How to choose a saw in accordance with the planned work

Living in a private house or owning a cottage requires a variety of activities that are associated with sawing wooden materials, felling old trees or pruning. How to choose a power saw that will satisfy the most requests? To do this, you must correctly justify your choice of future planned tasks.

Types of power saws

Types of electric saws.

To facilitate the sawing process, there are numerous versions of gasoline and electric saws. Petrol devices are designed for large volumes of work or for felling large trees. Electric saws have many varieties, each of which has its own purpose. Some tools can be used in related tasks.

Main types of power saws and recommended applications

There is a significant variety of electric saws on the power tool market. For full operation and avoidance of overloads it is necessary to know the exact scope of future use. Available electric saws are divided into the following types:

  • chain saws;
  • circular saws (circular type), can be manual fixed on the frame;
  • jigsaws;
  • saber saws.
Comparison table of characteristics of chain saws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

Before choosing, you need to know that each type of tool must do its job, only minor tasks are allowed, for the solution of which several types of saws can be used. For example, pruning branches of small diameter produce a chain or saber electric saw, the dissolution of small boards or cutting fiberboard, OSB, chipboard boards can be carried out circular (circular) saw or jigsaw. Nevertheless, a large scope of work is carried out only with the help of the tool provided by the technology, otherwise its breakage is guaranteed.

You also need to know that a systematic felling of trees of large diameter or firewood, calculated in tens of cubic meters, should be made only by chainsaws, since chain saws are limited in power and are not intended for everyday and many hours of use.

Approximate names of works and the recommended tool for their performance:

  • roll of small trees, pruning branches, sawing boards that do not require special precision - chain saw;
  • sawing multimeter boards along the length, cutting wooden material - circular saws;
  • curly sawing wood, sawing boards, cutting out bars, cutting wood boards - jigsaw;
  • cutting branches, cutting wooden boards, episodic needs for sawing - saber saw.
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Chain saw

Scheme chain saws.

An electric chain saw of this type is a device having a tire of a certain length, along which the chain with cutting teeth moves, driven by an electric motor, and the complete similarity with a chainsaw, except for a chain drive, is performed.

The data of chain aggregates having the main meaning:

  • electric motor power;
  • chain pitch;
  • tire length

Motor power saws with an electric motor is in the range from 1 kW to 2.5 kW, depending on the manufacturer. This parameter affects the possible duration of the device and the ability to cut wood without jamming the chain in it. That is, the greater the power of the motor, the less it will work at maximum loads (under average operating conditions), respectively, the tendency to overheat and failure will decrease. It is necessary to take into account that the power is related to the chain pitch and the length of the tire. The greater the pitch and length, the more powerful the drive should be or a gentle mode is recommended.

Chain pitch is an indication of the distance between two adjacent cutting teeth on the chain. Chains are available with three meanings:

  • 0.325 inches;
  • 3/8 (0.375) inches;
  • 0.404 inches.
Saw chain design

Chain design saws.

The smaller this value, the less effort must be made to pull the chain and cut the tree with the teeth, but at the same time the cutting speed decreases. For garden and small sawing events, a chain spacing index of 0.325 is sufficient. If you want increased performance, then you need to choose a saw in 3/8 steps. A distance value of 0.404 applies to professional-grade chainsaws, and the use of such a chain in electric saws is a marketing ploy of unscrupulous manufacturers.

It must be understood that the larger the pitch, the greater the power the engine should have.

The length of the tire indicates the permissible depth (diameter coverage) of the cut produced. Usually electric saws are equipped with a tire from 350 mm to 400 mm. Less common are units with a 450mm tire length. Saws with a length greater than 450mm do not need to be considered, since it is impossible to cut the material with such a tire for a length of at least 90% because of the lack of power of the electric motor.

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Safety and adjustment of chain devices

All manufactured chainsaws have a built-in chain brake that is triggered by biting and dropping tools. Quality products have thermal protection of the electric motor. Any chain saw needs periodic tightening of the chain, which is carried out by loosening the nuts (nuts) of the tire and tightening the adjusting screw.

Chainsaw tire sizes

Chainsaw tire sizes.

The chain must be constantly lubricated, for this tool is equipped with an automatic supply of oil to the chain. During operation, it is necessary to maintain the oil level in a special built-in container into the body of the product.

