How to choose a jigsaw electric

If you like tinkering, then it will be difficult to work without such a device as an electric jigsaw. This tool allows you to quickly and efficiently perform large volumes of a variety of works.

Electric fretsaw

Electric jigsaw can cut up and down any sheet material.

With the help of jigsaw, you can cut any sheet material, both along and across, and also perform figured cutting.

The advantages of jigsaw and its design features

This tool has several advantages, and in order to fully use them, you first need to decide how to choose the right jigsaw and what parameters you need to pay attention to.

Using the specified tool, you can do the following:

Work as a jigsaw

With a jigsaw, you can make a slice of any configuration, cut out the holes of the desired diameter.

  • perform not only a straight, but also a curved cut;
  • make rectangular, round and shaped holes of any size;
  • work with materials such as wood, metal, plywood, drywall, laminate and others.

There are models for domestic and professional use. In order to perform most household chores, it is enough to purchase a household model. It will have less power, fewer additional functions. But such a jigsaw will allow you to work with wood up to 70 mm thick and metal up to 4 mm thick.

Professional jigsaws will have higher performance, will be able to withstand significant loads. With such a tool you can work with wood, up to 135 mm thick, steel up to 1 cm thick and aluminum up to 2 cm thick.

The working tool is a special saw, with the help of a mechanism the rotational movement of the engine is converted into a reciprocating motion of the blade, the frequency can reach up to 3.5 thousand strokes per minute.

In order to make an accurate cut, a mechanism in the form of a guide is installed on the sole. To perform cutting at the required angle, it is possible to rotate the platform at an angle of up to 45 degrees. For safety the file is closed by a casing from plexiglas.

Jigsaw device

Electric jigsaw device.

In order to make it convenient to work, it can be installed with a stapled or mushroom-shaped handle, the latter is convenient to work on inclined planes. The presence of a stapled handle allows you to control the cutting line, but it is impossible to say which of the handles is better, it all depends on the preferences of the master.

If you need to work in places where there is no electricity, it is better to purchase a battery model. The disadvantages of battery jigsaws are that they have less power and a limited time on a single battery charge.

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What to look for when choosing a jigsaw?

All modern jigsaws have such a function as a pendulum multi-stage mechanism. Its essence lies in the fact that sawing is carried out when moving the file in one direction only, and when moving back, the file moves back slightly. This allows you to increase the service life of the file, but the quality of the cut may deteriorate. This function must be turned off when working with steel and hardwoods, or a clean cut is necessary.

The main functions that should be in jigsaw:

Connection to a vacuum cleaner

To connect the jigsaw to the vacuum cleaner requires a special adapter.

  1. Regulation of speed of the movement of a saw. Speed ​​can be changed during operation by pressing the button or set before starting work.
  2. In order to work comfortably even in low light, you must have the backlight of the working area with a special built-in lamp.
  3. The presence of a built-in fan allows you to immediately blow away sawdust from the work site, and therefore you will clearly see the cutting line, you can monitor the quality of work.
  4. The ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner will not only clean the cutting line from sawdust, but also collect them in a special bag, so the place of work will always be clean.
  5. For high productivity and speed of work, the file can be replaced with one press of the lever. For cutting around the circumference there is a device that allows you to rotate the saw 360 degrees. For fixing the tool at a certain angle there is a special clamp.

The most common adaptations are:

Laser pointer

To cut a flat line, you can install a guide laser pointer.

  1. You can not move the jigsaw, and the material, this helps a special table, its use is very convenient if necessary to work with small details.
  2. To jigsaw better slid on the material, there are special interchangeable plates that are installed on its supporting platform.
  3. The presence of a special case allows you to conveniently store the tool when you do not need it. In most cases, a jigsaw, grease, screwdrivers and other small items come with the jigsaw, which greatly facilitate the work.

Features of files

There are various canvases, they differ in size, number of teeth, shape of the shank, the material from which they are made. Carbon steel saws are used to perform work with soft wood. For working with metals and plastics, use high-speed steel saws, bimetal saws are considered universal, they serve for a long time and have high elasticity.

When purchasing a canvas, pay attention to its shank, it can be of different shapes and is not always suitable for your jigsaw model. The most common cruciform shape of the shank, but there may be shanks with two stops, universal or smooth.

Jigsaw blades

Jigsaw blades are selected depending on the material to be cut.

If we talk about the length of the blade, then it usually ranges from 50 to 105 mm, but there are also longer saws. There are canvases for straight and for curved cuts, the latter are narrower. The color of the canvas may indicate its purpose, but there is no general classification, and for some companies the same color means different purpose of the canvas, so you should consult with the seller.

The teeth can be of different shapes and have a different pitch, so you need to look at their packaging, which indicates the purpose of the canvas. For example, to work with glass or tile take a cloth without teeth, with a diamond coating.

Motor power and the number of strokes web

This indicator is the main one, and the cutting depth and duration of uninterrupted work with a jigsaw will depend on it. In household models, power is usually 350-500 W, in professional models - 580-750 W.

The number of web moves will affect the quality of the cut. Usually this parameter ranges from 0 to 3100 strokes per minute, but there are models up to 3500 strokes per minute.

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Some features of the jigsaw

If you work with materials such as plexiglass, stainless steel, then additional cooling may be needed, for which water, oil or soap solution is used.

To work with hardwoods, you need to take more powerful and high-speed models. Cutting plastic should not be done with a frequency of less than 1000 strokes per minute. To work with a thin material, to get a high-quality cut, you must use a substrate.

In order not to overload the engine when working at low revs, he should be given more rest and time to change the canvas, lubricate all mechanisms.

In order for the power tool to work reliably and over a long period, as well as to ensure safety, it is necessary to follow the recommendations specified in the instructions.

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