How to choose a chainsaw to give

The saw acts as the irreplaceable tool in the conditions of a country or private house. Its use is justified in the preparation of firewood for the functioning of the barbecue, when cutting trees and cutting material for the construction of arbors and similar structures. Thanks to the progress, the home craftsman was able to replace the handsaws and hand saws with a high-quality saw powered by gasoline.

Firewood harvesting with a saw

Chainsaw for a country house - an indispensable tool that will help in the economy.

If you decide that you need such a tool, then think about how to choose a chainsaw to give. It is important to determine for what purpose you will use the saw and with what frequency. It is worth remembering that the model of the chainsaw, which is designed for periodic work, will not be able to function during the entire time of the construction of the log house or bath. It is important to take into account the fact that different chainsaws require a certain maintenance.

Classification of gasoline saws by area of ​​use

Types of chainsaws

Types of chainsaws.

If you have wondered how to choose the right chainsaw, then you should know that the simplest are the tools of the amateur class, which are designed to carry out light work in the garden or country house. This class of chainsaws is the most powerless. It includes models that are able to cope exclusively with periodic use, which implies a time of about 45 minutes during the day. Thus, the power of household tools for this purpose is limited to 2 kW.

Choosing the chainsaw described above to give, you need to take into account that manufacturers supply them with low-profile chains, which are designed to reduce the level of vibration in the process. But the performance of such chains is extremely small.

If you need a tool that would allow you to keep order in the garden and helped from time to time to prepare firewood for the fireplace, then you should purchase a low-power household tool.

These chainsaws have many advantages, including low weight and ease of use. In addition, such installations do not exert excessive strain on the hands, and they can be used even during small building processes. If you are an owner of a private house or a country plot already built, where repairs are carried out from time to time, then the described chainsaw will be enough.

Pros of amateur chainsaws:

Household chainsaw

Household chainsaw has a small capacity and is suitable only for home use.

  • ease;
  • ease of use;
  • insignificant cost.

Cons amateur chainsaws:

  • the inability to use the saw when carrying out large and long-term work;
  • low strength;
  • low wear resistance of spare parts.

If you are faced with the question of how to choose the right chainsaw for intensive construction work, you should prefer a semi-professional device. Models that are characterized by sufficient capacities and can be used for felling are considered to be this class. It is possible to use these saws longer than previous ones without stopping, but they are still not designed for long-term long-term use. The life of such a saw will be reduced if you use it every day for 10 hours in a row and more. A semi-professional unit may have a capacity in the range of 2-3 kW, but most often this figure is 2.5 kW. The unit has a barrel, the diameter of which can reach 40 cm. The mass of such saws is within 6 kg.

If you decide to start building a country house, which implies the arrangement of the roof frame, installation of floors, then the described saw will be the best option. Such an installation will be able to perform a large amount of work on the tree. Such a chainsaw to give can be successfully used after the completion of construction work.

Advantages of semi professional chainsaws:

  • can be used during construction work;
  • has optimum power;
  • possesses high wear resistance.

Cons semi professional chainsaws:

  • more significant weight in comparison with amateur;
  • not designed for long non-stop use every day.
Professional chainsaw

A professional chainsaw has a powerful engine, which increases tool productivity.

The amount of work in the country with different masters may be completely different. One summer resident is required to process a couple of bushes during the week, and the other has to build not only a house at the dacha, but also all the buildings. In order not to limit yourself in the amount of work in fear that an expensive unit will fail before the warranty period, it is better to purchase a professional-grade chainsaw. Before you choose this type of chainsaw, you should know that the installation has more power, limited by the limit of 2.7-6 kW. The unit can be used without time limits, many hours of daily loads it will not be afraid.

If you actively use the summer cottage, live on its territory all summer, conceived the construction of a log house and a bath, then acquiring such a saw for the dacha is quite justified. These saws have increased wear resistance, they are designed for 2,000 hours, they can use thick tree trunks. Working with such a saw is much more difficult, since it has a significant level of vibration. The plant capacity is high, moreover, it has a weight in excess of 6 kg. It is worth considering that when working, the master will begin to undergo a considerable strain on his hands.

Advantages of a professional chainsaw:

  • high power;
  • significant performance;
  • lack of restrictions in continuous work.

Cons professional chainsaws:

  • high price;
  • complexity of use;
  • considerable weight.
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The choice of gasoline saw power

Characteristics of chainsaws

Speed ​​and depth of cut depends on the power of the chainsaw.

Choosing a chainsaw for work at a country site, initially you need to pay attention to the power of the unit, since this factor is the main one. It affects the ability of the plant to be controlled with a massive tree, the speed of cutting of the material and the possible depth. In order to determine your own needs, you need to think about what kind of load the tool will experience. If the plans do not have cutting of massive logs, everyday use of the tool, then you should prefer a chainsaw, the power of which does not exceed 2 kW. The implementation of work inside a personal building will be possible under the instrument, the power of which ranges from 2-2.6 kW. You should not choose a chainsaw with more power, if you do not intend to perform complex work, as higher power affects the increase in the weight of the unit. This will entail more complex tool management.

