How to choose a chain electric saw

For many summer residents, the chain power saw has long become an indispensable tool, without which it is difficult to imagine seasonal garden work. But there are those who are only going to purchase an instrument. And here it makes sense to consider the basic parameters to which attention should be paid.

Chain Saw

Chain saw is an indispensable thing in the country, in the construction or cutting of firewood.

Two types of electric chainsaws

But first it is important to understand what kind of chain saws are, as well as to learn about their main advantages over other types of tools. To date, there are 2 types of electric saws. Which chain saw to choose? Both options have approximately the same principle of operation, but differ in some characteristics.

Power saw

Power saw device.

  1. The first type of electric chainsaw is longitudinal. Working with it is not very convenient for beginners, but it is a longitudinal saw that can easily cut even large logs. Such saws can make cuts very accurately due to high-quality balancing. The principle of operation is in many ways similar to an electric chainsaw.
  2. Cross-chain electric saw - the best option for beginners. The transverse structure of this type is distinguished by its small size and good construction. With such a tool it is good to learn to make cuts, as it is relatively safe in operation.
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Why it is worth buying such saws

Electric chainsaws compare favorably with other saws. Despite the fact that chainsaws and other more powerful tools have improved technical characteristics, there are four main features of chainsaws that make them more acceptable in everyday life. These features are usually attributed to the following:

Chainsaw chain diagram

Longitudinal saw chain diagram.

  1. It is possible to work with an electric chain saw in any climatic conditions. You do not have to think that the tool can deteriorate or freeze, which is not the case with chainsaws. The chain saw mechanism is designed so that a good tool can work even on the street in the bitter cold.
  2. The tool makes very little noise compared to other types of saws. Even if you turn on the electric saw at full power, there will be no such strong sound. This is important for people who are comfortable working on weekends in the evening, and their homes are too close to their neighbors.
  3. Convenience of work. As a rule, the smaller the power, the lighter the weight of the saw. And this is quite an important feature for work. But even at maximum power, this type of saw will not weigh like a chainsaw.
  4. Ecological purity. The electric saw can be used both for working in the garden in the open air, and for cutting firewood in a confined space. This is due to the fact that there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
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Selection of saws on the main parameters

To choose the right chainsaw, you need to consider the main technical parameters that you need to focus on when buying an electric chainsaw. There are several characteristics, given that you can buy a quality tool. Consider them in more detail.

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Engine performance

Electric saw protection systems

Electric saw protection systems.

The first important parameter is considered the characteristic of the engine. In the aspect of this question it is advisable to highlight several main points. This power, start and specific location of the engine. Each of the moments is very important.

So, with regard to the position of the motor electric saws, share saws with a transverse and longitudinal arrangement. Longitudinal is appropriate when you work in different planes. This situation is universal. The transverse arrangement gives the opportunity to work well in one plane. Therefore, if you plan to make cuts in one plane, you do not need to overpay for a saw with a longitudinal position.

No less important point is the engine start system. There are several launch systems. But in any version of the saw you should choose a tool with a smooth start. This will allow the current to flow smoothly through the winding, due to which the performance of the saw will increase.

Another point - power saws. The larger it is, the better the performance of the tool. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that with an increase in power, mass also increases. Therefore, it is more advisable to choose the average power of the saw, if you want to use it only for domestic purposes.

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Security systems

Sharpening of electric saw blades

In order for the saw to serve for a long time, the chain needs to be ground and lubricated.

The second parameter is the protection system during operation. This is inextricably linked to the safety of using the tool, so it is very important to take into account such details as overheating protection and the function of blocking accidental switching on.

The system of protection against arbitrary inclusion is important for safe operation, especially for beginners in this business. A quality tool will definitely be equipped with this feature. If this protection is not provided, the tool will cost much less. But there is no way to save.

Protection against overheating provides for a special relay. It works when the engine heats up during operation to a threshold temperature mark, which is already unacceptable. When this happens an arbitrary power disconnect. After a few minutes, when the engine has cooled, you can re-connect the saw and continue working.

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Circuit Characteristics and Brake Availability

Comparative characteristics of electric saws

Comparative characteristics of some models of electric saws.

The third parameter is the characteristics of the circuit. These include the chain tensioning system and the presence of a chain brake. They are very important for productive work. If this is neglected, even a saw with good performance will not work at full capacity.

Proper tension of the chain at the electric saw makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the cut. Therefore, it is best to give preference to those tools that have an adjustable tensioning system. It allows you to loosen or increase the tension with the help of the rotation of a special nut.

It is important to provide good lubrication of the chain. From this will depend entirely on the life of the tool. If you want the saw to serve you for a very long time, you should choose a tool with automatic chain lubrication. For this, a pump with oil is provided, which is activated automatically during operation.

And finally, the fourth parameter - the presence of a chain brake. This is a complex device that simultaneously serves both for the safety of work with the tool and for productive sawing. If it is, it indicates the high quality of the electric saw.

The principle of operation of such a brake is that it automatically works at the moment when the hand slips off from the back kick. This usually happens when the end of the tire is in contact with the material to be cut. The brake does not spoil the saw, and protects you from injury.

So, the main characteristics that must be considered when buying an electric chain saw, considered.

There are still many additional functions in modern tools, however the listed parameters will be quite enough to choose a really good electric saw.

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