How to choose a screwdriver for repair work

Screwdriver - is an indispensable tool that is useful in the process of repair work. It is important to know how to choose a screwdriver and what you should pay attention to. The device will certainly be needed in the household, it can be used at home, in the country, in the office. First of all, it is necessary to find out for what type of work the screwdrivers are intended. The first goal - screwing screws, screws, all kinds of fasteners. A tool will also be required to remove various fasteners.

Approximate scheme of the external structure of the screwdriver

Approximate scheme of the external structure of the screwdriver.

A screwdriver helps to drill a hole in various materials, for example, in wood, metal, this tool is often used to tighten anchors.

How to choose a screwdriver and what to look for?

It is necessary to know the principle of the screwdriver's scrolling operation, how many revolutions this tool is capable of making and what its power source is. It should be noted that for repair purposes often acquire an amateur screwdriver, the torque of which is 10-15 nm.

If a professional type tool is used, the torque is up to 130 Nm. Screwdriver is essential in the household, it has a very wide scope, it can be used to solve many important tasks, for example, to assemble furniture or to install drywall. The quality of your work depends on the right choice of tools.

The choice of screwdriver

Before buying a screwdriver, you need to decide where it will be used.

The next parameter to consider when choosing is the engine speed. 500 revolutions per 1 minute are enough for the screwdriver to work, the number of professional drills reaches 1200. The third parameter that you should pay attention to is the power source.

Most screwdrivers have batteries, some models are mains powered. Battery-powered models are able to work autonomously: you will not need to look for a socket and an additional extension cord. Such devices can work where there is no electricity.

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Famous manufacturers

There are trademarks that produce high-quality screwdrivers and drills. The first is the firm Black&Decker, which makes tools for home use. Screwdrivers have:

  • convenient switches;
  • the basis of corrugated type;
  • good grip.

DeWalt devices have a high-quality handle and a switch. Models are designed for self-tapping screws, for work on drywall and the implementation of heavy tasks. DeWalt presents a wide variety of batteries.

Battery circuit for screwdriver

Battery circuit for the screwdriver.

Screwdrivers from Bosch are in demand. The brand has managed to win recognition in the European market. The company has many points for service, in addition to screwdrivers, drills and individual batteries are available. Bosch screwdrivers allow you to drill holes:

  • in wood;
  • in metal;
  • on the stone.

There is an opportunity to pull out screws. Using the drill-screwdriver, you can do a lot of difficult operations.

Popular is the Swedish company Atlas Copco, which produces various models of tools. Cordless screwdrivers have a reliable smooth start, the ability to adjust the speed.

Atlas Copco screwdrivers have the following characteristics:

  • metal case;
  • reliable gearbox;
  • low noise level;
  • adjustment for the most exact twisting.
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Types of batteries

As for batteries, they are divided into several types:

  • lithium ion;
  • nickel metal hydride;
  • nickel cadmium;

If you need a reliable and powerful battery, try to choose a screwdriver that can work for a long time without additional recharging. Some models of screwdrivers have a spare battery. If you use one battery, the second can be on recharging, it provides a good level of convenience.

As a rule, tools are recharged for 1-7 hours, professional screwdrivers are charged within 1-2 hours, they are much more expensive. Today, batteries of a nickel-metal-hydride type, which can withstand about 500 recharges, however, do not withstand low temperatures, are still relevant.

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers.

These batteries are environmentally friendly, they are quite easily disposed of. It should be noted that nickel-metal hydride batteries are very expensive.

As for nickel-cadmium batteries, they contain toxic materials and a rather sharp cadmium allergen. These batteries can withstand up to 1000 recharges without reducing capacity. To date, these models are common, even though toxic. Nickel-cadmium batteries are very toxic and subject to complex disposal, they can recharge themselves.

The least common of all - lithium-ion type batteries, which occupy a small segment of the market and are more powerful than nickel. These batteries carry from 500 to 1000 recharges, but they do not have a memory effect, they have a high cost, increased battery capacity.

Nickel batteries have a memory effect, which can cause inconvenience during operation, to put the battery on charge, you must completely discharge it. When choosing a screwdriver, attention should be directed to the battery, it is one of the main components and reaches 60% of the product cost.

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What is a battery?

Charger scheme for charging the battery of the screwdriver

Charger scheme for charging the battery of the screwdriver.

The battery looks like a block that is removed. It includes several components that provide power, they are connected using plates. These components have voltage. A battery can have a different capacity, 12 V, 14.4 V or 18.

The voltage of one constituent element is 1.2 V, if the cell of a lithium-ion battery is in front of you, it has a voltage of 3.6 V. With frequent use, the capacity of the battery begins to decrease. What is a memory effect? The memory effect is that the battery must always be fully charged, otherwise it will completely lose capacity.

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What is the screwdriver?

Screwdrivers come with various functions that depend on the personal preferences of the buyer, but the choice should take into account the cost. Screwdriver is characterized by the presence of a torque limiter. After the screw is twisted, the cartridge stops working, and the engine continues its work.

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver.

Modern couplings have the ability to slip during excess load. If the drill-screwdriver has a high torque, it can be called universal: it can drill well and tighten the screws. A special coupling allows you to tighten the screws with the necessary effort for you, thus, you can avoid breaking the thread. To drill a hole, you need to get the maximum torque value.

You should know that in screwdrivers the spindle can rotate at different speeds. One mode is necessary for twisting and unwinding of parts, and the second is used for drilling. The rotational speed of the engine can be adjusted, and this is the main advantage of the device.

When choosing, you must take into account a few more characteristics: reverse or reverse. With this function you can remove the drill from the surface, if it is stuck, also unscrew the taut screw. The screwdriver has an electronic reverse. To control it, use the switch next to the start button. Screwdrivers differ not only in technical characteristics, but also in cost. The most popular are devices that are charged using batteries.

It is important to consider how many attachments the device has. The bigger, the better. Some models are available without attachments, in the form of an independent tool, such screwdrivers are also in demand, they can cost less.

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