How to choose a chainsaw

A special tool that was developed by engineers and designers, designed to carry out operations with wood, called the chainsaw. How to choose a chainsaw and not make a mistake in choosing? When a customer chooses such a tool, he has a lot of different questions about the functionality of this complex equipment.

Chainsaw device

Chainsaw device.

At your country site you will need to cut one tree, but at the sawmill you will have to use this tool for a long time. Naturally, domestic needs are incomparable with professional works. To work on the dacha will be quite enough to have a simple, cheap option. The most important thing is to make the right choice. To do this, you must carefully study the instructions written by the manufacturer.

Any chainsaw is a versatile chain tool equipped with a two-stroke engine. The saw headset includes:

  • chain;
  • tire;
  • sprocket.

The tool works on a mixture of gasoline and oil, which uses a two-stroke engine. This tool can:

  • collect firewood;
  • cut down the forest;
  • cut the branches.
Type diagram of chainsaws

Scheme of chainsaws.

But not everyone knows how to choose a chainsaw. A few decades ago, a Soviet man knew only two names:

  • "Friendship";
  • "Taiga".

Time passed, and a variety of foreign-made models appeared on the market. Before choosing a model, you must first determine what operations it will perform. The chainsaw is an indispensable tool when you need to perform a variety of operations, it is distinguished by its versatility. This tool is considered universal. It is used by a variety of services:

  1. Builders use chainsaw in the construction of wooden structures.
  2. For loggers it is an indispensable tool in the work.
  3. Municipal services with its help process trees in city parks.
  4. At the dacha site the tool helps in the construction of a variety of buildings.
  5. Sculptors working with wood use a chainsaw to translate their original ideas.

Key tool characteristics

Comparative table of characteristics of chainsaws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

  1. Power. This is a very important feature, it must be taken into account when choosing a chainsaw. Power tool affects weight. The greater the mass, the higher the load the apparatus can withstand. Usually the maximum power of a professional tool does not exceed 6 kW.
  2. Giving back. Making the choice of the saw, it is necessary to take into account such a parameter. When the saw touches the wood, the tool is thrown backwards, a so-called "kickback" occurs. In the newest models, this problem is solved in several ways:
  • inertial brake: the saw stops at the very beginning of the operation;
  • protective sector - guards, which has the end of the saw.
  1. Antivibration. When you work a chainsaw for a long time, your hands get tired quickly. To avoid this, the tool is equipped with a special anti-vibration. Before you buy a saw, you need to turn it on and hold it a bit in your hands. Vibration should be minimal.
  2. Resource. Users call the resource a full tool stop due to a breakdown. For experts, the resource is counted from the time when it is necessary to overhaul the electric motor. For the life of the saw to be longer, it requires very careful treatment.

The tool should work only at a certain working mode, it should not be subjected to serious overloads. Each manufacturer accompanies its models with detailed instructions, which describe the mode of operation and the possibility of use. With proper execution of all instructions of the instruction, the operation time of the chainsaw will be increased.

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Some brands of chainsaws

Electronic ignition circuit of a chainsaw

Electronic ignition scheme chainsaw.

On the modern market there are a lot of different models from different companies. The cost of the instrument and its quality are interrelated. Therefore, it is better to prefer a better tool than its cheap counterpart.

The most famous brand is "Storm". These saws have different power, so you can work with them in the country or to cut down the forest. The positive qualities of these models are:

  • convenience;
  • security;
  • great chain;
  • wear resistance.

Chainsaws "Storm" are marked with numbers. To work on logging, the number 36 is applied. For work in the home is used 21 number.

About the same qualities has a chainsaw Swedish production "Partner". This model is much cheaper, has similar characteristics, but has several weak points. Quickly fails. Therefore, you will have to immediately replace it by installing a chain from Storm. The saw case became another weak point. If the tool is not cleaned in time, the body will quickly melt. This is due to the proximity of the muffler with the body.

A fairly acceptable option could be a Husqvarna chainsaw. It is of high quality. To work at the logging site, the Huskvarna lumber model is most suitable. Such saws are also marked by numbers. Felling the forest can be 357 saw. Such a saw is quite expensive. Approximately about 35 thousand rubles.

To choose the right saw you need to familiarize yourself with all the options. Be sure to explore all the problems that can be encountered when working with such a tool.

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Chainsaw classification

The position of the file when sharpening the chainsaw chain

The position of the file when sharpening the chainsaw chain.

To choose a chainsaw, you need to know what are:

  1. Household tools. The name itself suggests that the main purpose of the saw is a rare work in the living conditions. These saws have characteristic differences from professional models:
  • low power;
  • tire length;
  • engine capacity;
  • working hours.

Carter of such a plate is usually made of plastic. In such models, low-profile chains, giving a small vibration. Models have low productivity. The saw has a small mass, it is easy to work with it on a personal plot.

