How to choose a grinder angle grinder for home use

As a rule, the home craftsman has a different tool: manual and electric, cheap and expensive. Without screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, it is difficult to do in the economy. Many have an electric drill or perforator. Some have welding and forging equipment, turning and drilling machines. All this can be freely purchased in specialized stores. In recent years, the angle grinder, better known as grinder or grinder, has gained particular popularity.

Angle Grinder

Angle grinder is very useful in the household of the master.

The corner of this machine is called the type of gear used in this unit. Angular gearbox has a rich history. With it, the millstones of windmills spun for centuries. In various museums there are many old devices that can be considered the forefathers of angle grinders. They differ from modern devices only in a drive that can be mechanical, gasoline, pneumatic and even steam.

Angle grinder - what is this tool and what is it for?

Appointment of the grinder

Appointment of the grinder

The grinder can cut and grind different materials: wood, stone, metal.

The work of this tool is based on the rotation of the spindle, on which the nozzles can be mounted in the form of special disks and brushes. The mechanism rotates at the expense of electrical energy, the source of which can be either a standard outlet or a rechargeable battery. The machine was designed specifically for grinding. But over the years, its device has been improved, it became possible to change the working nozzles. Today the grinder is used:

  1. For processing concrete, brick, metal and other building materials.
  2. For grinding and polishing various surfaces.
  3. For cutting metal, stone and other building materials.
  4. For cleaning structures and individual parts.

These functions are successfully handled by an angle grinder. It is only necessary to properly select a replaceable working tool, focusing on the power of the device. Power devices are different. There are tools designed for use at home, there are machines for more large-scale work. Home appliances have lower power, lower cost compared to production models.

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The choice of grinders for home

Bulgarian device

The device is Bulgarian.

How to choose a grinder, what you need to pay special attention to when choosing it for home use, what are its functions?

When choosing a tool you need to remember that a working disk with a diameter of 230 mm is an attribute of a professional tool. Using it in everyday life is irrational. For a home, the optimum disc diameter is 115-150 mm.

To perform work at home, it is enough to purchase a grinder with power up to 1200-1700 W. More powerful tools have 2.5 kW engines, but using them at home does not pay off. More powerful devices weigh significantly more and are not very convenient in operation. Low-power grinders are equipped with 0.5 watt motors. They are intended only for small jobs, quickly overheat.

The quality of grinding and cutting, the speed of work performance depends on the speed of rotation of the spindle with the working nozzle. To do this, many models of Bulgarians provides adjustment of speed. The electronic system maintains a predetermined number of revolutions at any load on the engine. Modern Bulgarians are able to work at a spindle speed of 2800-11000 revolutions. Large diameter discs operate at a speed of about 6,600 rpm. Speeding up can lead to complete or partial destruction of the disc and injuries sustained by the operator. Selection of the optimal number of revolutions for various works helps to save electricity and consumables.

Grinding nozzles for grinders

Grinding nozzles for grinders have different degrees of roughness from the largest to the smallest.

The mounting system of the working disk may be different from each other. This does not affect the quality of work in any way, but considerably simplifies the whole process of replacing the working nozzle. The fastening system using the fast-locking nut and the super flange proved particularly well-proven.

The angle grinder can be equipped with a soft start system. At the time of the usual start-up of any electric motor in the network creates a serious load. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. To avoid them, in some models of LBM, a special electronic system is provided, which limits the starting current at the time of engine start. This reduces the load on the network and eliminates the initial spurt. This system is particularly relevant in grinding machines with a powerful engine and with a large diameter disc.

LBM must have mechanical or electronic protection to protect the device from unintentional start-up. Mechanical fuse just need to press, only then the grinder can be included. Such a fuse is often installed on professional models. Electronic protection turns off the device even with the shortest power interruptions. To turn it on, press and start button again. The cost of a grinder with electronic protection is slightly higher than the cost of other models.

A very useful feature is spindle lock. During the work various unpleasant situations can happen. Sometimes the disk is jammed. In this case, the spindle is blocked and protects the operator from injury, and the engine from damage. This function also increases the cost of the tool.

Metal wheels

Disks for metal can be included in the kit, and can be purchased separately.

If you plan to use the grinder often and a lot, you should choose a model with easy access to the brushes. If the use of the tool is not very intensive, then often you will not have to change the brushes.

Do not neglect the function of anti-vibration protection. It is better to give preference to a tool with special vibrating pens. You can purchase a device with rubber pads on the handles. They work quite effectively on semi-professional models of grinders. Rubber covers help to hold the tool in hands and to control it. Models in which the additional handle can fasten to various places of the case are very convenient.

Fastening the protective cover on the latest models of angle grinders is provided in various positions. Change the position of the casing is made without the help of keys and screwdrivers.

Protection against noise and dust. If only the operator needs protection from noise, in order not to hear unpleasant sounds that may cause temporary deafness, then dust protection ensures durability of the instrument. Dust is an abrasive material that destroys the angle grinder, rotating with great speed. To protect against dust, the motor winding is covered with a special resin, which, after solidification, turns into armor. Some models of cars have protection of gears and bearings from dust.

Speed ​​control

A good tool should be equipped with a speed controller.

Protection against overheating and overvoltage externally often consists of a light bulb that lights up when the temperature of the motor windings reaches 130 degrees. At a temperature of about 160 degrees, the speed of rotation decreases, and when it reaches 200 degrees, the Bulgarian is completely disconnected from the network.

