How to choose a hammer drill for home

Starting repairs in the apartment, many are wondering how to choose a hammer drill. This tool has a lot of useful qualities, you can evaluate them only by starting to work with it. The most popular tool today is the network electric drill.

Diagram of the device of the impact drill

Diagram of the device of the impact drill.

In the hardware stores you will be offered different drills made by various manufacturers. Much less assortment of other devices. This is not surprising, the drill belongs to the group of universal tools. The device can handle almost any type of material, it can even be used as a mortar mixer.

Some features

Today, the drill is considered the most popular tool. In addition to drilling it with special nozzles can be used for grinding. This tool is divided into two groups:

  • domestic;
  • professional.

Conventional household drills have been specifically designed for carrying out small work at home. Professional apply for continuous daily long-term operation.

The industry produces drills of different power, maximum 1550 watts. This value greatly affects the properties of the tool. With good power, you can drill large holes. The most popular drills, whose power is about 600 watts. This indicator is quite enough to produce any work.

Impact Drill Features

With the help of a hammer drill, it is possible to: cut threads in metal; screw and unscrew the screws; drill wood, metal and natural stone; make holes in concrete and brick.

The 300 W power tool belongs to the group of light drills that do not have an additional handle. Having a small weight and miniature dimensions, this drill is used to perform operations in places where it is difficult to approach.

To solve more difficult problems, use a drill in 800 watts. This power expands the functionality of the device. For example, a drill mixer has a capacity exceeding 1000 watts. As a result, in addition to drilling holes, it is even possible to mix the mixture. Electric drills designed for industrial use, have a capacity above 1500 watts. This is especially necessary if diamond drilling is required.

One of the most important working functions of an electric drill is to adjust the speed. When working with different types of materials, without it just can not do. To drill holes, high revs are required, and lowering revolutions is required to tighten the screws. Modern drills can develop 5,000 rpm. Choose a domestic drill is necessary on the basis of future operations. A rotation speed of 3,500 rpm would be sufficient. This number of turns will allow to drill:

  • tree;
  • brick;
  • metal.
Hammer drill

Choosing a hammer drill you should pay attention to the power, which can vary from 400 to 1500 W, while the power of two-speed models is more than 700 W.

Modern electric drills are equipped with a “hammer drill” operation. The arising blow is created by two rotating ratchets. A small tapping is created during the contact of the teeth. This mode is used when it is necessary to drill a brick. To produce work with particularly hard materials, such as concrete, perforators are used.

Everyone can choose a drill according to individual requirements. It is desirable that the hammer drill, purchased for the house, had a gearbox hidden in a metal case. Such a tool will last much longer than its plastic-clad counterpart.

The impact drill is distinguished by the presence of a special eccentric. When the percussion mode is turned on, the drill performs a simultaneous rotational and translational motion.

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Choose a drill is easy enough, you only need to pay attention to its technical parameters. The situation is similar when choosing a hammer drill. This tool may be missing the battery, the drill may be corded. When buying such a tool, you must find out the length of the cord. On this depends the convenience of further work at home.

The most suitable cord will be 5 m long. The advantage of the impact drill will be the ability to work with very hard materials. Not everyone has a big puncher, and a battery-powered drill will be much more expensive. Moreover, a small hammer drill will allow home drilling holes in hard to reach places.

Often the question arises, what to choose. Buy a hammer drill or purchase a hammer drill? Which indicators will be the main?

Choice of impact drill

When choosing a hammer drill, you need to pay attention to the torque of the gearbox, since the higher its numerical expression, the easier the engine works.

First of all, you need to get acquainted with the technical parameters:

  • power of the instrument: the higher it is, the easier it will be to perform the required operation;
  • tool speed;
  • the size of the holes in different materials when the shock mode is on.