  1. Semi-professional tool. This tool can perform more complex work. The engine capacity of such models reaches 60 cc. It develops a power of 2 kW, so builders often use such a saw. These models have a low profile circuit that provides reduced vibration. The performance of this tool is much higher than household saws.
  2. Professional tool. Basically this is a class of high-end tool. He has the most powerful engine, has a full-profile circuit, has high performance.

Such devices are made of durable materials with high wear resistance. They can be used for continuous operation, approximately 16 hours. The resource of such a chainsaw reaches 2000 hours! For frozen wood, chains are equipped with special carbide tips.

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Extra points

Chainsaw tire pattern

Scheme tires chainsaws.

When choosing a tool, you first need to look not at the trademark, but at the advantages of the tool, at its practicality. Moreover, the cost of such a device is quite high.

Before buying, you need to be well aware of the purpose for which a chainsaw is purchased, what work it will do, what is their volume. It is very important. After all, the simple preparation of firewood to melt a bath is not comparable with the preparation of firewood for the winter.

Of course, the work can be done with a small chainsaw. However, the resource of such a tool is very small, so this saw will quickly fail, the manufacturer in this case is not to blame. After all, such a saw was specially released for auxiliary work or rare operations on the garden plot.

So, you need to choose a small saw for your own domestic needs. She will have to work several times a month. For example, cut branches or collect firewood for a bath.

First you need to examine the entire range of chainsaws offered, pick it up. Quite often, such a tool is bought, relying on the manufacturer's advertising. This approach is wrong.

Chainsaws are distinguished by their ergonomics.

Therefore, not every model is suitable for a particular person. It's like shoes: put on shoes - and I realized that they are sewn just for you.

For one, the grip of the gas will be very convenient, and the other will require a completely different design, so the selection of the instrument must be done in accordance with the anatomical structure - the name of the manufacturer does not help here. The design of the inertia brake handle is very important for the operation.

The position of the chainsaw at startup

The position of the chainsaw at startup.

The handle is considered one of the most important parts of the saw. An inertial brake acts as a protector against damages and injuries that a chainsaw can cause to a worker in the event of an “emergency” situation.

With the help of the inertial brake, the movement of the chain stops almost instantly. And it does not matter what were the engine speed. The lever of this inertial brake is exactly the same for all models of chainsaws. It is located in front of the outer grip.

The force of operation, the form of the brakes of each saw is different. Basically, a chainsaw can be called an individual tool. Therefore, it must comply with certain parameters of the human body. This is about:

  • build;
  • hand size;
  • the length of the hand.

The quality of the work done depends mainly not on the speed of the instrument, but on its proper selection and proper adjustment. An easy-to-use tool is always safer when working continuously.

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How to choose a quality chainsaw: equipment and basic nuances

When choosing a chainsaw, you need to pay attention to what parameters the saw bar has, what are the dimensions of the special plate on which the chain is attached. Household chainsaws are most often equipped with a narrow tire, which differs little recoil. To make the structure rigid, the gaps between the plates are filled with polyamide. Professional chainsaws are equipped with tires that have several replaceable heads.

The length of the tire must also be considered. For each type, a specific length is recommended, which is indicated in the technical passport of the saw. With a large tire length, strong resistance is possible when the engine crankshaft begins to rotate. As a result, the headset quickly wears out, fuel consumption increases significantly.

When choosing a chainsaw a very crucial point is the selection of the chain. Non-professionals can work with low-profile chains that reduce vibration.

Receptions rolls of trees chainsaw

Receptions felling trees chainsaw.

However, this affects the performance of the device. In professional models, the chains have a pitch of 0.404 inches. Vibration is much more, but productivity is higher.

When buying a headset, you need to consider the fact that the headsets are designed only for a specific model. They have no compatibility.

Bought a chainsaw, you must first "break in". It must be turned on for half an hour, adjusting the small revolutions. After that, turn off the engine and check the tension again. After that you can make a couple of cuts with a little effort. Having done all these operations, you can begin a full-fledged work.

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The main problems of the tool

Stihl chainsaw device diagram

Scheme device chainsaws Stihl.

  1. No headset compatibility. Almost always, a saw headset manufactured by one manufacturer is not installed on the saws of another company. The exception is the chain "Storm". They can be used for saws "Partner". Therefore, when buying a tool, you need to buy a headset from the same manufacturer.
  2. Buying a model according to its capacity. This parameter is not the most important in the tool. With high power, it becomes very uncomfortable. It is dangerous to work with her.
  3. Cutting speed. If it has decreased, it is necessary to check the sharpness of the circuit. This parameter affects the quality. The chain must be edited after permanent work, especially with a professional tool that has worked without interruption for a long time. If you do not edit the chain, then the quality of the cut will deteriorate each time, it will be very difficult to work.

Knowing the main characterizing points, you will be able to choose a chainsaw yourself and, in addition, choose the most optimal option for you. Good luck!

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