Choose a chain device based on the possible tasks. As a rule, chain power saws can be used to perform several related works, felling, cutting, and procurement of firewood in small volumes. It is not recommended to perform precise cutting of wooden blanks and the longitudinal dissolution of wood with such a tool.

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Circular saws and their features

Circular or circular electric saws are designed for dissolving wooden boards or sawing various wood-based boards; these can be OSB, particle board, fiberboard, plywood sheets, laminate strips.

The main technical data of this tool include:

  • electric motor power;
  • cutting depth;
  • disk rotation speed;
  • security system.

The saw is a compact device containing an electric motor, gearbox, cutting and support plate. The tool can be used in manual mode, when the saw is held by hands and guided along the spreading boards and fixed on a special bed, in this case the material is fed to the cutting disc. The bed, as a rule, is acquired separately for a specific product.

Circular saw blade device

Diagram of the manual circular saw.

Engine power ranges from 800 watts to 2500 watts. For frequent work it is recommended to choose a tool with a margin of power, this will provide an opportunity to increase the life of the device and avoid overheating.

The depth of the cut depends on the level of the saw and power. So, in cheap units it is 65mm, in professional - 130mm. Before buying, you need to know what exactly the tool is needed for, so that later there will be no difficulty with a shallow depth of cut.

The speed of rotation of the disk is 1700-5500 rpm, depending on the manufacturer. Here it is required to understand that the claimed high angular speed and low-powered motor will lead to problem operation.

The case of circular saws is made of durable plastic, equipped with a handle with a good grip. Some manufacturers supply the device with a handle that can change the angle of inclination. The sole is made of metal or aluminum alloy. A stamped sole is less rigid, to perform precise cuts, it is better to purchase a saw with an aluminum base plate. Safety of the units contains protection against accidental switching on - the system stops the engine in case of overheating. Motors are mounted on a collector type tool, therefore control over the brush mechanism is necessary. Serious manufacturers equip the unit design with a brush control indicator.

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Electric jigsaw selection criteria

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw.

If you need to make a shaped cut material or cut radial and curved holes, you need to purchase jigsaw.

This tool is a construction containing an electric motor, a gearbox and a crank mechanism, with the help of which reciprocating movements are imparted to the cutting blade. Operation of the device implies a tight fit of its base plate to the material being cut. In the process of cutting the jigsaw move in the right direction, for accurate work, some devices are equipped with a laser pointer, which helps to accurately control the cutting position.

Technical data to pay attention to:

  • power;
  • depth of cut;
  • sawing angle.

Power devices is in the range of 400-900 watts. If you plan to carry out metal cutting or long operation, then you need to choose a powerful option.

The depth of sawing is from 60 to 140 mm. It is better to choose a jigsaw with a pre-high depth, as there may be unforeseen cases when you need to cut the material with a large cross-section.

The sawing angle characterizes the ability to make cuts at the desired angle. Most manufacturers can reach an angle of inclination of up to 45 °.

What electric saw to choose to work with different materials? To do this, it is necessary to take into account that specialized manufacturers of jigsaws use the pendulum movement of the saw in the construction, and it is possible to adjust the angle of the saw when sawing various materials. For example, for a tree, the maximum angle of the blade is needed, and for metal - the minimum.

All jigsaws are equipped with the possibility of a smooth start and latching the power button, which allow you to most accurately control the tool.

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Reciprocating Saws

This type of saw is designed to perform a piece sawing wooden bars, planks, branches. The advantage of the tool is that it allows you to cut material in hard to reach places.

Power saber saws is 1000-2000 watts. The frequency of the reciprocating course of the canvas - from 1500 to 3000 cycles. The choice of saw includes the selection of the length of the blade, the calculation of power reserve.

How to choose a power saw among many manufacturers? Here you need to understand that there are recognized companies that produce reliable power tools. They are Bosch, Aeg, Makita, De Walt, Metabo, Black Decker. Buying electric saws of these companies you can be sure of proper quality and compliance of the specified technical parameters. If there is no possibility to choose an electric saw from the proposed brands, then you can pay attention to some Chinese models, and you need to take into account the interrelation of all specified parameters.

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