Many electric drills equipped with a blow function, along with perforators, are also endowed with other additional functions:

  1. Speed ​​regulation is allowed. Speed ​​is controlled by pressing the start button. Sometimes a built-in disk knob is made.
  2. The tool has a built-in processor, with the help of which the most suitable rotation speed is selected. And take into account the material grade and the required diameter of the drill.
  3. The trigger is fixed when the tool is running.

Each tool has a reverse, in other words - the ability to switch the rotation of the tool in different directions. This function is very convenient when you need to unscrew the screw.

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How does a hammer drill for the home

Hammer drill in action

To use a hammer drill for domestic purposes, an instrument with a capacity of up to 2,900 revolutions per minute is enough.

Punching with a hammer drill different holes occurs due to the rotation of two ratchets in contact with each other. They create a small amplitude of impact, as a result, its efficiency decreases, the force of pressure on the instrument and the resulting vibration increase significantly.

The industry manufactures multi-speed impact drills. They work on a very similar principle, it reminds the work of the automatic box in a car. This makes it possible to maximize the calculated power of the device.

Unlike the electric drill, the perforator has a built-in percussion mechanism. He independently performs a stroke after pressing the start button. When the hammer drill works, no effort is required. The service life of the punch when working with particularly hard materials will be performed is much longer.

This tool resembles a pistol, equipped with a collet chuck. It has a capacity in the range of 400-1200 watts. It is possible to adjust the number of revolutions. During the work, you can switch modes: drilling or chiselling. The trigger is fixed by a special button.

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Positive properties of the impact drill

Drilling process with a hammer drill

When choosing a hammer drill, it is important to remember that tools with a high number of revolutions are capable of making neat and even holes.

  1. Allows you to make holes in those materials where it is possible to use ordinary drills. A more powerful tool is used for holes in concrete.
  2. Drill is easy to wrap the screws. It is necessary to have special nozzles and low speed mode enabled.
  3. Special tools allow you to turn a hammer drill into a grinder or grinder. It can work as a normal drill.
  4. Of course, the higher the power, the easier it is to pierce the hole of maximum diameter. However, there is an increase in the weight of the device. The electric hammer drill, which has a power of about 400 W, weighs 1.4 kg, if the power reaches 900 W, the weight exceeds 2.5 kg.

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What should be preferred: a household drill or a professional tool?

Making such a choice is quite difficult. If you need a tool for a permanent job, the answer is clear, you cannot do without a professional model. It is specifically designed to work with enormous loads. This network electric drills applied modified design that allows you to get a longer service life.

For example, the gearbox is enclosed in a hardened steel case, has better cooling. The motor of such a tool is equipped with dust protection. From the foregoing it becomes clear that a professional electric drill is a more reliable and high-quality tool.

If we talk about household tools for the home, then most often they are made with a beautiful design.

Working with such a drill is much more pleasant. However, not everyone is interested in its appearance at home, where technical characteristics are more important. In most cases, the housing of the drill for the house is equipped with rubber inserts that protect the ergonomics of the device. Such improvements practically do not interest professionals.

And yet, domestic electric drills, designed for the home, are always in demand. They are very easy to cope with their task. These impact drills are capable of making holes in almost all kinds of materials. It is very easy to hang a shelf or a mirror with them. The main purpose of the household drill is not constant and everyday drilling holes. It is needed by people who work with a drill only occasionally. In other words, they buy it in reserve.

An inexperienced person may be faced with the question of how to correctly determine the model of the drill. The question is quite complicated. Very often, tools of different classes have similar technical characteristics. Basically, the manufacturer in the description of its products itself determines the type of electric drill.

You can determine the purpose of the tool and from the brand of the manufacturer. For example, the company Bosch produces professional type electric drill. The exception is made only by cheap models. There are also tools in which both types are combined, however, in this case, manufacturers report this in the instructions for the tool.

Note that, according to statistics, almost 14% of people for their home get a drill of a professional class. The explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple: they want the tool to serve for many years. Such a purchase will be much more expensive, but in return this power tool will work stably and with great effect, you can forget about breakdowns.

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