How to choose a jigsaw and saw blade for cutting

Among amateurs and professionals engaged in carrying out repair work, both at home and in industrial production, the use of electric jigsaws, that is, electric jigsaws, is widespread. This type of hand tool is versatile, so you need to know how to choose a jigsaw.


The electric fretsaw with different files can cut any sheet material.

The tool has a small weight, ease of use when cutting in a shaped way or direct on the sheet material. It is equipped with an electric drive that allows you to use it when working with many different materials.

The jigsaw is light and easy to use, you only need to follow safety rules. Before you choose a jigsaw, you should determine the presence of electricity in the work area. As for work in areas without electricity choose battery jigsaw.

What characteristics of jigsaw take into account?

Electric jigsaw device

Electric jigsaw device.

It is possible to make a competent choice of a high-quality electric jigsaw, taking into account the following main criteria, which will allow not to worry about the poor quality of the tool:

  1. Power consumption indicator: the larger it is, the heavier the tool itself, and its load increases with the growth of this characteristic.
  2. The number of strokes per minute, affecting the frequency of the cut and the speed of work.
  3. Possible connection of the electric jigsaw to the vacuum cleaner, this allows you to keep the workplace clean.
  4. The ability to change files, which strengthen the tool with special screws.
  5. Illumination function for work in rooms with poor lighting.
  6. Automatic blowing of sawdust, which helps to keep the cutting line in the zone of constant visual inspection.
  7. The presence of a multi-stage pendulum mechanism.
  8. The presence of a laser pointer for a more accurate cut.
The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw.

Additional features should be considered when choosing a device:

  1. Adjusting the frequency of the stroke, that is, a function that is of particular importance when working with different types of materials.
  2. The presence of a nozzle that allows you to connect the tool to a vacuum cleaner, improving the view of the cutting lines and cleaning it.
  3. The ability to rotate the saw blade allows you to rotate it 360 degrees, which is convenient in the process of cutting out circles.
  4. For safe use, a screen for protecting the eyes, the material for the manufacture of which is transparent Plexiglas, is built into the device of certain models.
  5. The ability to change the inclination of the sole at an angle of 15, 30, 45 degrees.
  6. The presence of a table that allows you to strengthen the tool for high-quality cutting of the material and its promotion, making the device desktop.
The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw.

Electric jigsaw has an important characteristic, which provides for the saw blade mode pendulum stroke. This criterion is responsible for the implementation of the cut, which is associated with the cleaning of the cut, which depends on moving the fabric either up or down.

In the latter case, there is a shift back, and in the first - forward. The use of the pendulum stroke of the saw blade is exclusively associated with a straight cut. This allows the file to move in the direction of the cut and back. At the same time service life of a work file is prolonged. As the work speed increases, there is a slight degradation of the cut quality. For this reason, if necessary, this feature is disabled.

If during the work with the device it will be necessary to change the files, then a screwdriver may be needed. The device has the ability to replace the file, which allows you to do this at the expense of the provided clamping device. In this case, the use of additional various devices will not be required.

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Power - the most important characteristic of electric jigsaws

Working posture and jigsaw grip during sawing

Working posture and grip jigsaw when sawing: a - sitting; b - standing.

Since electricity is consumed during the sawing process, power is the most important characteristic of a jigsaw.

Typically, stores sell tools, the power indicator of which ranges from 350 watts or more.

Power determines the weight of the instrument, so when choosing it, you should decide what is more important: the quality of work or the weight of the instrument. However, higher power determines not only the greater weight of the device, but also its higher cost.

Usually for the house get jigsaws that have a power of 500 watts or more. With the help of them you can cut wooden bars, whose thickness is about 60 mm.

Set of files for electric jigsaw

A set of files for jigsaw includes files for wood and metal.

Since cutting thicker boards is not necessary so often, an electric jigsaw with the above power will be enough.

Experts recommend choosing electric jigsaw with a small power, about 500 W, as this tool will allow for a short time to cope with a large amount of work. The sawn bars can be up to 100 mm thick.

Imported and domestic jigsaws have completely different capacities. Experienced craftsmen recommend taking the tool in view of the power reserve. Imported manufacturer Skil produces 710 W models of tools that are ideal for home use. The tool is delivered to the market complete with a set of files and a case.

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Requirements for the use of electric jigsaws in the home and industry

With the use of electric jigsaws, holes of different geometric shapes can be made, a curved cut is made.

