How to choose a good punch

Drill and punch should be in the arsenal of every real man. This device is equipped with a special percussion mechanism that allows even concrete to be drilled without any problems. Good puncher today is quite difficult to find. There are many models on the market, but there is always the danger of getting faked. It is even more difficult to pick up a hammer drill for concrete. This device must have a powerful percussion mechanism. The formation of a blow can be done in two ways: electromagnetic or pneumatic. How to choose a punch, will be discussed further.

Punching job

A perforator, unlike a conventional drill, can drill concrete and other durable materials without problems.


Many wonder the punch how to choose? The answer is quite simple. To choose a punch correctly, you must clearly understand all its technical characteristics. Here, first of all, you need to pay attention to such parameters as rotation speed, impact frequency and impact force. Of course, the power of the device also does not need to be forgotten. It plays an important role in the operation of the punch.

The main mechanisms of the punch

The main mechanisms punch.

There is a parameter such as impact energy. To pick up a puncher with a low indicator of this value means that you will use it only for a limited range of jobs. This characteristic is most often written on the packaging, and it is measured in joules, that is, in the same units as any other energy. This parameter depends on a number of indicators: the weight of the striker, the length of the tool stroke. The weakest perforators have a figure of 2 J. If we talk about powerful models, then some of these values ​​are 15 J. The maximum working diameter of drilling directly depends on this characteristic.

Buying a weak model is extremely disadvantageous. This is due to the fact that the perforator turns into an ordinary drill, with the help of which you can only drill holes of small diameter. Impact force will not allow to make a full repair. In this case, these devices quickly fail, because they can not master the work that is assigned to them. If a heavy nozzle is installed on such a device, it can fail after a few minutes of work.

Spindle speed is also a very important indicator. It is slightly lower than that of ordinary drills. This parameter can vary from 500 to 1500 revolutions per minute. It all depends on the quality of the tool used. If extremely thin tips are used, then the speed can be great. When a person buys a high-quality perforator, which has the ability to work with the largest possible nozzles, here the rotational speed goes to the background. It does not require too much value. It will be enough and 500 revolutions per minute. If you exceed the maximum value for this tool, then it can only harm it.

Technical characteristics of perforators

Technical characteristics of punchers with a different internal volume.

The frequency of blows is a very important characteristic of any punch. It characterizes the number of strokes of the piston on the head. Measurement is taken in one minute. From the frequency of impacts directly depends on the speed of drilling. Directly depends on this parameter and the force of impact. The best models on the market offer maximum performance of these characteristics. It is extremely easy and convenient to work with them. Of course, these parameters must necessarily be balanced. This can be done independently, but with most well-known manufacturers they are in harmony.

All modern devices of this type can have one, two or three modes of operation. The first option can only replace a regular drill. That is, here we can talk only about drilling holes. Dual mode is distinguished by the option of impact drilling, and three-mode units are distinguished by drilling with impact grinding.

All modern units are divided into light, medium and heavy. The lungs have a weight of 2-4 kg. The average weight of the model differ in weight of 5 kg, and very heavy can weigh 10 kg.

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additional characteristics

Additional functions of the puncher

Overview of perforator features.

Before you buy a punch, you need to know, and what set of additional characteristics it has. It is very good if there is control electronics in the unit. It allows you to adjust the speed of rotation and shock power without any problems. When working is very useful constant electronics. It allows you to balance the work, even if the device will act extraneous force. A very convenient option that every user will definitely appreciate.

It is worth asking the seller whether the device has built-in protection against excessive starting current, overheating or overvoltage. Does not interfere with the presence of a protective mechanical clutch. It will prevent the device from rotating, even if it is stuck.

In case of jamming, it is not possible to do without reverse.

Types of drills by weight

Punch weight can vary from two to 10 kg, it depends on the power and performance.

It will allow you to pull out the drill, because at the moment of turning on this option, the rotation of the drill begins in the opposite direction.

And why is it better to buy a punch, and not a hammer drill? Many may think about why the characteristics of the punch, and not the impact drill, are considered, because this device is similar to it in functionality. If we consider these two devices that are in the same price category, then we can find that the list of punch options will be much wider than the characteristics of the impact drill. Their functionality is much broader, and performance is higher.

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The advantages of the drill over the drill

With the help of modern perforators, you can easily make holes in stone, concrete and other hard materials. Drill does not provide such opportunities.

There is a huge selection of chisels. This option is necessary if it is necessary to drill a material that has increased hardness. The market offers to make the purchase of chisels, which will help to work with a hammer drill, as with an ordinary jackhammer. Usually this option is provided in heavy high-quality models.

Cordless Hammer

The cordless punch is convenient when working in places where it is difficult to conduct electricity.

There are two notched ratchets, which are located in close proximity to each other. It is necessary that in the course of conducting the percussion, the surface that is subjected to it is processed completely. If we talk about an ordinary drill, then in a similar situation, it can simply start to scroll. In the perforator, this lack is not observed. A person does not experience discomfort as a result of working with even the hardest materials. No return is observed. Ratchet punch is very reliable. They practically do not wear out during operation.

If you compare the best drill and the average punch, then it will work much more efficiently. Its performance is much higher. The principle of operation is built around the same principle as that of automatic weapons. Pneumatic device works just great for many years without failure.

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What you need to pay attention when working with a punch?

Punching job

Working with a low-power punch is not worth increasing its performance by clicking on the device, it can disable it.

  1. You should never do all the work in one go. Drilling is carried out in several stages. This allows from time to time to get the drill out of the hole to clean it from excess dust and dirt.
  2. You should not put too much pressure on the punch during the work. This leads to a significant reduction in its speed, as well as to the fact that the engine of the device begins to overheat. This may lead to its early failure.
  3. It is necessary to lubricate the gearbox from time to time so that no dirt forms on the anthers.
  4. It is necessary to think in advance about the mechanism of the adapter, which will be purchased with a punch. Today there are many models of different types. It is necessary to choose the option that will allow without any problems to replace the tool. You can use the mechanism with a cartridge or directly install the cartridge on the shaft. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the types of work that will need to be performed using this tool.

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Practical recommendations

  1. Always monitor the temperature of the equipment. Most often, the case of these devices is made of an alloy of magnesium with aluminum. This material perfectly dissipates heat, but this is not always enough. Overheating can cause the device to fail in the near future.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of special rubber inserts in the device. They protect the device from excessive vibration. It can have a negative impact not only on him, but also on the person. If you plan to conduct lengthy repair or construction work, then this device is simply necessary.
  3. Some use a hammer drill in the jackhammer mode. In this case, you need to be extremely careful with the device, because it can lead to the fact that it will fail in the near future. In fact, experts recommend buying a jackhammer separately. The wear of the punch parts in this mode is maximum. No one knows how soon he will fail.

If a person has purchased a small punch for his own purposes, then he should not try to increase his productivity by pressing on the device. This has a detrimental effect on all elements of the equipment, including the engine. The manufacturer selected the model based on how much weight the unit has. Excessive load can lead to a rapid failure of the device. Following all the recommendations, you can easily choose a punch. Good luck!

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