How to choose the right network screwdriver

If you know how to use a screwdriver, it will not be discovered for you that most models have a self-contained power source. Independence from the presence of the electrical network allows you to expand the scope of the tool.

Driving device network screwdriver

Scheme of the network screwdriver.

The absence of a cord pulling from a screwdriver facilitates the process of fastening parts. But in some conditions it is more practical to use a network screwdriver that is powered from an outlet. In this case, you can ensure continuous work and increase productivity.

Differences in the functionality of the network and the cordless screwdriver

Solving the problem of how to choose a screwdriver for the house, assess the need to purchase a tool with autonomous power. Despite the mobility and maneuverability of the cordless screwdriver, stand-alone models have their drawbacks:

Battery circuit for screwdriver

Battery circuit for the screwdriver.

  1. A battery mounted in the case increases the weight and size of the product.
  2. During long-term operation, the power of the screwdriver is reduced due to the discharge of the battery.
  3. At the time of charging the battery will have to stop work if you do not have a second power source. The duration of battery charging exceeds the period of their working condition.
  4. To extend the service life of the instrument, you must comply with the charging mode and storage conditions.
  5. Battery capacity decreases after a long period of use. Sooner or later the battery will have to be replaced.
  6. Nickel-cadmium batteries that can withstand the greatest number of charges (up to 1000) and are used more often than others, are toxic and harmful to the human body.
  7. The cost of a cordless screwdriver is 1.5 or more times higher than a network analog with similar characteristics.

If you plan to choose a screwdriver for the house, then the tool that works from the network will cope with the tasks as well as the autonomous one. Usually at home, maneuverability when screwing in fasteners does not matter much. Specialists working with furniture and performing some types of interior decoration also prefer network screwdrivers.

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Network screwdriver performance

Varieties of ammunition for screwdrivers

Varieties of ammunition for screwdrivers.

Before you choose a screwdriver that is included in the network, you should know the main operating parameters that are important when using:

  1. Power. From its size depends on the performance of the tool and its weight.
  2. Torque. This characteristic determines the force applied during the rotation of the bit, and, accordingly, the material with which the screwdriver is able to work.
  3. Rotational speed and methods of its regulation. The indicator reflects the fitness of the tool to work in different conditions.
  4. The presence of a reversing mechanism that serves to extract fasteners.
  5. The degree of ergonomics of the product - ease of use, optimal weight, tactile comfort.

The most common power tool values ​​for domestic use are in the range of 450-650 watts.

Such a screwdriver can screw a screw into a metal surface of small thickness. If the work is to be done with more dense metal products, then it is better to choose models more powerful, but they will cost more. The power of professional devices can be more than 850 watts. For this indicator, as the maximum torque, you can judge the diameter of the screws that can be twisted with a tool. If in the technical characteristics the parameter has a value from 25 to 30 Nm, a screwdriver can tighten a self-tapping screw up to 70 mm long into a wooden surface. For a greater depth of implementation of the fastener, the torque should be from 40 Nm or the hole is pre-drilled.

Network screwdriver in a set

Choosing a power screwdriver, you need to pay attention to its power, which affects the performance of the tool.

To perform tasks of a domestic nature, 10-12 Nm of torque is enough. When working with a screwdriver with such a value of the torsional force applied, it is possible to use screws on metal and wood with ø 3.5-4 mm. A drill / screwdriver with similar parameters drills a hole in wood ø 10-12 mm, in metal parts up to ø 8 mm. But the above ratios are fairly arbitrary, the magnitude of these indicators depends on the density of the material of the parts that are to be bonded. Reliable manufacturers specify in catalogs the maximum allowable diameter of fasteners for certain models and materials to be joined. As a rule, screwdrivers create a speed of rotation of the cartridge to 1500 rev / min. The tool used in everyday life can have a rotational speed of 400 rpm. This parameter is regulated by the force of pressing the power button or setting a fixed value with the wheel or toggle switch. For work of the same type, it is preferable to use models with the latest switching option. When working with different materials at the same time, an intuitive change in the rotation speed with the power button is more suitable.

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Construction features of a network screwdriver

The universal tool, drill-screwdriver, combines the functions of drilling parts and fixing fasteners. The screwdriver can be used to tighten the screws with cross-shaped slots and with hex-shaped fasteners.

Net screwdriver

The torque of the screwdriver is also important for the operation of the tool, since the force of rotation of the rotating element depends on it.

Some unstressed tools have angled tips for working in hard-to-reach places. Mandatory part of any screwdriver is a cartridge, fixing the nozzle. In the gear or key chuck the nozzle is fixed with a special key. Installing the nozzle in this version requires some effort, but the mount is reliable. In the used chuck, this operation is faster. Fixation is carried out using a spring mechanism. The bit can also be simply inserted into the magnetic holder until it clicks lightly. Cartridges differ in the allowable diameter of the inserted bits. For home use, a cartridge socket width of up to 20 mm is sufficient. For finishing work, for example, when installing plasterboard surfaces, it is more convenient to work with a tool with a cartridge that has a screw-in depth limiter (depth gauge). This parameter can be adjusted. Keyless three-jaw chucks are adapted to insert snap ø 0.5-13 mm. Hex hole holders are designed for bits with a ¼ inch shank. They are convenient at frequent change of equipment. Reverse rotation of the bits (reverse) for unscrewing the screw is usually activated by a two-position switch located next to the start button.

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Additional technical aspects of screwdrivers

Off-Line Screwdriver

The advantages of a network screwdriver are: uninterrupted operation, no power loss, work at maximum speed, and so on.

A useful option for modern screwdrivers is to use a torque boost pulse while increasing the resistance to rotation. At such moments, the tool enters the mode, which allows completing the screwing by means of jerking pulses. In this case, the rotational speed decreases, and the torque increases. The presence of the third speed in the screwdriver options will allow you to fully replace the drill. In such models in the drilling mode, the speed of rotation of the cartridge may be more than 3000 rev / min. Slower rotational speed creates sufficient torque for the screwdriver mode. Spare electrobrushes, a set of bits can be included in the tool kit. Improves the comfort of work equipment devices useful accessories. For work in difficult designs the tool can be added with function of illumination. Will protect the tool from falling from a step-ladder or goats presence on the case of a fixing belt or the holder for it. When buying a screwdriver, do not forget about the compatibility of the tool plug and sockets in your home.

Trying to choose a screwdriver, take into account the moment that seems unimportant. Taking a screwdriver with a thoughtful form of the handle, you can feel its organic interaction with the muscles of the arm (sits like a glove). With long-term work with the tool, the hand will be less tired. Acquiring this or that model for the home, you should not focus on products of branded manufacturers, as you can use a screwdriver in living conditions, using only its main functionality. Additional tool features are required only when performing professional tasks.

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