How quickly from the drill to make a grinder

Often in everyday life it is necessary to repurpose the tools, and most often it is the drill that has to be refined, since This is the most versatile tool available. But you must always choose the right tool so that its technical characteristics coincide with those required, so that the result will be perfect.

Electric drill device

Electric drill device: 1 - ventilation grille, 2 - power regulator, 3 - speed regulator, 4 - percussion switch, 5 - keyless chuck, 6 - self-centering cams, 7 - cartridge mounts, 8 - gearbox, 9 - fan wheel, 10 - electric motor, 11 - reverse lever, 12 - trigger, 13 - cord retainer, 14 - cord terminals.

How to make a grinder from a drill: the conversion process

Tools and materials:

  1. drill;
  2. bar;
  3. rasp;
  4. grease;
  5. nozzle from the grinder;
  6. ruler.

Before you make a grinder from a drill, you need to make sure that this tool is not required at this time for other work. After all, assembly and disassembly take some time. The grinder of the drill will not be as easy to operate.

You can make your own hand grinder from a drill in a simple way:

Types of nozzles for grinders

Types of nozzles for grinders.

  1. Select the nozzle for the grinder, which will be the work. Any option is suitable, because manufacture for a single job.
  2. A steel bar of small diameter is chosen, from which it is necessary to grind off the edge in order for it to enter the nozzle. The contact points of the petals of the cartridge and the rod are ground a little for better coupling.
  3. Fixation.

Everything is done in a matter of minutes, but immediately after dismantling the structure will become inoperative, or even collapse. A similar refinement is done in those cases when it is urgent to make a grinder out of a drill, since main out of order.

A more complex option is not very different, but still have a lot more work:

The layout of the drill-

The layout of the drill is “Bulgarian”: 1 - drive (electric drill), 2 - work table (aluminum, sheet s5), 3 - circular saw, 4 - stand (St3, 20 × 5 strip, 4 pcs.), 5 - supporting holder of the mandrel shaft, 6 - mandrel, 7 — electric drill holder, 8 — base plate (furniture chipboard).

  1. To begin with, the cartridge is removed. It will be needed now only for reverse recovery, but for now it is desirable to simply clean and lubricate all its insides. Store only in a dark, dust-free place.
  2. Choosing a nozzle under the grinder of solid steel (often there are lightweight options, which in no case can not be installed here).
  3. At this stage, it will take a bar of such length that it extends beyond the drill by 1.7-1.9 cm. Its end is ground off with a rasp so that it eventually ideally coincides with the socket in the nozzle. Before the joint it is necessary to use engine oil or any other lubricant.
  4. The ball bearing is installed at the output point, and a bar is threaded through it and fixed at the base. Sometimes this step is not required, so the bar can simply be fixed in place.

This method is embodied in a matter of hours, and the dismantling and installation of the cartridge in just minutes. After the construction has been assembled 1 time, in the future it will not be necessary to change or supplement it. It is worth remembering that in this case protection is not established, therefore when working on the sides there should be no people. It does not work to cause injury because the disk rotates parallel to the master.

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Support structure and minor modifications

Tools and materials:

  • steel strip or rod;
  • welding machine;
  • hose clamps;
  • pliers.
Saw application scheme

The scheme of the saw.

Almost always such a grinder is made as a stationary tool, so the working surface is necessarily prepared. Any wooden or metal table top will suit it, and the metal has an undeniable advantage.

The working platform is bent out of a 12 mm reinforcing endless rod or a steel strip (2-3 mm). Externally, it should completely follow the contours of the model used, since maximum diving should be ensured when diving. Usually 4 transverse bands are used to form the contour and 3 perpendicular to them for rigidity. The joint is made using electric arc welding.

After such a bowl is placed on the table, it must be tightly screwed to the surface using bolts with nuts (bolts exclusively with flat caps). The fixing must be sufficiently rigid, therefore not less than 4 mounting points.

At the very end, the tool turns over and falls into place (handle up). The final fixation is carried out at the expense of the clamps, which are used to tighten everything together from 2 sides.

If you have to work with the tool for a long time, then make a protective cover. To do this, just make a cut of sheet steel and bend its edges so that it occupies all the space above the working area. To fix to the tool, you need to make a clamp of steel strip (exactly the size of the drill) and fix it with your own hands.

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There are several options for how to make a grinder from a drill, and all of them are quite effective depending on the tasks. For the resulting tool is better not to try to set serious tasks, but with the elementary it will cope perfectly.

It is better to work on a hard surface, because This will significantly increase the safety of activities.

And the most important thing is safety engineering, since when reprofiling, you can allow minor tweaks, which then will have a very serious effect.

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