How to choose the right punch for home

The puncher is that tool without which it is impossible to do when performing construction works. To such works can be attributed, and home repairs, in which the punch is used quite often.

Punch device

Punch device.

Therefore, in the case of home repair you will need to choose the right tool.

How to choose a punch for homework?

Punchers are divided into professional and domestic. The main differences of these categories are in uninterrupted work time before overheating and work time without interruption. In professional models, these parameters are much higher.

For home and suitable household punch. In most cases, such structures have a small number of additional functions, perforators are lightweight, they are much easier to manage and maintain. These devices are not very expensive when compared with professional drills.

An important parameter of this design is the weight. It is quite difficult to work with a heavy fixture. Mass drills can be divided into the following categories:

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume.

  1. Device with low weight. The weight of such a punch is less than 4 kg.
  2. Medium weight tool. The weight of this design is in the range from 5 to 8 kg.
  3. The device with a large weight. Such a device weighs more than 8 kg.

The devices of the first two categories in most cases are used for drilling holes of small diameter and small depth. The device of the third category can even be used as a jackhammer.

The stopper of the switch is an element that must be on the punch. It is a special button that is able to fix the switch in a certain mode, without having to constantly hold the switch with your fingers. This feature will be especially useful in the process of long drilling of holes in hard materials. In this case, the hands will not get very tired, therefore, you will need to take fewer breaks while working.

Depending on the characteristics of the location of the engine, in the case there are 2 main types of drills: horizontal and vertical. In a horizontal-type device, an electric motor is placed parallel to the impact axis. Such structures are used to work in narrow openings. In a vertical-type device, the engine is located perpendicular to the impact axis. In this case, the motor cools faster.

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Modes of operation and power

A large number of household appliances has several modes of operation. The main function is hammer drilling. It is available for all models. Some devices can also work in the mode of an ordinary drill and slotting functions.

The principle of operation of the percussion hammer mechanism

The principle of operation of the percussion hammer mechanism.

All perforators for the house are equipped with standard collector engines, and therefore power is the main among all the parameters of the structures. The performance of the tool will depend on the power on the shaft, and the power used does not matter. This parameter is in most cases indicated in the passport of an electric tool.

Knowing the approximate efficiency of a standard engine, as well as friction losses in a perforator gearbox, it is possible to approximately determine the power on the shaft of the device, taking into account only the power used, which is indicated in the passport.

Consequently, motor losses at high voltages (maximum possible revolutions of the shaft for structures without a gearbox design or high revolutions of the shaft at high speed for devices with several speeds) can be taken as 30%. For home needs, you can use perforators that have a shaft power less than 500 watts.

The maximum power used by a household punch without a gear construction will be approximately 714 W (500 * 100 / (100-30)). For household devices with a mechanical device of this type, the maximum power used will be approximately 735 W (500 * 100 / (100-30-2).

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The number of turns and strokes

Modes of punch

Modes of punch.

For high-quality percussion drilling (the main function), you will not need a large rotational speed of the shaft, because builders often prefer devices with low revolutions (less than 1000 rev / min).

High speed will be needed if you plan to use additional features. In this case, the punch will be used as a tool with many functions. Here may be the following approaches:

  1. Multi-speed device with mechanical gear design.
  2. Acquisition of an external gear design for a perforator that operates at the same speed.
  3. The choice of devices with high speed and high power used.

The number of strokes should not be guided, since all modern models of devices in the functions of slotting and hammer drilling can produce at least 2500-3000 strokes / min. It is worth noting that this amount in the house will be quite enough. If you need a large number of strokes, then the best choice would be professional tools.

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Shock energy and the ability to work at multiple speeds

Punch vibration damping

Vibration damping perforator.

Impact energy is an important parameter. With it, you can determine the efficiency and productivity of working with materials for the construction of high density (for example, concrete). Average values ​​are in the range of 2-4 J. In professional devices, this indicator is high. For infrequent work with a small capacity, an electric drill may be sufficient.

In typical models of devices of this type, this indicator is in most cases not regulated, therefore, changing it during operation will not work.

If you plan to work a large amount of time in the mode of percussion drilling, then you should purchase a rotary hammer with low revolutions of the shaft of an electric motor, whose power is less than 1 kW.

The use of a mechanical gearbox design built into the body of the perforator allows it to be used as a multifunctional tool. The main disadvantages of such a gearbox design are a high level of noise, a relatively high cost, high weight, considerable size, the need to additionally maintain the gearbox, and a high probability of breakage of the gearbox design and the entire instrument.

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Maximum diameter and protection coupling

Kinds of nozzles for perforators

Kinds of nozzles for perforators.

In most cases, the drilling diameter is specified in the passport data punch. In order to drill wood and steel, you need to use a nozzle for drills, which often comes bundled with a perforator. The nozzle is installed in a special cartridge. If a home punch is used, then an SDSplus cartridge must be installed on it. Therefore, the maximum diameter of the hole in the drilling process will depend on the setting of the nozzle and the cartridge.

However, the main purpose of this tool is its work with concrete. For concrete, the most common hole diameters are 14-26 mm, which is quite enough. If you plan to perform other work, you should pay attention not to the maximum drilling diameter, but to the weight and dimensions of the device being purchased, since it is most convenient to drill holes of any diameters in case of using punching structures of small dimensions.

The least important parameter is the safety clutch, since the probability of damage to the hands in the process of jamming the drill is insignificant when using the tool at home, due to the fact that in this case there is a low torque of the electric motor shaft. In devices where there is a large torque (professional devices), most often the protection coupling comes complete with the device.

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Complete set of the puncher for the house

In the process of selecting such a tool is recommended to pay attention to its complete set. It may vary significantly among manufacturers. It should be noted that some of the elements will be necessary in the process of performing certain types of work. An important device, for example, is the cartridge adapter. It is used for the installation of an ordinary drill, which is intended for an electric drill. The seat of the electric drill and perforator design is slightly different. Without such an adapter will not be able to fix the drill in the punch. In this case, the mode of shutdown of the shock mode may become useless. It is not recommended to buy such a cartridge separately, as it is not cheap.

A good addition to the purchased tool can be a set of basic nozzles and drills. Individually, the nozzles are quite expensive, and they will need to be used for only a small amount of time. Therefore, when purchasing, you should give preference to models that are equipped with a standard kit. When carrying out repairs at home will be quite enough of such a kit.

Speaking about how to choose a punch for the house, it should be noted that the device must first be selected on the basis of what work is planned to be done most often. For work on concrete, you should choose a device with low revolutions, the power of which is less than 1 kW. Impact energy should be maximized.

If in most cases it is planned to drill, while there is no electric drill available, then you should choose a small high-speed perforator design with low weight, low torque and the maximum possible hole diameter in the mode of drilling wood and steel.

For powerful high performance chiselling it is best to use jackhammers. If such work is planned to be carried out using a perforator, then from the parameters one should pay attention to high energy and the number of impacts.

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