A quality machine is usually equipped with a convenient carrying case and storage.

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Features of the use of household and professional machines

Angle grinders for domestic use have limited power. Their performance and the number of functions is significantly less than that of professional models. Every 10-15 minutes they need to give a rest lasting 20 minutes. In this respect, the only positive thing is their lower cost.

Professional angle grinders

Professional angle grinders are more powerful and designed for continuous operation.

Professional angle grinders are designed for continuous operation. Their quality is much higher. They have more power, heat up more slowly, rest require a shorter one. In such devices, you can use large-diameter working disks. Most professional grinders have spindle speed adjustment. Such machines can work without interruption for several hours. The downside is their large weight and size. In the event of a breakdown, repair will cost more than a household appliance.

All Bulgarians can be one-handed and two-handed. The power of one-handed grinders usually does not exceed 1.5 kW. They are convenient to use for grinding and cutting material. Working circles in them are established with a diameter up to 150 mm.

Power two-handed tool is 2-2.5 kW. Disks can have a size of 180-230 mm. They perfectly cut hardened steel, concrete, bricks.

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Nozzles for grinders

For performance of a different sort of works on the Bulgarian different nozzles are established. With their help, you can cut a variety of materials, grind them, cleaned, polished. There are the following nozzles:

Velcro discs

Velcro discs polish various materials.

  1. Discs with Velcro. With their help, polished stone, metal, wood and other materials. The base of the nozzle is a round platform with a diameter of 125, 150 or 180 mm. Polishing, emery and other discs are attached to it using velcro. For fine polishing discs are made of sheep wool.
  2. Flap wheels for sanding wooden surfaces. The disk consists of several layers of emery cloth. Each layer is capable of processing approximately 10 square meters. m surface.
  3. Wire brushes for cleaning metal parts from rust, from traces of old paint. They can be disc and cup.
  4. Diamond wheels for polishing granite, marble. Most often used in firms for the manufacture of monuments. It is recommended to install such circles on grinders equipped with a speed regulator.
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Some safety rules

Working with angle grinders

For safety work with angle grinders, use goggles, gloves and headphones.

Working with a grinder poses some danger to the operator and to others. To maintain your own safety, you must use special protective glasses and use the device only for its intended purpose. Along with the glasses will not be superfluous gloves and headphones. Many security companies equip products with special slots in the lid that prevent the mechanism from overheating. Often bundled with the device uses a cable that has a reinforced shell. It is protected from various mechanical damages, it does not require replacement for a very long time.

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Features of tools from some manufacturers

Nowadays, angle grinders are produced by several well-known manufacturers: BOSCH, Hitachi, Makita, DeWALT, Metabo, Interskol. All of them are somewhat similar to each other, something different. How to choose a Bulgarian of these firms? For this you need to know some of their characteristics.

Bulgarian company VOSCH

BOSCH produces household and professional grinders.

Bulgarian company BOSCH produced in the domestic and professional version. Household appliances permissible to use no more than 3 hours a day. Professional devices are much better and more reliable, with additional components and mechanisms included. Almost all of them are equipped with adjustable spindle speeds. A good option is the BOSCH GWS 6-115E tool. Its weight is only 1.4 kg. There is a speed adjustment. The recommended circle diameter is 115 mm. Special handles reduce vibration by 60-70%.

There is an excellent system for adjusting the position of the protective casing without the use of additional keys. Replacing the disc is made using a special nut, which is unscrewed and twisted without the use of tools, by hand. The spindle lock button helps in this. Effective soft start and protection systems complement the list of positive qualities of this device.

The BOSCH GWS 14.4 V cordless grinder is used with circles with a diameter of only 100 mm. The drive has a special mounting mechanism. The disadvantage of such a system is the possibility of using only circles and other consumables from BOSCH.

Russian-made tools are cheap, fairly durable and reliable, but do not have all the functions listed above. Chinese products should be bought in the event that you need to urgently perform any minor work and send the unit to a landfill. It is better to choose models of manufacturers from Europe and Japan.

The DC411KA battery-powered machine from DeWalt makes it possible to use standard-sized circles with diameters ranging from 115 to 300 mm, which have a mounting hole of 22.2 mm. Gearbox with a screwdriver can be rotated 90 degrees. Engine power is 1 kW, weight 1.7 kg, the cost of the tool is about 4000 rubles.

UShM Russian production

LBM Russian-made high-quality and not expensive, but have little functionality.

LHM Hitachi G13YD with an engine capacity of 1100 W has a soft start system, but there is no adjustment of the number of revolutions and vibration-proof handle. Weight 2 kg, the number of revolutions 10,000, the cost of about 4,500 rubles.

MAKITA 9565CVL has no competitors. The number of revolutions is adjustable from 6800 to 2000 rpm. The machine is equipped with a soft start system, a unique drive system. The weight of the device is 1.8 kg. There is a tool of 6800 rubles.

The choice of Bulgarians is quite large.

For home it is better to choose an angle grinder, which is convenient to use, which will serve for a long time.

It is worth consulting with friends and acquaintances who use such a tool. Well, if the tool will be equipped with a variety of protective systems. It is necessary to try to turn the buttons on and off in the store. They should be comfortable for fingers and easy to switch. The best models are supplied by manufacturers in Europe, USA and Japan. Domestic products are much cheaper, although the quality is almost the same as imported. Everyone should make the final choice himself.

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