Plywood Cutting Circle

The scheme of cutting a circle out of plywood with an electric jigsaw.

Therefore, this tool is indispensable when performing carpentry work. An important point in preparing the tool for work is the selection of a suitable saw blade.

For professional electric jigsaws characterized by high power and the ability to withstand heavy loads. You can use a professional electric jigsaw during the entire 8-hour work shift. A household jigsaw costs less than a professional appliance. If the jigsaw is professional, it is provided with additional options that increase the overall performance of the device, the quality of its work, while simplifying it.

Professional devices usually meet stringent requirements in tighter operating conditions. The performance level of a professional jigsaw is appropriate. This allows it to be used for cutting wood with a thickness of up to 135 mm. This type of tool can be used for cutting sheet steel with a thickness of up to 10 mm, as well as non-ferrous metals with a maximum of about 20 mm thickness.

Jig sawing modes

Cutting modes in jigsaw.

The tool for cutting at home can be used for a month no more than 20 hours. Even if the same manufacturer produces a household and professional series of electric jigsaws at the same time, their prices will be completely different.

The level of the working resource at the minimum power of household jigsaws is lower, but they are simpler and more convenient in the process of work, being at the same time a worthy means for realizing creative abilities in the home. The tool from a household series of jigsaws will be provided with a smaller number of useful functions. The cutting process will have limit values ​​not exceeding 2-4 mm on a sheet of steel and 70 mm on material from wood.

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How is the tool regulated?

Since the whole principle of the jigsaw operation is reduced to driving the cutting blade at the expense of an electric motor, as well as a pendulum mechanism, it should be reciprocating. For this purpose, special guides are provided, which are elements of the support rollers or sponges. The presence of the support plate in the mechanism of the device allows you to prevent its possible shift, and make the edge of the cut more careful.

Vyilovochnye tables

Vypilovochny little tables: and - for work sitting; b - for standing work: 1 - base; 2 - stand.

The movement of the saw blade vertically up or down is determined by the frequency of the stroke, which varies, which is determined by the force with which the button is pressed. The level of the frequency of the stroke is set before turning on the jigsaw. It can be equal to 3500 movements per minute.

Jigsaws are equipped with a convenient handle that can be mushroom shaped, providing convenience in the process of performing work on an inclined plane. Properly choose a jigsaw with a particular shape of the handle can be based on your own specific preferences.

Jigsaws are different way to fix the file. Distinguish the method due to the presence of a clamping device or hex, which is quick-detachable. The saw blade has a shank defined by the type of attachment.

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How to make a selection of saw blades for jigsaw?

Typical size of electric jigsaw

Typical size electric jigsaw.

When choosing a tool, you should know not only how to choose a jigsaw correctly, but also files for it. They are consumables, which determines the quality of work with an electric jigsaw. Choose a file, paying particular attention to the marking designation used, which is universal for any manufacturer and means the material from which the web is made:

  1. HCS - carbon steel.
  2. HSS is hardened steel.
  3. HM - hard alloy.
  4. BIM - bimetal.

The presence of color marking can lead to a dead end, since the saw blade is marked at its own discretion by various manufacturers without taking into account the standard, since it does not exist.

The saw blade can be given a different shape of the end, that is, the shank, which does not affect the quality of the cut. Choosing a saw blade that is equipped with a rare shank is not an easy task. The shape of the shank can be cruciform. It can have 1-2 stops, which are characterized by the presence of:

  1. Smoothness
  2. Round holes.
  3. Dredging in the form of a semicircle.

Saw blades have a wide size, oscillating in the range of 50-105 mm and more. If it is necessary to make a straight cut, then the width of the file provide for a larger size than with a curved cut.

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Useful tips for proper operation of the electric jigsaw

Choose a jigsaw for home is possible if you have knowledge of upcoming work. Making cuts of different materials, saw blades are used that have different pitch, size and shape of the teeth. Saw blades without teeth are coated with a special coating consisting of hard alloy, which may include diamond chips. They are used for the purpose of cutting glass or ceramic tiles.

For cutting thin sheets of metal using a suitable waste item that you want to put under it. It may be a sheet of plywood. If you need to cut a solid material, such as glass or ceramic tile, then you need to cool all the materials, since processing requires a large power jigsaw and the greatest frequency of moves.

While working with the tool at home, you should not press it with force, since this action can cause the canvas to break. If the frequency of the moves is set low, then the jigsaw should cool down more often. We should not forget to change the files, which are already blunt.

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