How can i fix the punch at home

Many people have a puncher, and everything is fine while it works. But what to do if there was a breakdown? What to do in this case and how to fix it?

Punch device

Figure 1. Device punch.

To answer these questions, you need to know what this tool consists of and what characteristic faults that may occur during a breakdown of the puncher.

Learn the basic parts of this tool and how to eliminate the various faults of this type of drill (Fig. 1).

The main elements of the punch

The tool consists of the following main parts:

Punch disassembly

To determine the damage you need to disassemble the punch.

  1. Collector motor. Depending on the model of the tool, it may be located horizontally or vertically in the housing.
  2. The percussion mechanism is the main part of the perforator. It can be performed in an electromechanical or pneumatic version.
  3. Vibration reduction system - shock absorber, usually consisting of a spring with a counterweight and rubber pads on the handle of the drilling machine.
  4. The electrical circuit for changing the speed of rotation of the output shaft, driven by pressing the trigger tool.
  5. Housing It is usually made of metal (aluminum) and plastic.
  6. Safety coupling. It stops the rotation of the punch chuck when the tool is jammed in the hole. Two types of such devices are used: spring-cam and friction.
  7. Gearbox. It consists of several gears.
  8. Cartridge punch. In it the working tool is clamped.
  9. Power cable with plug.

These parts can fail if a punch breaker fails. More may fail bearings. Sometimes it is necessary to lubricate the parts of the tool.

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How to start repair punch?

Any, even the smallest failure in the operation of the unit should be for its owner a signal to inspect the instrument and its possible repair. It is necessary to worry about the appearance of such symptoms during the punch operation, such as:

Punch details

Repair parts are needed.

  1. In the operating mode, work instability is manifested;
  2. When you turn on the instrument, strange sounds appear.
  3. For no apparent reason the puncher does not work.
  4. There was a sharp smell of burning.

To quickly determine the cause of the breakdown, the unit must be disassembled. This is carried out in stages:

  1. From the top of the tool, remove the rubber tip, washer and spring, and then the ball.
  2. Loosen the screws that hold the body parts and remove the rubber pads for the handles.
  3. It is necessary to disconnect the stator wires and remove the brush holder.
  4. To remove the switch, the housing and the gearbox must be separated so that there is enough clearance between them.
  5. The tool is carefully clamped in a vice in a vertical position, and from it all the parts of the perforator are alternately taken out and the case is cleaned from dirt (dust).
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Technology of self-repair punch

In most cases, repair is reduced to the replacement of defective parts of the tool. These include parts such as:

Repair punch

When there is a power outage, you must inspect the power cable and the connection of all wires.

  • gear reducer;
  • motor brushes and anchor;
  • starters and switch;
  • bearings;
  • power cable with plug.

A more serious breakdown is winding breakdown, which can be eliminated only by rewinding the armature and stator of the perforator. It can be determined by measuring with an avometer the resistance of the winding and establishing the presence of a short circuit between the steel core of the armature (stator) and the terminals of the winding. In this case, you must take the tool to a service workshop. In order not to reach this extreme, it is necessary every two weeks to thoroughly clean the unit from dust and change the lubricant.

Another type of malfunction is brush wear. You can replace them only by disassembling the punch. The same method replaces the mechanical elements of the instrument - mode switches and switches.

Another weak point - boot punch. It can not be repaired, and therefore this element must be replaced with a new one.

When there is a power outage, you must inspect the power cable, and, if there is no visible damage, ring it with an autometer. If a break is found, then you can determine its place and eliminate it by connecting the broken wire ends. If this is not possible, then you will have to buy a new cable in the store.

Problems may arise in such parts as the punch chuck. This malfunction can be detected if it has become noticeable that its rim has constantly begun to slow down the rotation. Then you need to remove the old part and buy a new one in the store.

The reason for the unstable operation of the tool can be bad lubrication or its lack. Care must be taken to ensure that the oil level in the pan is at the correct height. Lubricate periodically the intermediate shaft and gears of the gearbox.

If bearings are out of order, then they should be replaced with new ones.

This can occur due to the drying of their lubricant or overheating and seizure of these elements.

Tools and materials needed to repair the punch:

  • oil for lubrication;
  • purchased parts (brushes, chuck, etc.);
  • insulating tape;
  • avometer;
  • vice;
  • screwdriver and pliers.

To repair the punch yourself, you need to know that it basically comes down to replacing the failed parts. Some of them, such as the power cord, can be fixed by yourself.

But if the damage is serious, it is better to contact the service center or buy a new tool.

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