How to choose a drill

If the question arises as to which tools are currently the most popular, the answer may be unequivocal. Network electric drills have become the most used. In order to verify this, it is enough to visit several stores that provide dozens of models for sale. But how to choose a drill yourself?

Diagram of the device drill-screwdriver

Diagram of the device drill-screwdriver.

Variations of another kind of technical device are more modest. There should be no surprise, since drills are universal means used in every home. With the help of such devices, you can drill bricks, wood, concrete, tighten fasteners and stir mortars. That is why we can conclude that the drill can be suitable in any place and at any time.

It is important to know that with the help of such wonderful devices of modernity it is possible to carry out grinding work of any complexity. In this matter, it is desirable to turn to professionals or consultants in stores.

Difference of perforators from drills

Before choosing a drill and focusing on a specific view, some begin to doubt whether more is needed: a drill or a hammer drill. That is why it is desirable to familiarize yourself with the differences and similar features of these devices for work.

Puncher device scheme

Diagram of the device punch.

Many of the modern manufacturers of building technical devices provide types of impact drills. With the help of such devices it is possible to perform such work as:

  • making holes of different diameters in materials of different production;
  • screwing screws;
  • inverting screws.

Punchers have the ability to drill holes in a harder material and chisel with a chisel, if necessary.

According to such similar characteristics of the work, we can conclude that the punch is much more profitable than a drill, but there are also many negative qualities regarding the advantages. The main disadvantage is the price. The cost of perforators is many times greater than that of drills. Punchers do not have the ability to mount conventional drills, which are often needed in work and repairs. In such cases, you have to resort to the use of adapters, which can be found in the usual configuration with the purchase of this device. The use of an adapter significantly increases the length of the perforator, including that additional vibration can be generated, which affects the durability of the equipment and the usability. The exception is made by those perforators, which come complete with interchangeable cartridges. But in those cases when you do not need the maximum amount of work using the drilling function, you can choose the type of impact drill.

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Separation of tools for household and professional types

Types of drills

Types of drills.

Each technical device is divided into home and professional to use. Professional devices are needed in order to carry out many hours of voluminous work every day. To create such a technique, high-quality material is used, and much higher level than for household appliances, which is reflected, accordingly, on its reliability.

Household tools have their advantages in that they cost much less and weigh less. Among the manufacturers, there are many of those who emphasize ergonomics and convenience, which is very important for work. Household tools should not be used in work more than 4 hours a day, and every 15-20 minutes it is advisable to take a break (for cooling the engine).

The difference between professional power tools is that it is made in more developed countries, where employees are allowed to work only with high categories and professionalism at the highest level. Regarding the professional equipment, it should be said that household power tools and their production lie in less developed territories.

It is important to note that the best professional electric drills and drills are created in Germany.

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What is the difference between professional and household tools?

Household electric drill

Household electric drill.

In order to make it easier for buyers to navigate in the choice of tools, manufacturers began to label the case of equipment in different colors and shades.

The main requirements by which you can distinguish a household appliance from a professional one are considered to be the choice of the rated power, the number of revolutions and the rotation speed, the possibility of the maximum diameter for drilling. An equally important point is to adjust the speed of rotation. Almost every modern device has a similar function. It is worth noting that the rotation speeds can be controlled by force when pressing the start button.

Two-speed electric drills have significant characteristics. In order to use them more rationally, the manufacturers equipped the devices with a wheel (or in a different way a regulator), with which you can fix the power in the desired mode.

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How to choose a power drill?

For a start it is worth making a certain choice of what will require a power tool and what functional responsibilities are needed. From what the purchased drill will be intended for, the difference in the function that may be built in or not needed at all may depend. A big role can be played by external data and the price of equipment.

Diagram of the device of the impact drill

Diagram of the device of the impact drill.

If there is no definite need, you do not need to buy an electric drill, in the complete set of which there are unnecessary nozzles, such as a plane, a grinding machine, a circular saw, and so on. The presence of excessive built-in functions may affect the quality of the device.

