How to choose a drill screwdriver

In our time, along with the rest of the tools you need to have a drill-screwdriver. This is an indispensable tool in the house, in the country and in the garage. But in order to work flawlessly and bring only pleasure, you need to know how to choose a drill screwdriver, because today there is a wide variety of models in the markets and in specialized stores that differ in their characteristics.

Battery Cordless Screwdriver

Scheme of the cordless screwdriver.

Choosing a drill, you need to take into account the specifics of the work performed, as in some cases it will be enough to have an ordinary simple impact drill, and in others the upcoming work will require a more professional tool. To find the right tool, you need to know the features of each of the models.

Existing types of drills

Additional functions of the screwdriver

Additional functions of the screwdriver.

Drills are divided into two types:

  • conventional impact drill screwdriver;
  • drill puncher.

Impact drill is a tool with less power than a punch. The main function of this tool is considered drilling. Basically it is used to work with wood and metal products, and can also be used for drilling tiles. Such a tool is more suitable for small household chores.

The puncher - more powerful tool and is considered professional. It can simultaneously perform drilling and impact function. Due to its characteristics, it is good to use it when working with concrete structures, as it is capable of making holes of large diameters. When responsible and difficult work with concrete is recommended to choose this type of drill.

Before choosing a drill, you should remember that a simple drill is not suitable for making large holes, since it can be used to make holes in concrete structures no more than 13 mm, in wood ones - no more than 20 mm, and in metal ones - about 8 mm.

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Technical characteristics of the hammer drill

Gearbox planetary screwdriver mechanism

Gearbox planetary screwdriver mechanism.

This type of drill differs in three main characteristics:

  • on drilling diameter;
  • by rated power;
  • on speed of turns.

Before you choose a drill, you need to weigh everything, whether you need a tool with maximum power. Mainly for use in the home using apparatus with medium and low power.

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Selection of a drill screwdriver: recommendations

The main functions of the drill - screwdriver include:

  • drilling holes;
  • twisting and twisting functions.
Screwdriver Modes

Modes of operation of the screwdriver.

In each model of the drill of the screwdriver one of two functions prevails. Given this nuance, selecting the appropriate tool, it is necessary to decide which of the functions should be a priority. It depends on the type of work to be done.

The most practical and convenient are the drills on batteries, because thanks to technical qualities they can work in places where there is no electricity.

Often the question arises, how can you determine which of the functions is dominant - drilling or unscrewing? To determine this by eye, you need to study the following characteristics:

  • how many revolutions per minute this tool makes;
  • torque.
Net screwdriver device

Device network screwdriver.

The best drill is the one that produces from 1000 revolutions per minute and above, well, and if about 500, then this model is a screwdriver.

If you decide to choose a battery model, then you need to pay special attention to the power supply itself. Modern tools are equipped with various types of batteries:

  • nickel cadmium;
  • nickel metal hydride;
  • lithium ion

Nickel-cadmium is not recommended because it is not safe. Cadmium is a harmful allergen.

Lithium-ion is considered the highest quality and most harmless, but it is rather difficult to find a tool with a similar power supply in the markets. The most common are nickel metal hydride, which are considered to be of average quality.

Attention should also be paid to the battery capacity in order to charge it for a long time, and it was not necessary to charge it often. For convenience, you can purchase a replacement element or buy a model with recharging from the mains, so that when working, do not remove the battery from the drill.

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What are the parameters to choose a drill screwdriver

Scheme of the internal structure of the screwdriver

Scheme of the internal structure of the screwdriver.

Screwdriver can choose on several grounds, given the purpose. For domestic purposes, some indicators are used, and for professional works, others are assumed.

  1. The most important indicator is the torque.

The higher this parameter, the more powerful the tool will be. Devices with high torques are able to cope when drilling and tightening screws, even with a large diameter, which makes them versatile. Before use, you should read the instructions that indicate the largest allowable diameter.

  1. The speed also depends on the mode of operation.

The largest holes need to be drilled at low speeds, and high speed is used to make holes of small and medium size. To make a hole without problems, a speed of 1200 revolutions per minute is needed, and when using a drill as a screwdriver 400 turns are enough.

  1. From the capacity of the battery depends on how much work can be done at one time.
Battery screwdriver device

The device battery for the screwdriver.

This indicator is denoted A / h. Ordinary household power supplies have a capacity of 1.3-1.6 A / h. Two batteries are equipped with almost only professional devices.

  1. The cartridge, which is equipped with a tool, has one or two couplings.

Basically, there are models with a quick-tightening single-chuck chuck, since it is laborious to replace the elements with a two-coupling design. For convenience and to simplify the process when working in some screwdrivers, quick-change chucks are arranged.

  1. Some designs of drills have a shock function.

But the drill screwdriver shock has the greatest power, it means that its price at times will be more expensive. For this reason, only some models have this feature. The device, which includes all the options, got its name - drill-screwdriver-drill.

Many models can include additional features, such as a corner nozzle, reverse, a charge indicator, and many others.

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Some nuances present

Screwdriver Battery Connection Diagram

Screwdriver battery connection diagram.

Many people confuse the hammer drill and punch. As mentioned above, the impact drill is designed for drilling, and the perforator performs the function of drilling. Of course, a percussion instrument can also pierce the desired hole on a hard surface, but this will be a long and laborious process. If you make such work with a simple drill, then under load it simply will not stand, and its service life will be significantly reduced.

The principle of operation of the impact drill consists in the ratchet mechanism, the gear ratchets, when moved, create the impact effect with the help of the axial movement of the drill. And the work of the perforator consists in a free-floating storm, which is affected by a power block with high power, and this device is the most durable.

When choosing a hammer drill, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the characteristics, but also to its scale. Since a simple non-professional drill cannot work continuously, it needs to be given time to rest periodically. Based on this, if long-term work with a tool is necessary, it is better to purchase a professional tool. Of course, its price is much higher, but its work will please more than one year.

Another nuance is the handle. When selecting the important role played by the location and shape of the handle. Models with a pistol grip are considered the most comfortable, but when you hold the tool, the ring finger is not in a very good position. The most convenient are the models where the handle is located in the center of gravity. In this case, the hands almost never get tired, but the work is done more precisely. To carry out complex work, manufacturers are developing models with a more accurate reference point of the handle in relation to the center of gravity. To give an aesthetic look and convenience when drilling, the handle-holder is covered with an elastomer or a rough material.

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Care of the drill with a screwdriver

When operating any tool, follow the instructions and apply it only for direct use.

In order for the device to last for many years, it is necessary to observe the maximum permissible characteristics, such as the speed and diameter of drilling holes, it is recommended not to exceed the standards set by the manufacturer.

Store drills must be in the same conditions as any other electrical equipment. Temperature variations, high humidity and mechanical stress are unacceptable.

And in conclusion, I would like to note that, using a modern screwdriver drill, you can make any holes in various materials, as well as tighten and unscrew different diameters of screws and self-tapping screws. Using various nozzles, also the drill can be used for grinding and polishing works, for mixing of liquids. But the most difficult task for the consumer is, of course, to choose one or another model. Drill screwdriver should become a faithful assistant, and in this regard it is necessary to take into account all the smallest details in the technical characteristics and capabilities of the device.

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