How to choose a power tool

At performance of repair work the electric tool is always used. But not every master knows what a power tool is and how to choose it correctly.

Variety of power tools

If you have a big repair, it is better to choose a high-quality professional tool.

Today, many companies create tools. After production, it meets certain requirements.

To choose a power tool for home correctly, you should read some recommendations.

How to choose the right products?

Screwdriver performance table

Table of characteristics of screwdrivers.

Power tools on the market as professional and non-professional. Professional products are designed for continuous use and heavy load. Non-professional tools have a weak part system. In addition, this technique works intermittently.

Which tool to prefer? If after performing construction or repair you will not use it, then choose a non-professional power tool. And if you plan to use the equipment in the future, you can take a professional one.

When selecting products, pay attention to the power supply. There are various types of power supply of household appliances (current and battery, which is embedded in the housing).

Preferring power tools for AC power, it is worth looking at its safety.

Products that work with a battery, it is beneficial to buy only in that situation, if you work on a non-electrified object. They are very convenient because they do not need to be tied to a power source, you can do work both outdoors and indoors.

Connection and rules of performance of work with power tools

Connection and rules of performance of work with power tools.

But you need to take into account the fact that between recharging the tool does not work for a long time. And its cost is too high.

If we talk about a tool that runs on AC power, then it must have electrical protection. Almost all manufacturers point out to products a double insulation symbol.

A tool with this isolation is connected to the network using a two-wire circuit. It is best to choose options with special protection against accidental starting. Such protection lies in the fact that permission to press the main button is confirmed only by pressing an additional button.

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Universal options: buy or not?

Now on the market you can see universal models that perform many additional functions.

For example, there are drills that make it possible to carve, work with screws, drilling, etc. These tools do the work in a small volume - if you want to finish something or make it yourself.

It is recommended to buy an electric tool for a house with additional functions only in that situation if its use will be about 25% of the volume of work.

Drill device

Device drill.

Choosing a product, you should pay attention to whether it will be convenient to use it in your work. Some types of equipment must be equipped with certain devices. We are talking about the speed regulator and the start device (if there is a soft start device, then the products are gaining momentum smoothly).

In addition, it is possible to single out such a trifle - the clutch of the limiting moment, which protects the engine of the machinery from unacceptable load and increases the duration of its operation. A more common case for the creation of certain loads, for example, for drills, is jamming the drill directly during drilling.

If the products are able to produce dust in large quantities (we are talking about planers, jigsaws, etc.), then it should have an adapter. With it, you can connect to a vacuum cleaner.

If you have already decided on the option and it meets the necessary requirements, then you can buy the device. It is better not to buy products offered by the seller. It is best to choose the products of any proven company.

Now you know how to choose a power tool in the house.

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