The best option is the use of a drill clearly for its intended purpose. For example, a screwdriver should be used only to tighten the fasteners on the parts. Stop on the acquisition of technology with a lot of built-in functions in the event that they are all needed to work and account for approximately 30% of the total volume of actions performed.

It is advisable to buy drills for home use in those stores that specialize in the sale of power tools and can provide a certain number of guarantees. According to statistics, those devices that are purchased on the markets fail almost immediately.

It is desirable to use those devices that do not have in the package absolutely everything that may be required. It is much safer to select all separately.

Among the drills there are varieties with certain features that should be considered when buying:

Battery drill circuit

Scheme of the cordless drill.

  1. Impact drills. Such tools are used not only for rotational motion, but can also provide certain translational actions for pressure, which are needed in order to increase productivity and expand the range of work. When working with fragile materials such as wood, plastic and drywall, the shock functions are disabled.
  2. Angle Drills Such tools are needed to work with hard to reach places and limited space. For example, when drilling surfaces with angles of 90 °. As a rule, such devices are used to work with the repair of the car, with furniture and so on.
  3. Drill screwdriver. With the help of such a device there is the possibility of turning and turning in screws, screws and self-tapping screws. Basically, such devices have low power and very compact size. Screwdrivers are used for everyday life, namely for furniture assembling, decorating decorations and so on.
  4. Drill Mixer Besides the fact that such an electric drill has the function of drilling, it has a function designed to stir fluid and liquid materials: solutions, paints, gypsum and cement. As a rule, in the drill of this type there is no impact function, there is an additional handle in order to fasten the nozzles.
  5. Cordless drill. You need to pay most attention to power sources. There are two kinds of drill. Some work from the network, and the second - from the battery (or a different battery). Autonomous power is considered very useful where there is no possibility to connect to the network. The disadvantages of such devices are that the duration of use is very small. That is why it is necessary to change very often the batteries that come with it.

Choose a drill with the right chuck, among which there are different types.

The use of the traditional cartridge (or cam) is carried out quite often. Fastening it is made strictly using the keys that are included.

There is a kind of keyless chuck. In order to fix the drill in this case, you need to make a little effort. The quality of such a cartridge is not inferior to the gear. But in this version there are two more subspecies: two-cartridge and one-cartridge. The first one has a rotating ring and another one above it, in order to be able to adjust the clamp and loosen it as needed. Single-cartridge chucks are considered the easiest to use and are used when replacing drills.

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Drill accessories

Angle Drill Chart

Diagram of the angle drill.

It is not enough to decide the question of how to choose a drill, you should pay attention to its components. An integral part of every electric drill is considered a drill. But sometimes they use brushes for stripping various materials. Drills-screwdrivers go to work only with bits, since the drills will simply be inappropriate.

When purchasing drills, it is worth initially to pay a little attention to understand: drills have different purposes, different sizes, shapes and calibers, including those that are blunt and sharp.

The drills on the frame are distinguished by long shanks and a short working part.

The drill on such material as a tree, can differ not only from drills for other surfaces, but also among themselves. These accessories are considered to be a classic option for work, as the drills have pointed ends, thanks to which they perfectly penetrate into any desired fabric. For wood, it is rare to find long drills, as they are used in extreme cases.

Screw drills are distinguished by their long size and wide diameter. They are intended to create through holes. Such holes, as a rule, are needed in order to lay the cable through the beam. The auger shanks have edges in order to eliminate scrolling when working with beams. For large and blind holes, a flat feather drill is mainly used.

Drills for a metal surface in work tend to heat up quickly, so you should choose only high-quality ones, as with the low-grade material that was used for manufacturing, the drill fails without performing the work required from it.

The drill for brick and concrete surfaces has insert carbide soldering, with which the tooling is literally drilled through the materials.

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