How to choose a jigsaw

In modern life, electrical appliances occupy an important place. Today, such tools are considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Most people whose work involves building houses cannot do without certain electrical devices.

Power Jigsaw

When choosing a jigsaw, you need to pay attention to power, as the class of the tool depends on it.

Even for domestic purposes, the Bulgarian, an electric saw, a plane and a jigsaw are often used. But how can a person without the necessary experience pick up a quality tool? The choice of jigsaw for home use implies knowledge of certain features and characteristics of this device.

Tool design and accessories

The component of the electric jigsaw includes several components:

Diagram of an electric jigsaw

Diagram of the electric jigsaw.

  1. Profile platform (aluminum or steel). It is designed to fasten the tool to the desired slope. This allows you to cut the surface of the material with high accuracy.
  2. A small file. It serves as the basis of the device and moves in the vertical direction at a speed of 3.5 thousand rpm.
  3. Electrical engine. He sets the file in motion. Power engine tools for the home is in the range from 200 to 900 watts.
  4. Mushroom or staple handle. It is used to hold the tool securely in your hands.

Accessories are added to most electric jigsaws that simplify the cutting procedure. Among them are the controllers of the number of cuts, which regulate the speed of movement of the file. Plastic screens covering the file serve as a protective device for the person using the tool. In addition, the kits are complemented by constant electronics, devices for blowing waste, illuminating elements, etc.

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Choosing an electric jigsaw: basic parameters

Choosing a jigsaw that operates on electricity, requires knowledge of certain features of the tool. What parameters depend on the strength and performance of the device, what should be guided in the acquisition process?

First of all it is power. It is selected depending on the purpose of the tool, the stability of the current in the power supply at home and the total number of works for which the device is intended. The power of the electric engine of the device directly affects its performance, on which the speed of the specific task depends. In addition, the choice of capacity involves taking into account the thickness of the material that will be processed in the home.

Jigsaw cut

Jigsaw in the cut.

For home use, devices are most often purchased, the power of which is in the range of 200-900 watts. This allows high-precision cutting of any building materials found in everyday life. Tool selection should be made with reference to the parameters of its power supply, since with a small power it is likely that the file is jammed, which will lead to device malfunction and difficulties in processing hard surfaces.

Also important is the controller that regulates the cutting speed. This function is of great importance when working with sensitive surfaces, since the speed of the cutting element affects not only the performance of the device, but also the accuracy of its actions.

The next step is to pay attention to the presence of the mechanism of the pendulum stroke. This mechanism enables the processing of material by moving the tool not only vertically, but also horizontally. In this way, you can increase the size of the area being machined and increase the cutting accuracy. This mechanism is recommended to use when working with materials such as plywood, wood, polystyrene foam and other lightweight structures.

When choosing a jigsaw for the home, you can find devices with a different power source. Some models are equipped with an independent high power battery. This means that the jigsaw becomes portable and can be used even where there is no power supply. Another advantage of the portable jigsaw is its low weight. This parameter makes it attractive even in the eyes of those people who use the tool only at home.

When buying a tool, pay attention to the presence of the function of blowing waste. This can be either a built-in mechanism or a special hole provided for connecting a household vacuum cleaner.


Buying jigsaw should pay attention to the frequency of the file, which determines the speed of the tool.

This function is designed to blow off sawdust, dust and other surplus that appear during the processing of various materials. A mechanism for blowing away waste will help to increase the durability of such tool components as the electric motor, the housing and the file. In addition, you will not spend extra time on cleaning the surface in the process, which will increase the productivity and effectiveness of material processing.

Do not forget to look closely at the fixture of the file, since there are several methods of its fastening. In most cases, the file is inserted into a special mechanism holder, which is intended for all types of nozzles. This method is the most common, because jigsaw with such a holder allows you to change the canvas quickly and easily. This does not require any qualifications.

Less common are devices with a hexagon retention mechanism, which are intended for use by experienced professionals for industrial purposes.

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Electric jigsaw manufacturers

Jigsaw in the set

The criteria for choosing a jigsaw are: power, availability of a sawdust selection system, weight, handle design.

The leading manufacturer of such devices is Sparky, which offers high-quality models that are manufactured to all modern requirements. Sparky also features a relatively low cost for its products, which makes it quite attractive in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Another worthy representative is the company Bosch, familiar to all firsthand. She specializes in the production of household appliances and electric tools, including jigsaw. When buying, it is recommended to look closely at lightweight portable models (GST-75 BE, GST-120 E, GST 120 BE). They are the most economical and well suited for domestic use.

If there is a need for a more powerful device, you should look at the model GST-135 CE. In addition to high performance, the device is equipped with the functions of a quick change of blades, electric motor booster and Precision Control system, which allows for high-precision cutting.

Recently in the modern market products of the Makita and Interskol companies more and more began to appear. Jigsaws of these brands are gaining the interest of consumers more and more every day. This is due to the high-quality assembly of manufactured devices. The products of these manufacturers are focused on high performance, reliability and long service life.

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