How can i repair a punch with my own hands

A hammer drill is a tool that operates under more extreme conditions than a drill. Therefore, it often happens with accidents and breakdowns. If the tool is cheap, then it is not a pity and throw it away. But many use expensive products that you can try to repair their own hands. Contact the service center if there is one nearby.

Punching job

The perforator is an indispensable device in construction. However, he needs constant care.

Should I start repair?

If the puncher does not want to work, you need to think: can you cope with the repairs? You can safely start repairing the instrument if:

  1. You have experience repairing other fixtures and tools.
  2. Your punch is not one of the cheapest things.
  3. You are familiar with the features of the device units and mechanisms punch.
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How to repair punch?

Punch device

Figure 1. Device punch.

Each model of the tool has its own characteristics, but all the tools can be disassembled (Fig. 1). With disassembly and repair begins. For this you need:

  • remove or disassemble the cartridge if it is not removable;
  • carefully remove the operating mode selector lever;
  • remove the punch casing halves.

The following failures can be identified in the collapsible cartridge (Fig. 2):

  • wear rubber gasket;
  • worn retaining ring;
  • ball wear;
  • ball guide wear;
  • deformation of the conical spring.

If the gasket is worn, all parts should be cleaned of dust, replace the boot. A worn snap ring is replaced by a new one. Worn ball requires replacing it with exactly the same diameter. This element of the cartridge requires careful lubrication. If the ball guide washer is worn, it should also be replaced. Rarely deformation of the conical spring. If this happens, a replacement is performed. The narrow top of the spring goes to the gearbox. After replacing and lubricating parts, the cartridge is assembled.

Disassembling the mode switch (Fig. 3) is done with a 2 mm slotted screwdriver. You need:

Detachable cartridge

Figure 2. In order to repair a collapsible cartridge, you need to know how to disassemble the device correctly and in what order.

  • pull out the latch located in the handle;
  • dismantle the switch;
  • remove the retainer;
  • remove the seal;
  • find a place of failure.

A screwdriver must be inserted on the side (relative to the handle) and hook the wing of the latch. Then hook the other wing and pull it out of the handle. The latch must be held, otherwise it can fly. Remove the switch along with the spring and retainer. Next, remove the rubber seal and clean all parts from dust and dirt.

The cause of breakage of the perforator can be the switch fingers, which are produced from constant contact with rotating parts. In this case, it is temporarily possible to turn worn parts through 180 °. But the best way is to completely replace the switch. When the rubber gasket is deformed and the lubricant leaks, the gasket is changed to a new one. Other causes are most often eliminated by replacing parts. After repair, the switch should be assembled. The assembly procedure is as follows:

  • metal fingers lubricate and put in the handle in place;
  • install the spring;
  • put the lock;
  • lock the latch;
  • insert the switch into the case;
  • turn left and right to find its correct position;
  • check the operation of the switch.
Modes of punch

Figure 3. Modes of operation of the punch.

In order to fix the gearbox (Fig. 4), you need to pull it out of the case. If it came out without a needle bearing, this is a sign of the development of the bearing seat on the intermediate shaft. Worn and destroyed parts are replaced with new ones. Everything is moderately oiled, which is recommended by the instruction. The gearbox is assembled and installed.

The cause of failure of the punch may be the power cord. Therefore, it is recommended to call it before the disassembly of the device. If the tester shows the serviceability of the cord, you need to check the engine. To do this, remove the back cover to get to the anchor and stator.

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The most frequent causes of breakdowns

The puncher usually works in the conditions of strong dusting. It is cooled by the built-in fan. Together with clean air, it also sucks in dust, which, as a result of friction, quickly causes the armature and stator of the engine to wear out.

Often fail mechanisms switching modes.

They can be checked only after disassembling the tool.

Faults may be associated with loads on the cartridge. Therefore, it is recommended to protect it from dust, dirt, metal particles. Periodically, it should be flushed with compressed air and flushed with gasoline, lubricated with oil along with the shanks of the replacement tool.

The smell of burning that appeared during work, smoke, sparks, and noise are often signs of breakdown of individual components and mechanisms.

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Tool care tips


Figure 4. The reducer is recommended to be oiled as a preventive measure.

To avoid damage to the punch, take care of the tool during operation:

  1. The appearance of a rustling sound during the operation of the tool, which resembles the overshoot of a drill, is a sign of the upcoming replacement of the bearing.
  2. The tool requires periodic lubrication and removal of metallic particles from the body. This requires its disassembly.
  3. It is recommended to have in your workshop a replaceable cartridge for perforator of a particular model.
  4. In case of breakage of expensive tools of well-known companies, it is better to contact a service center for help.
  5. The puncher must be periodically cleaned from dust that has fallen inside the case.
  6. It is strictly not recommended to use grease constant velocity joints.
  7. When drilling concrete, do not overly press on the hammer drill. From these efforts, he will not work faster, but will break much faster.
  8. To extend the life of an expensive tool, you need to carefully study the enclosed manual and follow all instructions.
  9. Motor brushes require timely replacement when they are naturally worn.
  10. It is better to choose carbon-graphite brushes. They are more durable.
  11. You can not use the mode of strikes in the processing of metals, plastic and wood.

Any tool sooner or later wears out and needs repair. Is no exception and punch. It can be cheap and expensive, domestic and professional.

Repair a punch in some cases, you can do it yourself. To do this, it is enough to have some knowledge of the internal structure of the instrument. The experience of repairing other devices will not be superfluous.

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