How to choose a chain power saw to give

Saw in the country is an indispensable tool that is used in the preparation of firewood, repair work, cleaning in the garden and on the plot. Since the manual version of this tool requires great physical effort from its owner, the appearance of automatic chainsaws on the market for building tools was enthusiastic. The source of energy they can have electricity or gasoline, and the first option for private use is more in demand than the second. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right chain saw, today is very important.

Electric saw

The advantages of electric saws are that you no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort on the use of the tool.

The device and the principle of the chain saw

The design of the electric chain-type saw includes:

  • electric motor;
  • housing;
  • chain;
  • guides tires;
  • oil pump;
  • oil tank.

On the body of the unit there are buttons with which you can enable / disable and lock the saw, as well as a convenient handle and protective shield. More modern and expensive models are additionally equipped with a chain tension control knob.

After starting the saws, the motor creates a rotational motion, which is transmitted to the sprocket via a direct drive or a bevel gearbox. An asterisk placed in the same plane with the chain rotates it, which makes it possible to saw wood. Due to the fact that the cutting blade is somewhat wider than the tire, the tool allows you to quickly cope with the tasks, while it does not get stuck in the kerf.

Chain saw

Scheme chain saws.

The long life of the chain and tires is achieved by their constant lubrication during the execution of works. Chain oil, which is located in a special container, with the help of a pump is constantly supplied to the tire, from where it is distributed by chain throughout the tire and sprockets. When using the saw oil consumption is very high. For 1 hour of intensive work, you may need more than 1 liter of oil. This should be considered if you need to complete a large amount of work.

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Advantages and disadvantages of chain saws

Without fully replacing the gasoline saw, the chain saw in some cases is more convenient to operate, due to the following:

  • an electric unit requires less money than a gasoline counterpart, both for purchase and maintenance;
  • the power tool is environmentally friendly, because when it is working no harmful gases are released into the environment;
  • The electric saw is easier to use, since it does not require special skills in handling a gasoline engine.

However, before choosing a chain saw, you need to consider not only its advantages, but also its disadvantages:

Characteristics table electorpil

Table of characteristics of power saws.

  1. The armature of the electric motor has a rigid connection to the gearbox, which directly transmits torque to the circuit, so the motor is not protected from overloads that may occur due to a dull chain. Therefore, if you want the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to constantly monitor the sharpness of the cutting blade.
  2. Even with a well-ground chain, the life of a power tool is deliberately lower than that of a benzoagregat.
  3. When reducing the voltage in the network increases the load on the electric motor, which can lead to its premature failure.
  4. The power saw is completely dependent on the power supply, so it can not always be used on a country site, as the cottage may not have a connection to a fixed power supply network.
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Professional or household option?

Types of power saws

Types of electric saws.

Like all power tools, a chain saw can be professional or household. Moreover, the difference between these two groups at first glance is not always distinguishable. The professional version has more power and allows you to work with a saw for a longer time without stopping. Therefore, it is best suited for frequent use. Such tool is equipped with convenient handles of a special configuration and vibration protection. The only drawback of the professional equipment is the price, which is several times higher than that of the domestic version.

The household saw perfectly copes with periodic works at the dacha. Its simple design, use in the manufacture of cheaper materials, as well as low weight significantly reduce the cost of such a tool.

The household option is not intended for long-term work, because the time of continuous operation of such a power saw is limited to a few minutes, after which a short pause should be made.

Therefore, if you buy a chainsaw for seasonal work in the country, then the household option for you will be just right.

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What to look for when choosing a chain saw?

The main thing about the saw can be learned by examining its technical characteristics, among which the main ones are:

  • tool power;
  • motor location;
  • chain brake;
  • tire length;
  • chain thickness;
  • security.

To choose the right power saw, you need to know what tasks it will perform. If you plan to carry out work associated with the cutting of thick wood, then the power of the tool should be large. But to work in the country, you can choose a saw with less power.

For the first case, it is recommended to buy a saw with a power of 2.5-3.5 kW. The maximum power value is typical for professional equipment that is used in the industry for harvesting wood. For private use 1.5-2.5 kW is enough for you.

Speaking about the location of the electric motor, it is worth noting that today you can find 2 options: with transverse and longitudinal placement. In the first case, the tool will be comfortable to work in a vertical plane. A saw with a longitudinal placement of the motor is recommended to choose if you plan to carry out work from different angles. In this case, it provides good balancing of the saw when cornering.

In all modern models of electric saws, there is an automatic brake system that protects your hands and tools from the back stroke when working. This system is a lever designed in the form of a shield, which is located in front of the handle. When a kickback occurs, a person by inertia falls into this lever with his left hand, which causes the engine to stop.

When choosing a tire, you should consider that the best option is a tire with a length of 0.4 m. If the length is longer, then the power of the tool increases, which means that it will be heavier and more expensive. The quality of the cut depends on the thickness of the cutting blade. The standard tooth pitch is 3/8 inch. The thicker the chain, the more powerful the motor should be.

Choosing a chain electric saw, you need to pay attention to the presence of a lock on it. This feature will protect you and others from the danger that may arise if you have not seized the tool with two hands or are not ready to work. Another useful feature is the soft start system, which allows the motor to gain momentum smoothly, which significantly increases its service life.

Chainsaws - a convenient and inexpensive tool, when working with which you must adhere to safety regulations. With simple care, the saw can serve you for 5 years or more, without requiring additional costs, except for buying oil.

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