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Tool headset

Sizes of saw tires

Sizes of saw tires.

Now you can consider the nuances of choosing a tool based on the capabilities of the headset unit. There are three types of saw tires, among them narrow flat. They are mounted on household saws, such tools are intended for use by non-professionals. A narrow tire is used in tandem with a low-profile chain and practically does not have the disadvantage, which is called reverse shock. This is necessary to reduce the risk of injury during the use of the tool. Saw tires are lightweight. They are based on steel and represent two plates, between which there is polyamide. This design has the goal to minimize the total weight of the unit, which can affect the performance of a number of jobs. Thus, to apply such an installation at a height will be more comfortable than the usual one.

The last type of saw bar is with replaceable heads. It has a professional purpose and is intended for installations of considerable power, such units are used every day and for many hours. Long tires are more convenient to use in the process of cutting massive trees, while shorter ones operate at a more significant speed.

Cut wood

For cutting small trees, it is better to choose a small saw splint.

When choosing, you should pay attention not only to the type of tire, but also to its length. It must match the power of the motor. A long tire demonstrates itself better when working with a massive tree, as with its use it is possible to make a deeper cut. However, if it is used by the mechanism of insignificant power, then its power will not be enough for fast sawing. This is due to the fact that the energy will go to the rotation of the crankshaft. Cutting will be slow, but the fuel will be consumed faster than usual, and the engine will wear out in a short time. When purchasing a chainsaw, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations on the tire length parameter. It should not be larger, but smaller size can be used.

If for a dacha you choose a chainsaw, hesitating between two models with the same power, then for small trees it is preferable to buy one with a smaller tire, as the unit will show a higher cutting speed.

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Circuit characteristics

Saw chain structure

The structure of the chain saw.

Before choosing a chainsaw, you need to consider that the speed of cutting of the material and the ability to perform heavy work, where massive wood will be involved, depend on the chain pitch. In order to understand which tool is better, you need to know that there are three chain steps: 0.325, 3/8 and 0.404 inches. This notation is the same for any manufacturer. The chain pitch must be selected according to the power of the unit. Thus, low-profile household chains have a pitch of 0.325 inches. This size can be considered the most suitable for non-durable sawing, since here a slight vibration can be distinguished as a distinctive feature. Long-term loads of such a chain cannot be done, as it will lose its sharpness in a short time.

In powerful units, circuits are installed whose pitch can be equal to 3/8 or 0.404. Despite the ability of such saws to work long and with massive trees, they cannot be used when working with frozen or dirty material. To do this, there are chains that have carbide tipped. If it is necessary to replace a separate component of the saw headset, it is necessary to look for parts from the same manufacturer.

Hand brake circuit diagram

Circuit hand brake circuit.

In the course of working with the unit, the most dangerous phenomenon can be considered the “reverse blow”, which represents a rebound of the installation towards the master working with it. This phenomenon can be expected if the top of the tire hits the material. That is why, if you do not have sufficient experience with a chainsaw, acquiring such a tool, you should ask the seller if there is any protection from this phenomenon in the model of interest. The presence of such protection will allow an inexperienced master to eliminate injuries. We choose a saw, considering that protection can be of two types: one of them is achieved by means of a mounted brake, the second - an additional shield. The first option can be found much more often. It is represented by a lever-shield capable of moving in 2 positions. After the tool starts working, the lever is in the “closer to the hand” position, while in the “reverse stroke”, the hand automatically presses the lever, the latter translates the position that stops the circuit. The presence of an additional shield due to the fact that the hands of the master did not interact with the dangerous mechanism during the work of the saw.

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Anti-vibration protection

Anti-vibration system of chainsaw

The presence of an anti-vibration system is primarily necessary to protect your health.

The cottage will be groomed if the saw starts to work properly, without requiring premature repair. Therefore, choosing a saw, you need to ask the seller to start it. This should make it possible to understand what are the characteristics of the anti-vibration protection of the unit. Light saws designed for personal needs do not vibrate much, but if they have rubber gaskets, the quality of work improves. They must be between the handles and the casing of the unit. If the model is powerful, the engine and fuel tank in them are separated from each other, this allows you to distribute the weight of the tool on the structure. To choose a chainsaw without protection, it is possible for those who intend to use the unit rarely and not for too long. After all, a longer work with the tool affects the sensation of vibration. If you use such a device very often, it can even cause a disease of the joints.

If the cottage lies on the shoulders of a woman, then you should prefer a model from the class of low-power amateur installations, since their weight is insignificant, and the vibration is not so noticeable. A woman will not be able to use a powerful model, but a low-power household model working on gasoline will be the best solution. Experts recommend to buy a power saw, if there are no problems with the supply of electricity. In work, such saws show themselves much better, and it is easier to maintain them.

It is quite simple to choose a saw, despite the great variety of models presented by the stores of the corresponding goods. The main thing is to determine the purpose for which you will use the installation, as well as how often it will be used in the work.

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