat resembling a lock hole.
  2. The support is fixed by clamps or screws to the workbench.
  3. At the time of the work you need to sit down, position the file strictly vertically relative to the floor and perpendicular to the surface.
  4. The blank is placed in the middle of the stand, holding it with your left hand, you can cut the plywood with your right hand. The location of the cuts should be in the middle of the support hole.
  5. The tool does not tolerate strong pressure: just a small touch and a gradual movement up and down, and it will begin to work effectively.


  • pencil;
  • drill;
  • drill;
  • knife;
  • jigsaw.
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Cutting a circle with a jigsaw

Circuit cutting circle with an electric jigsaw

Circuit cut circle with an electric jigsaw.

Plywood should be sawn only dry, so that the material does not crumble, and the saw does not break.

Transferring ornaments to the finished base, you should capture the places where there are visible defects in the form of knots, spots, chips. After that, the cut part is thrown away, and the base gets rid of this kind of flaws.

  1. Patterns with patterns, ornaments should be transferred to the fabric with copy paper.
  2. Through holes, small holes are drilled with a drill.
  3. The file or a cloth of the device is inserted into a ready opening. The unoccupied tip of the saw is fixed with clips or screws.
  4. By pressing on the workpiece, the outlines of the circle are cut along the line drawn earlier.
  5. As the arc-shaped elements are sawn out, excess areas are removed, the edges of the circle are processed with a sandpaper or file.

To ensure smooth lines, the jigsaw slowly turns to the left and right sides. At the time of such work, the tension level of the saw should be monitored, weak indicators of which will lead to poor quality work. Excessive tension can break this part. The screws are screwed in such a way that the sawing part cannot slip, the thread must also be retained.

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